Fascism in Europe (1936-1945)

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Scene №1 Fascism in Europe

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Spanish falangists march through the city streets.

A crawler tractor with an anti-aircraft gun passes by.

The faces of the demonstrators in support of Franco.

Seeing off the phalangists at the train station.

Phalanx units march through the city streets.

The faces of women greeting falangists.

The parade of the Italian military unit, descending to Spain.

Blackshirts march down the street of the city.

The flags of Italy and Spain are flying.

Italian infantry in the back of trucks during the parade.

Artillery and motorcycle units on parade.

A welcome slogan in honor of the Francoists in Spanish at a train station in Germany.

People read newspapers about events in Spain.

Italian, Spanish and Nazi flags on the facade of the building.

Demonstration in Spain in support of Franco, demonstrators carry anti-communist slogans and banners with swastikas.

Meeting of Hitler A. and Mussolini B. at the Italian-German negotiations.

Hitler and Mussolini greet the assembled ministers and military, approach the map spread out on the table, with Ribbentrop standing behind Mussolini.

Residents of Berlin greet passing in the car of Hitler and Mussolini.

Mussolini and Hitler standing in a car ride, respond to greetings.

Mussolini says goodbye to Hitler at the train car before leaving Berlin.

Mussolini speaks at rallies in various parts of Italy.

Units of the Italian army before the start of the parade.

Representatives of the branches of the armed forces in the ranks, the faces of the soldiers.

Mussolini, accompanied by senior officers, bypasses the troops during a parade in one of the mountainous regions of Italy.

Italian tankers in the parade formation at the combat vehicles.

A Bersaglieri unit runs through.

Mussolini greets the troops, the infantry moves on trucks.

Moving artillery on tractor and automobile traction, the faces of foreign military attaches.

Light tank unit on parade.

The bodies of Mussolini and his mistress Clara Petacci, hanged in a square in Milan in 1945.


Adolf Hitler - German statesman and political figure Ribbentrop Joachim von - German statesman and politician, diplomat Mussolini Benito - Italian statesman and political figure

Calendar: 1936-1938 1945

Locations: Berlin [821] Spain [205] Rome [874] Italy [110]

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826]

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