№ 4 Partisans. The war in the enemy rear[The Unknown War]. (1979)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of Ejr Tajm Internejshnl

Director: Katanyan V.

Script writers: Itskov I., Karmen R., Slavin K.

Composers: Muravlev A.

Anouncers: Lanovoy V.

Text writers: Pumpyanskiy A.


The film tells about the partisan movement during World War 2.

World War II


Temporary description

1h. - Destruction of the village, people come out of the burned villages. Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya on the gallows. Partisan detachment: Partisans forge weapons. 2h. - Partizan reads. Guerrilla oath. Bookmark mines. The people at the mine, where the Young Guard were executed. Guerrilla Family. Guerrillas fired from cannons captured, funeral guerrillas. 3h. Guerrillas printing leaflets, reading the newspaper. 4h. - Hanged guerrillas burned the house. 5h. - Destruction of Minsk. The murder of V. Cuba. Germans restore path. 6h. - Fighting in Minsk. Parade of guerrilla units.

Reel №1

Says B. Lancaster (simultaneously in English).

Newsreel 1941 - shooting guns, explosions, fleeing soldiers, passing tanks (retreat of Soviet troops).

Go German tanks are German soldiers.

Burning houses, fly planes, burning village.

German soldiers in the village, the soldiers nail pointer.

German leaflets.

German beats out the door into the house, are a prisoner.

Germans milked a cow, a dog wash, feed the birds.

Burning village, the bodies of civilians killed, a woman crying on the ashes, the ashes of the children.

Residents burned villages go to the guerrillas.

Is a partisan unit.

Photo Zoe Kosmodemyanskoy.

Z. Kosmodemyanskoy penalty.

Guerrillas forge arms.

In partisan distribute grenades, ammunition, rifle.

Plea guerrillas.


Reel №2

Newsreel - Oath guerrillas (synchronously).

The explosion destroyed the rails.

Guerrillas lay mines.

Photos of the youth underground organization "Young Guard" who were tortured by the Nazis.

Women lay explosives and explosions.

Guerrillas felled trees.

Burning bridge.

Guerrilla group Minaya Shmyreva (Batko Minaya) in the forest.

Team leader M. Shmyrev.

Passes a German tank explosion, firing guns.

Burning village.

Fleeing guerrillas, explosions, are wounded.

The commander of the guerrilla group Ignatov.

A nurse examines a wounded guerrilla.

Guerrillas lay mines, exploding train.

Pass the guerrillas.

Detachment Kovpak in the forest.

Kovpak members of the squad.

Guerrilla Conference.

Winter landscape.

Partisans in the woods, in a tent.

Guerrillas fired on German soldiers fleeing guerrillas fleeing Germans.

Guerrillas firing from captured cannon.

German prisoners captured German documents.

Funeral guerrillas.

Cameramen documentary A. Reisman, M. Sukhova a partisan.

The cameraman shoots the guerrillas.

Gen. guerrilla group - peeling potatoes, milking a cow, darn socks.

Forest Hospital - Partizan treated teeth, the doctor in the operating room.


Reel №3

Newsreel - printed leaflets and newspapers in guerrilla typography.

Guerrillas read leaflets, newspapers.

Are prisoners of the Germans.

German leaflet on the house.

A woman with a spinning wheel that hides partisan leaflets, comes into the house.

People read the leaflets.

Young guerrillas in the squad.

Boy presenting the award.

Women and children in a partisan.

Guerrillas evacuating children from the occupied territories - the children put on a plane, the children on the plane.

A foster home Valentina Stepanovna says (synchronously) to the children about how to evacuate a group of children guerrillas, the tragic death of A. Mamkina pilot who saved them.

Vladimir Shubin, Shevtsova, A. Lotka, M. and S. Yatsunova Corsica, which during the war were among the children rescued by partisans.

Newsreel - Moscow.

Photo PK Ponomarenko - chief of the Central Staff of the partisan movement, created in Moscow.

Reel №4

Newsreel - Wood.

Soviet aircraft flying, jumping paratroopers.

Guerrillas meet the pilots.

Guerrillas campfire.

NDP on the post "strong."

Fighting guerrillas - run, shoot guerrillas lying dead German, burning houses, men disrupt German flag German leaflets.

Moving German tanks are German soldiers.

Guerrillas fired from guns.

The victim guerrillas.

German soldier throws a grenade.

German newsreel footage - are Soviet prisoners hanged.

German planes are flying, moving tanks.

Burning village.

Hanging, dead.

Crying boy, ashes, crying people.

The trial of traitors, execution of traitors.

The territory of Belarus, freed guerrillas - Rudobelskaya guerrilla Republic guerrillas plowed land, sow, school, in the printing of the newspaper print.

Preparing partisan recruitment.


Reel №5

German newsreel footage - Occupied city


Streets, German patrol checks documents.

Destroyed Minsk, German newspapers.

Pass the German generals.

General V. Cuba - governor of Hitler in Belarus.

Emaciated boy hanged.

Sending the Soviet people in Germany - German soldiers close the door of the car, the train departs.

German newspaper with a portrait of General V. Cuba killed underground.

Endure the coffin.

Crypto Osipova Mazanik, planted a bomb in the house of V. Cuba.

Memorial meeting in Berlin in connection with the death of General V. Cuba.

Modern Survey - Memories chief of the Central Staff of the Partisan Movement PK Ponomarenko (synchronously).

Newsreel - Explosions, passing tanks, soldiers flee, fly planes.

The Soviet offensive in the Kursk Bulge.

PK Ponomarenko at the headquarters of the card.

Guerrillas lay explosives at the railway embankment, burst German train, burning cars, fleeing guerrillas killed by the Germans.

German soldiers restore the railway track.

Explosions on the railway, broken trains.


Reel №6

Newsreel - The commander of the partisan unit SA Kovpak and Commissioner guerrilla group Rudnev the map.

Is partisan group Kovpak.

Kovpak among partisans.

Guerrillas build the crossing, crossing the river.

Closeups guerrillas and guerrilla commanders.

Fighting guerrillas.

Soviet troops and partisans in liberated Minsk.

Parade partisans in Minsk - on the podium is the command, are partisans.

Ponomarenko in the stands.

Meeting in Minsk former guerrilla veterans.

Newsreel - Partisans are the ashes, the train explodes, falling trees, shot by partisans.

The inscription "Caution!

Beware of the guerrillas "(footage of a military chronicle alternate with contemporary footage of the meeting of veteran partisans).

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