Peak hour (1996) 30.08.1996

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Anchorperson: Kiselev Dmitrij

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Guest of the program: Alexander Zinoviev, writer, philosopher.

Main topics and issues discussed in the studio:


The story provides the Russian communists with a chance to somehow atone for the CPSU for what happened in Russia as a result of the restructuring of 1985-1991 and after the counterrevolution of 1991 and 1993 "(Pravda, 8/12/95)

Does this say a person who has written "Yawning Heights" ?!

The pit in the place of what constituted communist ideology.

What happened, Alexander Alexandrovich?

2. And do not you think that it would not be bad for the Communists to use this chance and at first to atone for the CPSU (B) and the CPSU for millions of innocently destroyed people, for hunger, for food on the cards in the early 80s, for hundreds of people deprived of citizenship for ideological reasons, including for you?

3. Alexander Alexandrovich, your biography in theory should rule out a passionate love for communist ideals and Soviet power.

Между тем, Ваши публикации последних лет - явно прокоммунистические.

How to explain it?

4. In the 70s you wrote pamphlets on the existing mode.

Now protect it.

At least - strange.

Or is this emigration acting like this: "Big is seen at a distance"?

5. But don't you think that your current ideas are more insincere: after all, this will not concern you and your children: do you live far from Russia?

6. In an interview with the newspaper "Tomorrow", for June, 94, you said that you are proud that your name was put on a par with Barkashov and Makashov.

Do you support the national fascist idea?

7. And how did the story of the criminal case, which was initiated by the Prosecutor General's Office for the material “World scum”, ended? (Zinoviev's conversation with the deputy chief editor of the newspaper Tomorrow Vladimir Bondarenko.

According to Article 70 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation - a call for a violent change of the constitutional system and according to Article 71 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation - war propaganda)

8. Let's do a bit of theoretical research.

Marxist ideology is built on the theory of class struggle.

Do you agree that class struggle exists?

10. Academician Sakharov professed the theory of convergence: that is, the gradual interpenetration of capitalist elements in socialism and vice versa.

You are not a supporter of such a theory?

11. We constantly operate with the concepts of "state system", "capitalism", "socialism", "communism".

Что же такое все эти "измы"?

Perhaps, objectively they do not exist at all?

12. So what is this "Western system"?

Is it not capitalism?

13.Safe and rich country Sweden - a textbook example.

There are all signs of the capitalist system (according to Marx), nevertheless, the whole world speaks of "Swedish socialism".

So what is the type of device in Sweden?

14. How do you think, now in Russia, what social structure?

15. But don't you think that Russia, although with small steps, even with mistakes, is moving towards a civilized democracy: free parliamentary elections were held twice, democratic presidential elections ...

We have also advanced in terms of protecting human rights.

Or is it not an indicator?

16. You say that the restoration of communism in Russia is impossible.

And which way will Russia go?

What awaits us?

17. In the same interview (Pravda) you say: "The forces of the West still want to see their man on the Russian throne."

Do you really think that the conspiracy of the West against Russia exists?

18. The Communists and you, apparently, are constantly trying to convince people of the idea of ​​the “specialness” of Russia, the opposition of Russia and the West.

But after all, every country in the West is different in its own way from all others.

What kind of antagonism is this: West - Russia?

You do not want our country to integrate into the world community, on equal terms, of course? (can answer that the Russian people, as well as the western, created his own type of civilization, but this process was interrupted, and with the beginning of perestroika).

19. And do not you think that the process was interrupted in the 17th year?

And what is this type of civilization based on blood and lies? (can answer that the social structure of the communist type is closest to the character of the Russian people)

20. You do not insult the Russian people, attributing to them the desire for herd instinct and submissive wordlessness?

21.Tak called "national-patriotic" idea.

Is it too much like a national socialist?

22.No one truly patriotic person will not cry out loud about his patriotism.

He will simply do business and love his country, and not to tell everyone and everywhere about his love.

Moreover, do not call yourself a patriotic force.

How do you think?

23. "The masses of the population ..." This is a purely Soviet definition of people! ..

There is no Person, no man, and only solid masses.

Is not this the main strength of the Soviet ideology - depersonalization?

After all, the gray crowd is easier to manage ...

24."По воспитанию в массах высшей системы ценностей..." Что это за "высшая система ценностей" для коммунистов?

In Orthodox Russia, the Christian commandments were the highest value system ...

25. And what does “ordering the consciousness of people” mean?

26. I cannot agree that communism is the way out.

The history of communism in Russia did not confirm this.

You yourself were his victim.

The modern example is the Juche communist ideology: North Korea dies of hunger, clothes are given out - once a year, rice - and that on cards.

Through the barbed wire - the same Koreans in the south of the peninsula.

They have it all.

Is this not convincing evidence of the failure of the communist idea?

27. You say that now Western ideology is being imposed on people.

However, the “ghost of communism” came to us precisely from the West - so do you not contradict yourself?

28. Now our children are offered an ideology of "culture of dignity."

In short: to know your rights, to defend them, to understand that your fate depends on you.

Is it bad?

29. "... the assassination of the character of the Russian people ... began before the year 85.

And they were not in the establishment of the communist system, not in the fight against religion ... and other well-known phenomena of Soviet history ...

Of course, these phenomena affected many people, provoked protests, gave rise to life tragedies.

But they did not harm the character of the Russian people.

On the contrary, they strengthened it. "

These are your words. (Pravda 10/31/95) What is it: “the worse, the better”?

The more we are beaten, the happier we become?

So you think it turns out?

30. What should ideally look like a social structure in Russia?

Have you ever wanted to return to your homeland?

And if the Communist President had won the elections, would you return?

Phone calls:

1. Mr.

Zinoviev, no, rather, Comrade Zinoviev.

You talked about communism here: a lot, a mess, a boring thing.

А сами-то Вы - в коммунистах ходите али беспартейный?