№ 18 Battle for Berlin[The Unknown War]. (1979)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of Ejr Tajm Internejshnl

Director: Rybakova A.

Script writers: Itskov I., Karmen R., Slavin K.

Composers: Geviksman V.

Anouncers: Lanovoy V.

Text writers: Pumpyanskiy A.


On one of the final battles of the war - the battle of Soviet troops in the capital of the Reich Berlin.

World War II


Temporary description

1 hour - Promotion of Soviet troops. Destroyed by German technology. Arrival Zhukov's troops. 2 hours - a total mobilization in Berlin, the fighting in the streets. Night battle. Ruined Berlin. 4 pm - Fight in the center. Storm the Reichstag, hoisting the flag. German troops are surrendering. Fighting in Prague. Rise of the Czechs. Tankers in Prague. 5 hour - Ruined Berlin. Refugees return to the city. Life of postwar Berlin. 6 hours - Zhukov and others inspect Berlin. Prisoners of war. Signing of the surrender of Germany.

Reel №1

Says B. Lancaster (simultaneously in English).

Photographs of Soviet soldiers.


The Soviet offensive: troops in the village, flying planes, bombs fall.

Broken German technology.

Girl-traffic controller, arrowhead with the words "120 - Berlin."

Soviet tanks drive through the German city.

Girl-traffic controller, arrowhead with the words "80 - Berlin."

Multrabota - are German troops moving military equipment.

Ride the machine with German soldiers, trains with guns.

German defensive shaft, blown bridge over the Oder River.

Training of Soviet troops to storm Berlin - Soviet forces are strengthening their positions on the eastern bank of the Oder: passing train with tanks, barrels of fuel in the forest, the soldiers camouflage tanks, preparing bombs.

Airfield, airplane taxis.

Pass Marshals Zhukov, Rokossovsky and other military leaders.

Military council.

Colonel General Berzarin and other military leaders.

Multrabota - sketch map of military operations of the Soviet army.

Reel №2


On the square are the fascist troops.

Goebbels of the floor.

In the hall are the fascist speakers.

Germans from groups "folkshturma" get grenades.

Nazis trained militia with weapons.

Children in uniform.

Hitler bypass the teenage soldiers.

In the forest, move the Soviet tanks, the inscription on the tank "Next to Berlin."

The attack on New York - shooting guns, exploding shells.

Tank battle, passing Soviet tank labeled "Suvorov".

Night attack - shoot "Katyusha", shelling, moving tanks and explosions.

Marshal Zhukov at the command post.

Attack of Soviet tanks and infantry on the Seelow Heights.

Soviet planes dropped bombs.

Schematic map of the actions of the Soviet fronts.

On the battlefield are Marshal Konev and others.

Marshal Konev at the command post.

Passing the Soviet tanks.

Marshal Rokossovsky.

Soldiers charged guns, guns firing, explosions.

Soviet armored forces the Oder.

Nazi planes fly, drop bombs, Soviet anti-aircraft fire.


The landing of the Soviet troops on shore.

Soldiers build the crossing, the bridge moving Soviet tanks.

Soviet planes in the air.

I. Kozhedub in the cockpit.


The bombardment of German aircraft.

Falls and burns German plane.

American planes in the air, bombs fall.

German city.

On the bridge move allied troops.

Allied troops stepping up the river, Allied soldiers fighting in the streets of the German city (Ruhr?).

Reel №3


The population of Berlin built barricades in the streets.

Marshal Zhukov and warlords.

Soviet artillery firing on Berlin.

Shoot aircraft tracers get to objects on the ground.

Firing mortars.

The streets of the city in smoke.

Flying airplanes, explosions.

Germans from the burning house.

Looting in the city - the Germans cut off chunks of meat from the dead horse, people robbing stores, shops.

German is the loot.

Bombardment of Berlin.

People running down the street.

Fight in the Berlin suburb - shoot flamethrowers.

Soviet military leaders at the map.

At the German airport Tempelhof Soviet plane lands.

Former commandant of the airfield.

Fighting in the streets of Berlin - soldiers running down the stairs at home, shooting out of the windows, set the gun, drop the ladder sculpture knight.

Germans pull out of the hatch.

Burning houses, fleeing the Soviet soldiers.

Germans surrendering.

Soviet tanks in the streets of Berlin, on a destroyed street residents fleeing, shooting Soviet weapons, crumbling house, flying bombs.

Crying German boy in uniform.

Photos of German teenage soldier photo of Hitler.

Germans surrendering.

Removes operator P. Carmen.

Fighting in the streets of Berlin, shoot "Katyusha" is a column of German prisoners.

Polish soldiers fired from guns.

Passing tanks, burning debris, run to attack the Polish soldiers.

