Peak hour (1996) 08/05/1996

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Anchorperson: Kiselev Dmitrij

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Guest of the program: Vladimir Kolesnikov, First Deputy Minister of the Interior of the Russian Federation.

Основные темы и вопросы, обсуждаемые в студии:

1. Where is the person detained in Georgia on suspicion of organizing the murder of Vlad Listyev?

Does this person exist?

This is a man?

2. And it will not work as with the case of Alexander Me when the innocent was arrested? ("Igor Bushnev has slandered himself under the influence of police officers" was subjected threats from Kolesnikov, who “as appears from Bushnev’s statement, threatened to hang on him not only for the murder of an Orthodox priest, but also for his wife who was killed under a train on the Semhoz platform.

3. Did you, by the way, deal with this case and, as I recall, Bushnev called you the main falsifier of the case?

On July 4, Anatoly Kulikov declared: "We have every reason to assert that the recent terrorist bombings in Moscow were planned in Chechnya." What are these reasons? (The minister referred to the text of the radio interception)

5. But anonymous political terrorism is a kind of absurdity ...

Why, then, the main organizer of the explosions, who according to Kulikov, is not somewhere, but in Grozny itself is still at large, and is possibly preparing a new terrorist attack?

6. And now President of the Confederation of Peoples of the Caucasus Yusup Soslanbekov recently quite seriously stated that the July explosions were timed by the Russian authorities. to the visit of the American Vice President Al Gore in order to prove to America the need to continue the Chechen campaign.

Now, after the statement of the minister, this version probably is no longer considered?

7. How, in general, is provocation possible in such situations?

8. Is the Ministry of Internal Affairs capable with its anti-corruption minister to declare a serious war on the authorities if such facts are confirmed?

9. Is it possible to state that the first version on the connection of "trolleybus" terrorism with the signing by the President of the next Decree "On urgent measures to strengthen law and order and the strengthening of the fight against crime in Moscow and the Moscow region "did not justify itself?

10. This Decree should deal a serious blow to crime.

But, very often, people are more afraid of the arbitrariness of the police than the actual criminals.

Norwegian professor Nils Christie once said: "In modern society, the main danger of crime is not crime, but the struggle with crime can put society on a totalitarian path of development.

How serious, in your opinion, is such a threat?

11. The Memorial Society and the Glasnost Public Foundation appealed to the prosecutor general to open a criminal case against Yury Luzhkov and Anatoly.

Kulikov, whose public anti-Chechen statements fall under the action of Part 2 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR, which provides for punishment for "violation of citizens' equal rights on the basis of race, nationality or attitude to religion committed by an official."

I understand that you can not discuss your superiors.

Do you generally investigate such cases?

12. Can you say how many cases the Ministry of Internal Affairs brought under the article on incitement of national discord, how many people were punished?

13. Is this characteristic only for Nizhny Novgorod or is this the situation in the whole country? (This fact, in fact, was confirmed by Anatoly Kulikov: "I am concerned that the population of the country does not trust the police."

16.So, the citizens of the country do not trust those who should protect them.

What, in your opinion, is this explained?

In many countries of the world, citizens not only trust law enforcement agencies, but also happily cooperate with them.

We are not in honor.


Does the Ministry of Internal Affairs do anything to increase the prestige of their organization?

17. There is a perception that the Ministry of Internal Affairs registers only a minor part of the crimes committed.

What is the level of latent, hidden crime in relation to the registered?

Phone calls:

1 Recently, the streets were patrolled by warriors.

Interior Ministry refused to participate in the protection of the public order?

2. Why are criminal cases against the Pamyat and Barkashev society still not instituted, after all, they are fascists?

3. The Ministry of Internal Affairs has long been carrying out the operation "Clean Hands", and the end of the edge is not visible.

Is there any effect?