A Picket. (1979)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Burasheva G.

Script writers: Burasheva G.

Operators: Epifanov G.

Text writers: Kapitanovskiy V.


The film tells the story of combat service, study and life of soldiers one of the outposts in the Far East.

Army | Defense and internal security

Reel №1

View of the border river in the Far East.

The border guard passes reed thickets.

Type of border watchtowers.

The border guard in the dining room during a holiday, women treat their pies.

guards Wives bake pies in a soldier's canteen.

Those women.

Dough sheeting.

Hands border guard, cut the pie.

Officers and soldiers of the outpost during the festive dinner.

Face chief outpost.

Those soldiers and officers.

Border guards escorted home companion, retired.

Those soldiers.

Retired saying goodbye to friends and gets into the car.

Border guards pushing the car.

Those soldiers, waving his hands in farewell.

The soldiers wave their hands to leave someone.

Intercede on duty border detail coming out of the gates of the building.

Border guards charged weapons before going to the route.

Intercedes outfit at the monument to the border guard Pavlenko MA, who died in 1930.

Those guards.

View of the border river.

The dress comes from.

A border guard patrol in watching the border area.

The border guard's face.

Fog creeps.

The wind stirs the grass.

The trail route boundary order.

Bare trees on the river bank.

Portrait of Border Guards Pavlenko.

Where Pavlenko took his last fight with trespassers.

The border guard on duty.

Ice drift on the river.

The border guard is on the trail.

Border outfit during the round one of the sections of the border.

Attire passes by rocks, inspecting the area.

Panorama section of the border river.

Border guards walk along control strips.

Furrows on the strip.

Border guards walk along control strips, visiting the area.

The officer approaches the point communications, begins to speak into the phone.

Goes machine with the Chief of the outpost.

Head of the outpost in the front seat.

Type of control strips from the car windows.


Border outfit during a halt.

Those soldiers.

Training of service dogs on the outpost.

Dogs overcome obstacles.

Head outpost manages training shooting.

Border guards at the shooting range during the fire training.

View of the river.

Border guards on Jumping band classes.

The officer's face.

Border guards are located on the firing line and start shooting at moving targets.

Border guards on the obstacle course.

Practice throwing a bayonet-knife at a target.

Border guards on the obstacle course.

Border guards share their impressions after the date of set-off to overcome the obstacle.

Border outfit with a dog sits in the helicopter.

The officer in the helicopter puts a subordinate task.

The border guard's face.

Flying a helicopter.

View of the barracks at the outpost.

Border guards playing chess.

Shelves of books, the border guard's face.

The officer conducting political-political officer with the personnel.

Soldiers listen to the officer.

The officer continued occupation, standing at the geographic map.

Those soldiers and sergeants, listening officer.

Key words

Border troops

Military exercises and maneuvers

Reel №2

Border guards during lunch in the dining room, the alarm sounds, all jump.

It sounds an alarm.

Alerted the border guards ran out of the building outposts take place in the car.

Type of control strips from the car window.

Those guards.

The car rides along control strips, stops, border guards go out, run to the disturbed areas.

Inspection of control strips.

Footprints in the band.

Border guards inspect the tracks.

View of the control-track stripe.

A car travels along the strip.

Arriving at the outpost duty attire.

The border guard pulls out of the car zverya- "intruder".

The person laughing driver.

The animal is given to children.

Face ensign.

Face-soldier radio operator.

Children caught stroking the animal.

Building type gates in the evening.

Evening verification at the outpost.

Type of border watchtowers.

Plaque in honor of the deceased in 1930, the border guard Pavlenko.

Pavlenko monument on the territory of the outpost.

Evening verification at the outpost.

A border guard with the dog in the night patrol.

Type of plot border river.

The attendant at the outpost gives orders orderly.

The chief was forced to work in the office.

Cleaning of weapons at the outpost.

the soldier's face.

General view of the assembly hall gates, border guard in the hall playing the accordion.

Ice floes floating on the river.

Panorama section of the border.

Border guards in November 7 stand in formation in dress uniform, the officer sends a report to the chief outpost.

Those wives and children of officers.

General view of the construction of the ceremonial personnel.

the soldier's face.

Border route outfit.

Panorama of the river.

There is a border detail.

Those guards.

On the parade ground two soldiers fail, go to the flagpole with the flag.

The rise of the outpost of the national flag of the USSR. The border guard is looking at the flag.

Flag Raising.

Those guards.

Waving national flag of the USSR. The officers salute.

Face chief outpost.

Waving national flag of the USSR. View of the Red Square in Moscow at sunrise.

Those soldiers and sailors standing on parade on Red Square.

Panorama of one of the sections of the border.

The border guard shines a spotlight section of the border.

Type of border watchtowers.

The border guard on the tower in the supervisory unit.

View satellite dish.

The parade on Red Square on November 7.

Border guards at the outpost watching the parade on TV.

The border guard in the tower inspect the area with binoculars.

Border guards are watching a military parade on TV.

MA Suslov, Ustinov DF, LI Brezhnev, AA Gromyko on the platform of the mausoleum during the parade.

On Red Square are the students of border schools.

Those guards, watching TV.

It sounds an alarm.

Border guards dismantled weapons.

Outpost duty at the phone.

Empty chairs in front of the TV working.

Holiday demonstration on Red Square.

Those demonstrators.

A general view of Red Square during a demonstration.

Armed border guards run out alarm.

Demonstration in Moscow moves past the mausoleum.

A general view of Red Square during a demonstration.

The border guards took place in the back of a truck.

Frontier guards with a dog sit in the car.

The officer in the car.

Soldier shines a spotlight section of the border.

Border guards running along the river bank.

The crews of coastguard boats took place.

The officers of border guard and ground forces are studying the situation on the map.

He flies a helicopter.

The pilot in the cockpit of a helicopter.

Border outfit with a dog from a helicopter landed.

Forest landscape.

Face border guards in an ambush.

Panorama area near the border.

Run through the border guards with a dog.

Kind of the river (top).

Border dress sneaking through the forest ravines.

Attire pursuing trespassers.

View of the river.

Border outfit goes along control strips.

Type of border watchtowers.

The border guard on patrol.

View of the border river.

The border guard inspects the section of the river with binoculars.

Panorama of the river is covered with ice.

Border guard with dog on patrol.

Far Eastern landscape.

Border outfit walking along the river bank.


Brezhnev Leonid Ilyich - state and political figure Mikhail Suslov - state and political figure Gromyko Andrei - state and political figure, diplomat Dmitri Ustinov - statesman and political leader, military leader

Holidays; Parade on Red Square; Political figures