The Plans and Life [Episode 7. "Parallel 69"]. (1979)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Sofronov V.

Script writers: Melik-Pashaeva A.

Operators: Rusanov A., Levitan A.

Anouncers: Kolychev U.


The film about the Norilsk Mining and Processing Integrated Works, about relationship between science and production.


Sectors of the economy

Reel №1

Arctic landscape: ice in the ocean, the sun is above the ice.


Icebreaker in ice, icebreaker (the plane).

Icebreaker "Siberia" in ice.

Goes convoy.

Map of the USSR with the arrival on the Taimyr Peninsula (multrabota).

Tundra (helicopter).

Pilot in the cockpit of a helicopter.

They run deer (helicopter) (summer).

Flying bird.

Sea at sunset.

Monument discoverer Taimyr sailor Begichev Athanasius.

City of Dixon (top point).

Sea, the ships are.




Ships in the port of Dudinka.

Worker directs the loading.

Working in the cab of the crane.

Going electric.

Unloading of pipes at the port.


Multrakbota: Map of the North.

Norilsk, new city.

The first house of the city - a hut Urvantsev geologist.

Tourists in the house museum.

Portrait Urvantsev.

The exhibits of the museum - books, maps, etc.


Lake, boat rides.

Lake Lama.

Forest on the banks of the lake.


The workers of the mine "October" (near Norilsk) in the speed cage down into the mine.

A female manager on the phone.

Miners out of the cage, lift, go to the mine, sit in the trolley, trolley moving.

Miners in the mine.

machines work in the mine.

Smiling miner.

Miners rise to the top.

Builders talk to mine, see drawing.


Hand laid explosives in the rock, are explosions.

The hand turns the key.

Rock in his hands.

Scientists speak Mining Institute in Novosibirsk.


Scientists at work.

Reel №2

Scientists of the Novosibirsk Institute of Mining research carried out in the mine rock.

Installation of the sensor devices, scientists observe the instruments.

The machine works in a mine.

Loading of ore, the ore is in the car.

Manager at the helm.

Moves and leaves the train with ore.

General view of the mine "October."


Ust-Khantaika hydropower outside and inside.

Illuminated Norilsk.

Remote HPP.

Night city in the winter.


Hothouse cucumbers, flowers in the greenhouse.

Night city, lit shop windows.

Baby cafe "2 to 5": females with a child enters the cafe, the service in the cafe.

Woman selling flowers.

Shop "Flowers" inside.

Supermarket: Cashier at work, the seller packs up goods, shoppers in department store, store room, buyers and sellers in the department willing to pay.

Industrial landscape.

Pouring molten metal (at the Norilsk Mining and Processing Combine).

Manufacturing process.

Copper sheets move, rise to the top.

Krasnoyarsk scientists (Medvedev and others) at the blackboard with calculations listen, record.

Computer center, direct remote communication session Norilsk - Krasnoyarsk working tape.

Control panel, the staff at work.

Founder Norilsk combine IP Grishko the stove.

Dispensary building (winter).

Grishko with his wife in dispensaries, on the procedures.

Dispensary with swans swimming pool, dining room.

Report on the streets of Norilsk.

City council meeting.

the layout of the city.

protruding from the map.

General Director of Norilsk combine BI Kolesnikov said about the development of Norilsk (synchronously).

Development plan for the plant.

Reel №3

Pool building in Norilsk (winter).

Teenagers in the pool.


Children swim and play in the pool.

Children in kindergarten gym.

Kindergarten, the children in the garden.

Girls are skating rink Sports Palace "Arctic," coach works with children.

Trained players.


A man swims in the hole, wiped the snow.

Doctors examine patients "Walrus" by instruments.


Construction of a new steel complex "Hope."

Welder at work.

Congress on polar medicine in

Novosibirsk: acting, the bureau, the emblem of the Congress.

To the President of the Siberian Branch of the USSR Academy of Treasurers.

Nadezhda plant construction.

Helicopter flies over the construction site.

Working with checkboxes, Vertoletopuskaet shipment departs.

Plant project, a draftsman at prekte.

The shop works.

Sun have ice.

People bore the ice.

The helicopter flew up and over the sea.

Icebreaker is the Northern Sea Route.

Aboard the icebreaker convoy.

Report on winter Norilsk.

Go and work miners lift sheets of copper.

Arctic landscape, there is a train.

Movie №0