Kursk battle. (1943)

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Scene №1 Kursk battle

Columns of German military trucks are sent to the area of ​​the Kursk bulge.

Those German officers.

The general is watching the terrain with binoculars.

German intelligence on the front line.

German soldiers in a trench.

Projectile breaks over positions.

Telephonists check the line of communication.

Those German soldiers sitting in the trenches, the kind of forward at dawn.

Volley of German jet mortars.

German tanks before the attack.

Airplanes in the sky.

Soldiers from the trenches watching the aircraft.

Air combat falling on the ground plane.

Volley of German jet mortars.

Evacuation of a wounded German tanker.

Wehrmacht tank unit before the attack.

The advancement of tank units to advanced.

View from the viewing slots of the tank.

Attack of the German tanks.

Soviet tank drives past a wounded German tank.

Padded Soviet and German tanks, the corpses of tankers.

The commander of the German tank in the tower while firing.

German tankman inspects poly battlefield with burning tanks.

German heavy artillery firing, exploding shells at the target.

German tanks and assault guns go on the attack.

The destruction of Soviet tanks with a hand grenade launcher.

Burning Soviet tank.

German soldiers inspect the holes in the armor of the Soviet tank.

The face of a German rocket launcher.




Kursk region [784] Orel region [795]


Summer [824]

Starting the Battle of Kursk; World War II

Scene №2

Map of the Soviet offensive on the Kursk Bulge (animation).

Crews of Soviet tanks take their places.

Heavy tanks are advanced to the front.

Tanks overcome obstacles and folds terrain.

Tanks and self-propelled guns go on the attack with the support of aviation.

Tanks with assault on armor in the offensive.

Infantry rises from the trenches to attack after the tanks.

Attack of the infantry with the support of tanks.

The fighting on the Kursk Bulge.

Soviet bombers go on target.

Tanks with infantry on the armor make a march.

The landing of a tank assault, panorama of the battlefield.

Instrument escort in the attack.

Infantry chain in the offensive.

Soviet attack aircraft in the air.

The offensive of the Red Army.

The infantry is stepping with the support of artillery.

Artillery batteries are firing.

Attack of tanks and infantry through the forest, tank landing forces leave armor on the move.

View of the German tank through the observation slot, a shot at the tank.

Destruction of German tanks from ambush.

Holes in the armor of a German tank.

Soviet infantry is moving past burning German tanks.

The destruction of the German anti-tank guns, the view from the viewing slot.

View of the destroyed anti-tank position of the Germans.

Soviet tank firing on the move, demolishing a village house.

The fighting of the Soviet tanks and infantry during the attack near Kursk.

The corpses of German soldiers.

Soviet troops are moving forward under fire from the enemy.

Sappers cut wire barriers.

Infantry goes on the attack, machine gunner firing.

Overcoming wire obstacles and water barriers.

Soviet infantry attacks the village.

Fight in the village.




Kursk region [784] Orel region [795]


Summer [824]

Battle of Prokhorovka, Soviet troops counterattack; World War II