Fight night on the streets.

Berlin burning the corpses of German soldiers.

Soviet soldier removes from the ruins of an old German.

A woman wipes the face of a Soviet soldier.

From the windows of the house shoots flamethrower, Soviet soldiers carry a wounded soldier.

Orderlies are injured, bandaging the wounded soldiers.


Reel №4

Newsreel of the 1920-30's:

Reichstag building in Berlin.

Newsreel 1945 - Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, destruction, fire.

A soldier takes a bullet with the inscription "For the Reichstag".

Soviet guns are firing on Berlin.

Ruined streets of Berlin, explosions, fire.

Fighting in the streets of the city.

To run the Reichstag building with the flag of Soviet soldiers, go up the stairs.

Cinematographer B. Dementiev takes on the steps of the Reichstag.

Soviet soldiers hoisting the flag over the Reichstag.

Soldiers at the flag salute of arms.

Out of the bunker German generals.

Of Berlin are columns of German prisoners of war.

From the windows of the houses hang white flags.

Soldiers have guns.

Soldiers clean boots, write letters, soldiers asleep.

May 1945 - Anti-fascist uprising in German-occupied Prague: people running down the street, the rebels are arrested, men with guns, the rebels build barricades.

Czech rebels fighting with Nazi troops - German tanks on the area, exploding shells, shoot insurgents, street fight.

The 1st, 2nd and 4th Ukrainian fronts sent from Berlin to Prague to help: - move the column of Soviet tanks, take off and fly Soviet planes.

German planes over Prague.

The rebels are wounded, shot by the rebels.

Moving Soviet tanks, tanks enter the Prague area.

Prague residents welcome Soviet troops.

Drive through the streets of Prague, Marshal Konev and other military leaders.

Czechoslovak Corps troopers on the streets, happy people.

Reel №5


Prague residents welcome Soviet soldiers.

Funerals of dead Soviet soldiers in Prague.

The graves of fallen soldiers.

Prague residents shot down a German inscription on the house, throw a sign in the river.

Man blurs the writing on the wall.

At home raising Czechoslovak flag.

Thrown out of the windows of paper thrown into the fire a portrait of Hitler, the Nazi flag.

Germany - destroyed Hitler's office, globe, table, amid the wreckage of a sculpture of Hitler.

Hitler at the flag.

People raise their hands in a Nazi salute.

People are beaten with sticks on a sculpture of Hitler.

Photos of Hitler.

Soviet officers and cameraman IV Panov in German with a photo of the corpse of Hitler.

Dead bodies of Goebbels and his wife and children.

Ruined streets of Berlin - different.

Drive through the streets of Berlin, Soviet tanks with banners.

On the streets are former inmates of concentration camps, on vehicles driven things.

Accordionist plays, dance, Soviet soldiers and officers.

On the streets of Berlin are General Chuikov and other military leaders.

Soldiers of the "swing" of General Chuikov soldiers photographed.

Photographed the Soviet soldiers and officers.

Soviet soldiers handed out food Berliners.

Refugees return to Berlin - people are on the streets, carry things.

Marshal Zhukov, General Berzarin and others.

Berliners reading order of the garrison city.

Berliners buy bread for all products.

Girl soldier gives bread to the Germans.

A. Ovcharenko traffic controller in the square at the Brandenburg Gate.

Says L. Ovcharenko (synchronously).

Reel №6


Soviet military leaders at the Brandenburg Gate.

Marshal Zhukov and group commanders visiting battlefields in Berlin, through the streets of Berlin.

Marshal Zhukov and other military leaders visiting the ruined Reich Chancellery.

Beetles from the map.

Zhukov, Rokossovsky and other military leaders.

Berlin's Tempelhof airport.

Arrival of representatives of the Supreme Command of the Allied forces (U.S., Britain and France) for the signing of the German surrender.

Marshal Tedder greets Soviet military commander, Marshal Sokolovsky is colonel-general of the U.S. Army Spaatz.

Field Marshal Keitel, and other representatives of the German High Command in the car.

The car moves with the military on the street.

House in Karlshorst.

Enters the room, Marshal Zhukov, Marshal Tedder, General Spaatz, General de Tassigny Delatr etc.

State flags of the Soviet Union, the U.S., Britain and France.

Marshal Zhukov opening ceremony of surrender - synchronously.

Sit Soviet army commanders and allied forces.

In the hall of representatives of Hitler's command, Field-Marshal Keitel.

Zhukov said - synchronously.

The ceremony of signing of the German surrender.

Signed by Keitel, Marshal Zhukov, etc.

Representatives of Hitler's command out of the room.

Ruined Reichstag.

Photographs of Soviet soldiers at the Reichstag.

Reichstag columns with inscriptions.

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