Peak hour 08.28.1996 (1996)

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Anchor:Kiselev Dmitrij

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Guest of the program: Vladimir Ivanov, psychiatrist President of the Fund for the rescue of children and adolescents from drugs.

1. As I understand it, these are not the worst figures.

In the Republic of Bashkortostan, the number of children and adolescents involved in drug addiction and substance abuse increased by almost 24 times compared with 93 ...

2. What makes a person take drugs?

3.From 100 people who drink, no more than 10 become alcoholics.

Can anyone who use drugs be called drug addicts?

4. Are there drugs that can be used all my life and not become a drug addict?

What about marijuana in Holland?

5. They say that the Russian soul is so specific that a Russian drug addict can only be treated in Russia.

Do you agree with this?

6. You said: "Addiction is contagious."

Anyone can be put on the needle?

7. As far as I know, in 1991, the Supreme Council took criminal liability for drug use.

You are calling to judge drug addicts.

But this is - sick people.

How can you judge for the disease?

8. A person has the right to dispose of his life at his own discretion.

A drug addict kills himself.

If at the same time he does not commit any unlawful actions, is it possible to bring him to justice.

Is this not an offense against individual rights?

9. In some countries, the issue of equating smoking with drug addiction is being discussed.

What do you think about this?

If tomorrow, smoking starts to be prosecuted, will you quit smoking?

10.People promoting the legal sale of drugs say that if drugs are sold as legally as alcohol, then criminal tensions will be relieved.

11. Will not the tightening of the fight against drugs lead to people being afraid to admit that they are sick, afraid to go to doctors?

12.There are two antipodes in Europe.

France and Holland.

Some are supporters of a tough drug policy, others are soft.

I-those and others quite a serious argument.

So who is right after all?

What path would you choose for Russia?

13. As I understand it, one cannot say that the situation is better in France.

So maybe it is something else?

14. Can you say We (Narconon) are treating drug addiction?

Do you keep statistics of remote results?

15. As far as I know, the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation has banned the propaganda and use of the methods of Dr. R. Hubbard, which you apply.

16. Are there any other effective methods of combating drug addiction?

Or is your teaching the only correct one?

17. Should a narcologist at least once in his life try what a drug is?

Phone calls:

1. Please tell me, if you try a drug once, can you become a drug addict? 2. How much does the treatment in your center cost? 3. Do you find it immoral that people use dogs to search for drugs, thereby condemning them to death?

Calendar: 08.28.1996

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