Peak hour (1996) 07/29/1996

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Anchorperson: Kiselev Dmitrij

Reel №1

The guest of the program is the famous film director Davlat Hudonazarov.

The main topics and issues discussed in the studio:

1.You are arrested in Moscow for banditry.

What have you done? (according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tajikistan that you are on the federal wanted list under article 74 of the Criminal Code of Tajikistan for banditry.)

2. Who saved you this time and from whom? - And what happened then, in the 93rd, when you were forced to take refuge in America?

3. It turns out that the Russian special services either didn’t know what was going on under their nose, or turned a blind eye to the illegal activities of their colleagues? 4. But now you are not afraid of abduction?

After all, after some 20 minutes you will leave our studio on the street ...

5. Today in Tajikistan there is a war between government forces and the Islamic opposition.

Where is your heart today?

6.And can there be a democratic form of government at all for Asian countries?

7.What is Russia doing in Tajikistan?

Do you think Russian policy in Tajikistan contributes to ending the armed conflict?

8. In your opinion, does Russia have a clear political concept regarding the events in Tajikistan?

9. What is the role of Russian troops in the current situation?

Many here in Russia believe that they have nothing to do in Tajikistan ...

10. Why negotiations between the government and the opposition do not give a result?

11. Why, of all the Central Asian republics of the former USSR, is there a civil war in Tajikistan?

12. What needs to be done for peace to come, and who should do it? (the country should be occupied by international forces and managed according to the example of post-war Japan and Germany - Marshall Plan)

13.Are you not afraid that now they will accuse you not of banditry, but of treason against your motherland?

14. But there is another problem.

Some political scientists believe that the war in your homeland is an example of the confrontation between Christianity and Islam, which will be the main contradiction. the end The twentieth century and the beginning of XX1. Do you agree? 15. Both in Russia and in Tajikistan for 70 years religion was burnt with a hot iron.

But it seems to me that in Tajikistan Islam today has a much greater influence than Orthodoxy in Russia.

What do you think?


16. Does this mean that Islam has deeper roots than Christianity?

Or is the implementation of sharia law more likely to be ritual?

17. You personally, as you celebrated the birthday of Muhammad last Saturday?

18.And you haven't taken anything for 8 years ...

Do not believe in the power of your weapon?

If they were to shoot, would it be a documentary or a feature film?

19. In an article devoted to film director Ray, you wrote that a true artist is able to accommodate and reconcile the essential contradictions that hold the world.

What contradictions did you have in mind?

Thank you for your responses.

Now it is the turn of viewers.

Phone calls.

1. Please tell me how you were treated to the police?

Do not beat?

2. It is known that a huge amount of drugs are shipped across the Afghan-Tajik border.

Is this the main reason for the war?