The Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe. (1979)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Egorov YU., Lebedev O.

Script writers: Egorov YU., Lebedev O.

Operators: Egorov YU., Lebedev O.

Anouncers: Zozulin V.

Text writers: Kapskiy E.


The film is dedicated to the 3rd Anniversary of the Republic.

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Temporary description

The new Democratic Republic of the islands of Sao Tome and Principe, a former Portuguese colony (independence from June 12, 1975). Life, Work and Study santomiytsev, their past and present, friendly relations with the USSR and other socialist countries. The nature of the African islands.

Reel №1

Children and adults residents of the Republic of Sao Tome (negros).

Animation: Map of Africa.

Equator line, the column on the equator.

Sao Tome Island in the Pacific Ocean.


City of San Tome - the capital of the Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe; embankment.

Report of the city.


The crowd at the taxi.

Women washing in the river, dried linen.

People cut down trees, build canoes.

Fishermen knit network.

Ocean, palm trees, the incoming wave.

Pole with a cross on the site where the Portuguese colonialists first landed.

Sunrise over the ocean.


Coconut tree.

Tropical trees: breadfruit, Jacques, papaya, coffee tree.

Raspberry bush.

Different colors.


Flying a kite.

The waves beat against the rocks.

Mountain peak, jungle.

Fog in dzhenglyah.

The walls of the fort of San Sebastian, which were brought slaves from Africa; Cannon in the fortress.

Closet slaves.

Photo: slaves with children planter.

Closed doors of the fortress.

House planter (outside the room).

Trindade city street.

Witnesses mass shooting of workers in 1953 - Luis F. da Costa and R. Zhovino on the streets, in the field of violence.

Exhibits colonial museum - photos of dealing with the black population.

Stones at the shore of the ocean.

Landscape with flower.

Newsreel 1970. :

African soldiers go through the jungle and shoot.

Rally, people shouting.

Hug soldiers.

Statues of the conquistadors in the museum; Order, Portuguese flags.

Celebrating the anniversary of the republic: the bugler plays, passes the guard of honor, to bring and raise the flag of the republic, people watching.

Along the waterfront Sao Tome people go.

Inscription "Independence Square", "Street of Patrice Lumumba."

People at the wall newspaper.

Slogans on the wall: "Unity!

Down with the agents of colonialism! ".

Faces of the soldiers.


Floats your boat.

The Kremlin, Moscow.

Prime Minister of the Republic of Sao Tome Miguel Trovoada at a reception at the Vice-Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR VN Novikov (October 1976), the negotiations.

Reel №2

Passes the Soviet ambassador, who arrived in Sao Tome, and his entourage.

People are watching.

Soldiers with the flag, is a military band, honor guard.

On the territory of the hospital doctors are.

Cuban doctor examines the patient.

Santomeysky doctor examines a boy.

Cabinet electrotherapy.

Female doctor.


Customers visiting the House of the country's first rural maternity hospital, equipped with the help of the GDR. Chamber of equipment: baby scales, beds, baskets.

Kindergarten in Rio de Oro: children are taken to the street dance, sing, play with dolls.

The girl on a bicycle.

Are pioneers with a standard-bearer.

Pioneers Sao Tome work in the garden.

Children draw, are engaged in the classroom.


Old shepherd.

Home workers.

The company "Agua Ize" fruit processing oil palm: the machine with belt drive; workers charged with palm fruit.

Unloading fruit from the oven; the time of production; pours oil.

Cocoa fruits on the tree; tree.

Collection of fruits.

Women are carrying fruit cocoa.

Cleaning fruits; loading the car.

Tractor rides.

Manor Cooperative on nationalized plantations "Río de Oro".

The processing of cocoa beans.

Women at work sorting cocoa, behind a woman sleeping child.

Loading sacks of cocoa.

Panels on the building.

The building is the first national technical school in Sao Tome.

Students in the yard, in the classroom.

Workers in the workshop, the students followed the work.

Worked as a welder.

Blacksmiths at work in the studio.

Construction of the road.

Work in quarries and construction material.

Construction of new homes for workers in Sao Tome.

New houses built with builders Cuba.

The opening of a new bridge across the river on the island of Principe Papagayo: there are people with slogans, applauded; the first woman minister Alda do Eshpiritu Santo cuts the ribbon; removes the veil from the memorial stone.

River Papagayo bridge over the river.

People dance, sing.

The meeting at the San Tome.

Speaker, President of the Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe, PhD Manuel Pinto da Costa.

People are listening and applauding. M. Pinto da Costa gives ministers work plans.

The city of Sao Tome.