Serve my Homeland (2014) 12/07/2014

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Producer VID
With the participation of Pervij kanal

Anchorperson: Boris Galkin

Reel №1

The story of the Saint-Petersburg military Institute of Internal troops.

Newsreel, 1995: fighting in the streets of Grozny during the second storm.

The ruins of urban neighborhoods.

Special units conducted a sweep of the city outskirts.

A division of Internal troops gets a combat mission.

A graduate of the Leningrad VPU them. 60-letiya VLKSM Igor Kovalyov tells about the commanders of the Internal troops, who fought in Chechnya (alternates with newsreel footage of the involvement of Internal forces in the battles for Grozny).

The video Chronicles the history of the school.

The parade of graduates.

Plebes take the oath.

Lesson on the layout of the area.

Awarded to graduates of officers ' epaulettes in the fortress.

Training of cadets before the military parade on Palace square.

The students during the lesson in class.

The Deputy chief of Military Institute of Internal forces for scientific work Alexander Sivak tells about the training of Deputy commanders for educational work and psychologists of military (synchronous).

The daily life of the cadets of the Institute.

Morning exercise, cross country and exercising on the sports area.

Cadet Dmitry Gertner talks about going to College after the cadet corps (synchronously).

Cadets in special training.

Training in unarmed combat.

Shooting in the dash.

Cadet Rinat Piskunov tells about the specialization of the departments of the Institute (synchronously).

Lesson on fire training, shooting from different weapons.

The lesson in the computer lab.

Cadets on the theoretical lesson for the study of automotive and armored vehicles.

The cadets engaged on simulators and ranges.

Professor at automotive Department of the Institute Anatoly Fomin said about the necessity of mastery of combat equipment (synchronously).

Cadets military psychology faculty during class.

Institute chief Andrei Slyusarev speaks of the importance of the military psychological Department (synchronously).

Greetings lieutenants-graduates.

The story about the military-Patriotic club "Rus".

Video: lessons in unarmed combat and physical training in the sports hall of military-Patriotic club "Rus".

Instructor Sergey Ilorin talks about used in the classroom method (synchronously).

The pupil of club Dmitry Sitnikov says about their successes in physical training (synchronous).

The practice of conditional release of the hostages.

The pupil of club Valentin Chelnokov said about their training and successes (synchronously).

The head of the unit "Vityaz" Burnaev conducts classes in throwing knives.

Alexander Burnaev talks about his son Sergei in the Interior troops, who died in 2002, on the establishment of a detachment "Vityaz" (synchronous).

Photographs Of Sergei Burnaeva.

A Museum exhibition of memory of Sergey Burnaeva.

Students of the club during your stay in Tula brigade of Internal troops.

The brigade commander Gennady Kataev tells about the recruiting of a brigade of young people (synchronously).

The inauguration ceremony of the pupils of the detachment "Vityaz" in the ranks of the military-Patriotic club "Rus".

The presentation of pupils ' identity.

The head of club Alexander Volokitin says about the uniqueness and advantages of detachment "Vityaz".

The plot of the 3rd open shooting championship among security agencies at the site of the research Institute "Geodesy" in the Moscow region.

Video: competition teams of special forces of law enforcement agencies of the Russian practical shooting and neutralize the terrorists.

The head of the special forces and the protection of the Federal drug control service of Russia Valery Biel says about the exercise participants and the value of such competitions.

The demonstration and testing of new weapons.

Competitions snipers.

Deputy Director FSKN of Russia Oleg Safonov speaks of the importance of such events in the training of special units (synchronously).

Guest in the Studio - the head of Department of the Main military Prosecutor Alexey Kochura tells about the implementation of the return of land illegally sold to law enforcement agencies, the satisfaction of such claims, location of land, violation of the law of sale of these lands, the number of cases which are in manufacture, on the amount of damage incurred by the state as a result of illegal land transactions, activities and functions of the military Prosecutor's office about the claims for pension payments to participants of the great Patriotic war.





Military Education; Military exercises and maneuvers
Defense and internal security; Army