Iran: When People Rise.. (1979)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Sveshnikova I.

Script writers: Timofeev I.

Anouncers: Tatarskiy V.


About the Vctory of Revolution in Iran.

Temporary description

1 hour - sitting members of the shah's family. The people welcomed them. The streets of Iranian cities, signboards of shops, a foreign bank. Zahedi table. Hoa Guofeng. Shah of Iran welcomes the generals. Demonstrations. Sanjabi gives interviews. 2 hours - sit-down strike. Demonstration. Soldiers shoot. Bakhtiar speaks at the podium.

Reel №1

Passes popular demonstrations: waving their hands and shouting.

From the windows of the building emit portraits of the Shah; lit portraits.

Lights car smoke.

Newsreel 1960: Coronation of the Shah of Iran M. Reza Pahlavi Shah and Shaheen wear the crown, sitting members of the Shah's family.

Passes Shah Shahin with the court, the prince; people welcomed.

Rides cavalry rides coach with the Shah.

Report of the city: modern buildings, machines.

Shop signs, foreign banks.

Jewelry on display.

The street is a woman in a chador.


Advertising western movies.

Go down the street children in European and Muslim clothing.


Oil drilling.

Pipe pipeline.

Workers at work.

Passing containers with oil.


The pilot in the cockpit of the helicopter.

Iran's former ambassador to the United States Zahedi sign documents, seals the envelope; sits in the cockpit; examines American planes at the airport.

Military aircraft sent to Iran from the United States, are at the airport, fly, fly.

Naval ships at sea.

Riding tanks.

Are the children of the poor in the street.

Women wash, wash dishes.

Men chase sheep, drag bags.

Street of the old town.

Adobe shacks.

Shah's palace.

Reception at M. Pahlavi US President J. Carter.

Photo: Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger; D. Carter talks with M. Pahlavi.

Iranian soldiers march.

Chairman of the State Council Hua Guofeng in the parade.

The Shah of Iran in the parade.

The orchestra.

Generals welcome the Shah.

Riots: people throw stones, break out of the lattice.

Building with broken windows, overturned sign.

People in the building.

Passing cars with soldiers.


Lit a fire in the street, passing cars.

The building of the mosque.


People at the mosque.

Demonstrators carry slogans, portraits of Ayatollah Khomeini.

The head of the opposition, Ayatollah Khomeini gives interviews, down the stairs.

People greet one of the opposition leaders, the head of the National Front Sanjabi.

Sanjabi gives interviews (on the street).

Reel №2

Flashing lights.

Workers at work at the bench.


The strike Iran: are men.


Stayin; Speakers.

Demonstrators carrying portraits of Khomeini (among them many women) chant.

M. Shah Reza Pahlavi gives interviews.

Passing cars with the military.

The soldiers fired at the demonstrators.

Fleeing demonstrators.

Bear killed.

Lying dead.

Crying man.

Documents killed.

Funeral turning into a demonstration.

The meeting room of the Iranian Majlis.

Election of the next government - voting.

Photos Prime Minister Amuzgara.

Speakers prime ministers: Sheriff-Imami, General Azhari.

Prime Minister Bakhtiar out of the car, stands in the hall.

Newspapers with photos Bakhtiar.

Magazines in English with articles "Iran is in chaos" and others.

Photo Kissinger.

Map of Iran in the newspaper.

Newspapers in English and other languages.

Photos General Heyzer, deputy commander of the European NATO forces.

Photos of former CIA director Richard Helms.

The Central Intelligence Agency.

Communicating the CIA. The emblem of the CIA.

Newsreel 1959 .: The cavalry on the streets of Iran.


Dumped the statue of the Shah.

Destroyed building.

American, member of the conspiracy reactionary military elite, talks about its details.

Soldiers with rifles disperse the crowd.

Demonstrators go cry.