Sight (1998) 08/07/1998

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Anchorperson: Aleksandr Lyubimov, Sergej Bodrov

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Special edition, prepared in conjunction with the program "I am looking for you!"

Inclusion from GUM.

A woman is looking for relatives of her father, Semyon Yakovlevich Bondarenko: Aunt Galina (or Valentina) Bondarenko from the Orenburg region, uncle Valery Yakovlevich Bondarenko, grandfather Yakov Bondarenko (aviation general).

Nelya Petrovna Ivashvili (Susekova, b. 1927) is looking for a brother and sister: Alexander Petrovich Susekov (b. 1930) and Olga Petrovna Sucekova (b. 1925) lost in 1945 after the death of the mother.

A family from Moldova is looking for an older brother, who in 1995 went to work with his eldest son Eugene, born in 1985; Brother data is not called.

Evdokia Timofeevna Fokina, born in 1926-1927, is looking for the sisters Martha, Anastasia, Anna and Maria, as well as brother Michael, were lost in the 1930s during the period of mass collectivization.

Video of the program "Looking for you!" with search requests:

Zoya Ivanovna is looking for her sister Nina.

A woman is looking for a classmate Elena Kurbanova, they studied together in the military town of Semipalatinsk-21.

A woman is looking for childhood friends Alexey and Andrei Sharonov.

Elizaveta Ivanovna Antonova (Lyovushkina) is looking for relatives of her father, according to the words of her grandmother, landowner Rodionov, the owner of the estate in the village of Sosnovka, Karsunsky district, Simbirsk province.

A friend is looking for Viktor Zavadsky.

Parents are looking for a son: Yevgeny Sidenko disappeared on January 26, 1998 in Molodogvardeysk, Ukraine.

A woman is looking for fellow soldiers with whom she served in 1942.

Alexander Prechnorov is wanted by his sister.

Iraida Ivanova is looking for a niece, Olga Dragunkina, last seen 22 years ago.

A woman is looking for a sister, Yulia Bolegova, last met 25 years ago.

Vladimir Alexandrovich Kuchin is looking for classmates from the Tyulgan secondary school in Orenburg.

Georgy Stepanovich Volkov is looking for tank commander Boris Fedorov, as well as Alexander Ponomarev.

The plot of the Moscow shelter "The Road to Home" on Profsoyuznaya street.

Director Sapar Kulianov does not like to give his wards to boarding schools and, together with the guardianship agencies, is trying to find a new family for everyone.

Pending adoption: Yura Moskvin, 5 years; Denis Petikop, 9 years old; Sergey Kanaev, 14 years old; Klava and Yura Sinitsyny; Galya Nikolayeva, 9 years old; Tanya Vorobeva, 12 years old.

The story of Alexei Kroshin from the Krasnoyarsk Territory, who was looking for his mother and using the program, found her in the Voronezh region (shooting in the villages of Osinovy ​​Cape and Ramon).

Alyosha lives with his mother and stepfather in the village of Ramon, they perfectly found a common language.

They write letters to the grandmother every week, but have not received an answer yet.

The young man graduated from school, received a certificate, wants to work as a policeman; in November he goes to serve in the army, in the militia regiment.

Inclusion from GUM.

Maya Ilyinichna Moskalenko is looking for a son who left October 12, 1996 from Krasnoyarsk to Barnaul and disappeared.

Galina Petrovna is looking for the seller Alina in order to return her debt.

Natalia G. Karelina, b. 1964, is wanted, in 1993 or 1994 she left Dushanbe for Belarus.

Video of the program "Looking for you!" with search requests:

Alla Karaichentsev is looking for his father, Nikolai Grigorievich Borisov.

Olga Fedorovna and Lidia Fedorovna Schmidt are wanted, before the war they lived in Moscow at number 5, Mantulinskaya Street.

Maria Andreevna Romankova is looking for a son.

Nina Arshakovna Zamanova, her son Vladimir, daughters Teresa and Stella are wanted by Tamara, Nina’s sister.

Evgenia Alexandrovna Ryumishina is looking for Violetta’s daughter, who in 1994 went to Grozny for her friend and disappeared.

Mother is looking for Alexander Malkov, born in 1977, left home in 1994.

A woman is looking for a half-sister Galina Vasilyevna Shipilova, born in 1938-1939, Novokuznetsk.

The mother is looking for Alexander Lizizyonov (he gives the last name indistinctly), three years ago he left Vladivostok.

Natalia Rubtsova is looking for Alexander Korochinsky.

Inclusion from GUM.

Vera Trofimovna Voronina is looking for a son: Alexander Voronin, 31, in March 1997, he left Chernigov for work in Arkhangelsk and disappeared.

Dmitry Remizov, 18, is looking for his brother Mikhail, who served in the Russian battalion of UN troops in Yugoslavia, last time he called home from Moskvoretska.

Raisa Ilyinichna Gvozdyova (Merinova) from Kaliningrad is looking for Alexander Zudikova, whom she met in 1950.

The story of the former nurse Catherine Pavlova.

On March 18, 1945, she was expelled from the Komsomol "for immoral behavior" because of her friendship with an Italian prisoner of war named Franco Francesco Pere de Preves.

Popular rumor buried her almost immediately - a rumor went that she hung herself in the hospital without waiting for the court - and Franco was transferred to another camp, from where in 1946 he returned to his homeland.

Catherine did not die, she lived 50 years in the village of Solotcha near Ryazan and worked as a nurse in a children's sanatorium.

Filming in the city of Opichina, Italy: searches in the archives did not give anything and then an article about Kate and Franco was published in local newspapers.

On August 1, 1998, the historian Marina Rossi arrived in the Ryazan region to personally tell the news: Franco died on December 19, 1964 in Trieste, and his wife and son convey to Catherine thanks for the fact that she once saved his life.

Inclusion from GUM.

Lyudmila Mikhailovna Smolyakova is looking for a son, Roman Rovshanovich Smolyakov.

The family is looking for daughter Natalya Vladimirovna Fesun and granddaughter Alexander.

Anton Skiba is wanted by his mother.

Niece looking for Tatiana Alexandrovna Erokhin.

Anna Lukinichna Melyokhina is looking for her nieces Nadezhda Fedorovna and Tatyana Fedorovna Melyokhin.

Andrei Mikhailovich Samoilenko is looking for his wife.


Naichuk O.V. - Russian journalist, reporter, TV presenter, announcer, author and producer of TV programs.
Kvasha I.V. - Theater and film actor, director, television and radio host, People's Artist of the RSFSR.


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