Serve my Homeland (2004) 04.04.2004

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On request Pervij kanal

Anchorperson: Boris Galkin

Reel №1

The plot of the sea of the new flagship of the Caspian flotilla "Tatarstan".

Video: bugler on deck sends a signal.

The crew takes place according to the combat schedule.

The ship goes to a military campaign, flying the flag of St.


The commander of the Caspian flotilla Yuri Startsev says on the operational situation in the Caspian sea, the actions of the foreign naval forces.

"Tatarstan" in the campaign, weapons, means of detecting the enemy and means of communication of the ship.

The Central command post of the ship.

Senior assistant commander Alexei Lugovoi explains the functions and tasks of the different complexes located on the post, says about the combat advantages of the ship.

Onboard of cruise missiles "Uranus" firing during target practice.

The actions of the air defense system of the ship and naval artillery.

Commander Dmitry Khazov, makes his rounds of the ship and tells about his beloved dog crew.

Ship of the Caspian flotilla leaves the Harbor.

The story of the mobilization of reservists training camp in Kabardino-Balkaria.

Video footage: arrival of reservists at the landfill.

Deputy commander for educational work Igor Bobro reservists explains the procedure for fees.

Issuing uniforms reservists.

Military Commissar of the Kabardino-Balkar Republic Aslambek of betrozov tells about the methods of collection of reservists and the need for retraining of retired servicemen.

Selection of respirators for reservists.

The reservists in the camp.

Reservists are firing different types of firearms.

The training detachment.

Shooting from a grenade launcher.

Cook reservists to prepare lunch.

Delivery of food to the camp.

Reservists receive the money.

Bringing ammunition to finally curb, the firing of self-propelled artillery.

The plot of joint actions of Russian and Belarusian border guards at the external borders of the Union state.

Video recording of the detention of trespassers.

Head 4th outposts of the Grodno border guard Maxim Litvinsky says about the frequent violations of the border,

Guards come to drill.

Conditional detention of the offender with the help of dogs.

Video recording of detention at the border drug couriers.

The interrogation of the detained offender.

Head of the border group of the FSB of Russia in the Republic of Belarus Valery Voronov said the detention of criminal groups involved in trafficking in women.

Chairman of the state Committee of frontier troops of Belarus Alexander Pavlovsky talks about the release of a group of girls who tried to illegally smuggle across the border to Western Europe.

Check the documents of drivers at one of the checkpoints.

Real-time imaging of detention of offenders, seizure of drugs.

The plot, the 60th anniversary of the start of the operation to liberate the Crimea.

A member of the fighting for Sevastopol Vasily Eliseev speaks about the defense of the Germans in the Crimea, on the Sapun-grief, his participation in the fighting and his injury, destruction in Sevastopol.

The types of Sapun-mountain.

Newsreel: fighting the Soviet and German troops in the Crimea in the spring of 1944.

The Germans in the trenches during the shelling.

Soviet Marines attack rises.

Naval officer looking through binoculars.

View of the coast through binoculars.

Gunners firing.

Sailor throws a grenade and is adjacent to the bayonet.

Fighting Soviet and German troops.

View of Sebastopol (top).

Burning buildings.

Video footage: father Michael blesses the Marines standing in formation.

Father Michael leads a Church service in one of the airborne units.

View of the building of the temple Ilya Muromets, where is father Michael.

Father Michael field Church in Kosovo in 1999.

Destroyed Orthodox churches in Kosovo.

Father Michael helps take out from Chechnya to Russian pensioners.

Michael sprinkles the Holy water on the Marines, leads a military vehicle, shoots out of the mortar.

Guest in Studio - the military priest father Michael (Vassiliev) tells about the reaction of the Moscow Patriarchate on the destruction of Orthodox churches in Kosovo, the reasons for the destruction of the temples of seizures Albanians someone else's property in Pristina, the limited capacity of the Russian military contingent, the necessity of a firm position of the state in the protection of the Orthodox Serbs, the number of destroyed churches in Kosovo, on the sale of the stolen Albanian Orthodox icons in Europe.





Crimean operation