Peak hour (1995) 08/03/1995

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Producer VID

Anchorperson: Kiselev Dmitrij

Reel №1

Guest of the program: Clara Luchko, theater and film actress.

People's Artist of the USSR. The main issues discussed in the studio:

1. On the screen you have the image of a calm, sensible, seasoned woman.

But just recently it was rumored that you changed yourself, they say, on the set of one of the last films you made a scandal to the actor Volontir.

It's true?

2. On TV you run the program "Movies of our memory."

Or as they are called - "Our old cinema".

How much is our memory "worth" today?

Where are our old movies stored?

Who owns the copyright?

3. Is it possible to divide cinema into old and new, intellectual and non-intellectual ..., elite?

4. Another 10 years ago, filmmakers worked under the general slogan: “cinema to the masses”, now it seems that the era of “Cinema is not for everyone” is coming.

How would you define Russian cinema? 5. How are the films that were filmed in the 50s, 60s, 70s?

What is included in the concept of the present picture? 6. What tasks are being set, if any, before the cinema today?

7. How do you think, how long will we talk and write about the plight of our cinema?

8. When, in your opinion, was the status of the creative intelligentsia in society higher: in Soviet times or now?

9. I know you were a deputy of the Moscow City Council three times.

How have you managed ...

How useful was this “political experience” for you?

10. Indeed, creative people can help something, maybe politicians simply use famous surnames for their own purposes? 11. Which of the current politicians do you trust?

Fragment from the film / "Kuban Cossacks", director I. Pyryev, Mosfilm, 1949

12. Judging by everything, fate almost always favored you.

You quickly became popular and loved.

Letters, flowers, fans ...

Have any of the powerful people sympathized with you?

13. How often have you had to deal with power?

14. More than 50 movie roles.

You are called a character actress.

What have you not played?

15. What is your biggest acting success?

16. How often do modern directors invite you to shoot?

Who is offered to play?

How often do you refuse?

17. Are you ever scared?

What are you afraid of?

Phone calls.

1. You are so active, cheerful.

What helps you maintain that sense of optimism?

2. You are my favorite actress.

I especially like you in the movie "Gypsy".

Will it continue?

How is the director Blank doing the movie about the gypsy?