wait me 04.14.2003 (2003)

Telecast №82159, 1 part, duration: 0:44:02
Production: VID
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Anchor:Kvasha Igorj, Shukshina Mariya

Reel №1

Photos and brief stories of lost unknowns:

Photo: Alyosha was found near Ryazan.

He was wearing green sweatpants and a padded jacket.

With him was an adult bike.

He is now in hospital.

Photo: this young man was taken to hospital by a police squad.

He can remember nothing of himself, except that he once went for a walk and was lost.

Dad seems to be called Valery, Hope's mother, and in the family of three children. (From Kirov)

Photo: this guy also can not remember anything about yourself.

He was admitted to hospital with a traumatic brain injury. (From Buryatia)

Photo: this person also can not remember anything about himself.

An ambulance picked him up near the “1000 trifles” store in Belgorod.

The plot of the Sverdlovsk region.

Search history Dedesh Svetlana Timofeevna, who is looking for German Herbert Brando.

In 1950, Svetlana worked in Sverdlovsk in the Khimmash area at a radio center.

German prisoners of war worked there as well.

Herbert wrote her a note.

They corresponded.

Sveta hid letters under her pillow, she lived in a hostel.

Once the letters are gone.

Svetlana was expelled from the Komsomol, was summoned to the KGB many times.

There was a question about dismissal from work.

To hide from all this, Svetlana married the son of the military and the persecution stopped.

After 2 years, Svetlana met a German who told her that he wrote letters instead of Herbert, because he did not know the Russian language.

He said that Herbert considers her a traitor.

After this story, Herbert was tortured, mocked.

He was seriously ill, but he survived and left for West Germany.

Svetlana wants to find Herbert, if he is still alive and tell the whole truth.

She recently saw a program about the Germans who worked at Himmash and learned of Herbert.

Appeals for help in searching from the studio:

1. Fedotova Elena is looking for children to Volodin Alina, born in 1987 and Fedotov Ilya, born in 1982

The children were taken to Chechnya by Father Gelani Tumriev 8.08. 1997

2. At the request of Helena and Peter Dunkel from Germany, Soviet servicemen Natalia and Vladimir are wanted, with whom Helena met in 1945, when she was 4 years old.

3.Labazanova Khava is looking for brother Labazanov Ahmed, born in 1978 16.05. 1981 he disappeared in the village of Staraya Sunzha, Grozny.

Presumably, Ahmed was stolen for the purpose of adoption.

Karpova Catherine found the father of Boyarkin, Viktor Alexandrovich, born in 1952.

Parents divorced when Kate was 7 years old.

Father left.

Later, Katya saw her father twice when he came to visit his relatives.

Father and daughter meet in the studio.

Our volunteer assistant in Karelia, Alexander Engelgart, economist, helped us find Katya's dad.

Teleconference Moscow - Rostov-on-Don.

Appeals for help in searching:

1.Galina Ivanovna Smirnova (Chizh) is looking for relatives.

In 1944 she was adopted from an orphanage in the city of Surami, Georgia, by the family Chizh, Ivan and Glafira.

2. Valentina Pivneva is looking for Elena's Pivneva daughter, born in 1987 09/14/2002 Lena left the house and disappeared.

She had to go to her grandmother in the village of Samara, Azov district, but she did not come there either.

3. Lyubov Alexandrovna Chernogorova is looking for a loved one Leonid Sergeyevich Martynenko, born in 1924, whom she met in a concentration camp in Germany in 1942

4. Bugrimova Love is looking for a daughter Skorichenko Tatiana, born in 1976

On the night of December 30 to December 31, 2000, Tatyana and her partner returned home from work, from Bakery No. 4, Shakhty.

They walked halfway to the house of a friend, then Tanya went alone, but did not reach the house. (Father acted).

Studio Salminen (Voronova) Antonina from Helsinki is looking for daughter Marina Voronova, born December 18. 1987 in the maternity hospital of St.


Antonina came to enroll in the pedagogical institute, but did not.

For a while she lived with a friend, Igor.

Once he and three friends raped Tonya.

She could not go to the police because She did not have a residence permit and could have new problems.

When she went to the doctor, it turned out that she was five months old.

Endlessly tormented by the thought of who the child’s biological father is, Tonya decided to stay with the child.

So together they were discharged from the hospital.

Tonya rented an apartment.

One day, she asked a neighbor to look after a child to go to the store.

When she got home, it turned out that her neighbor Marina, not waiting for her at the promised time, called the police and gave her a 10-day girl.

Antonina began to look for her daughter, but the search came to nothing lead.

The story of Natalia Burieva who found the son of Buriev Visatullo, born in 1999.

In January 2001 Natasha's husband went to Tajikistan.

At first she lived with her parents with the child, but soon her father kicked them out of the house.

There was no money, the father often told her: "Leave him somewhere at the station."

Out of desperation 11.06.2001 in the evening, Natasha left the boy at the Schelkovsky bus station.

She later realized what she had done.

Now Natasha has a good job, she is ready for anything to find a son.

The plot from Moscow about how Visatullo was searched.

He got to the 65th police station, and from there to the children's home No. 6. There they gave him the name Ruslan Golyanov, because he could not name his yet.

Having stayed there for 9 months, Ruslan was transferred to the orphanage No. 48. Soon Ruslan was in the family.

His adoptive mother wanted to look for his real mother.

The plot of his adoptive mother, who talks about Ruslan (Visatullo).

I. Kvasha.

We hoped that both mothers will meet in our studio today.

But we were scared, because

Natasha, still not knowing that we found Visatullo, went to the hospital with a heart attack.

Two mothers have to make a very difficult decision.

Let this meeting remain behind the scenes.

Continuation of appeals about the search from the studio:

4. Anatoly Khutrenko is looking for Kirill Ivanovich Kravchenko’s uncle, born in 1915 in 1941 he was surrounded and captured.

He managed to pass a note.

In the early 50s he received a letter from Italy.

And in 1962 or 1963 from Australia.

He wrote that he had an adopted daughter Asya.

5. Konstantin Emelyanovich Gazaryants, born in 1933 looking for a brother and sister.

In 1941, in Grozny, in an orphanage Kostya went to the first class.

Suddenly a girl came up to him and said: “Kostya, I am your sister.

I will come to your orphanage.

And now run to school. ”Soon, orphanage No. 1 was evacuated to the Altai Territory.

Kostya was then 8 years old.

Kostya often met with his brother in Grozny.

But then Kostya was evacuated again and the traces of his brother were lost.

Kostya was in Grozny in 1958, but nothing was learned about his brother.

Umarova Lisa is looking for uncle Umarov Khumida.

In 1942, Uncle Humid went to the front and did not return.

He was considered missing.

Last year, a Chechen friend from Astrakhan visited America, and there he met an old Chechen man who introduced himself as Khumid Umarov, who said that he is from Shali, that he was captured in the war, and he has two sons and a daughter. (Ether 3.02.2003) We checked - unfortunately, the wrong Khumid Umarov lives in America.

The plot is from New Jersey, USA. Hamid Umarov in 1941 went to the front.

He fought, was captured.

By the will of fate, Umar found himself in America, became a politician, met with congressmen and with Reagan.

He defended the interests of the Chechen-Ingush diaspora in America.

We found relatives of H. Umarov in the Nauzhsky district of Chechnya.

Today Anas Umarov in our studio.

He is the son of the eldest brother in the family.

Telephone conversation between Anas Umarov and Khumid Umarov.

Calendar: 04.14.2003

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