A Word About a Bad Jubilee. (1979)

Documentary №8243, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:43, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Kochetkov A. S., Bessarabov I.


About the NATO in connection with the 30th anniversary of signing the North-Atlantic Treaty Organisation. 30 wars for the 30 years. The film calls for peace, neighbourliness.

Temporary description:

1 hour - Chronicle: Residents of European cities met the allied troops. Churchill said. Truman stands. Carter Zheskar de Esten lay wreaths at the cemetery in Normandy, where Allied soldiers are buried. 2 hours - sail warships, planes fly NATO.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Film with different film frames.

Film on the pasteboard.

Boy in sculpture; boy and girl; people on the street (European city).


Carry a wounded woman with a child on a stretcher.

Interview with the killer.

Fly military aircraft; The plane takes off from an aircraft carrier.

Preparing American recruits: shout, shoot.

Allied Commander of NATO in Europe, General Alexander Haig speaks of the neutron bomb.

The post-war newsreels 1946 -1950: the city passing tanks, people watching.

Residents evicted from the house.

Police officers on the street.

The ruins, the ruins of the blind.

Sir Winston Churchill was among the people.

Victory Day celebration, the people rejoice in the square, dancing; pass and pass the military; people waving, applauding (Europe).

Meeting of American soldiers returning from the war: suitable ship, people waving, hugging soldiers.

A meeting of Soviet soldiers returning from the war: hello, hug, cry.

Destroyed the factory; ruined city; Dneproges destroyed.

Soldiers of the bridges, people go over the bridge.

Awarding of Winston Churchill in Fulton, Winston Churchill speech.

Photos concentration camp prisoners.

Tanks and shells.

April 1949, the creation of NATO are military commanders.

President Truman Atlantic ratify the treaty on behalf of the US stands for.

Rides and worth of military equipment.


Waving the American flag.

The street is a military band; the military; people watching.

Military equipment NATO planes in the air; warship at sea (the plane), the plane lands on the ship.


Meeting of the NATO members.

Military poster.

Fly airplanes; soldiers waving, monitor signals; take off the bomb.

Anti-war demonstration, the people on the street.

The police dragged the prisoner.

Are wounded.

Hamburg dockers refused to load the weapon of NATO, on the square tanks.

Signed the Appeal for Peace, hand puts his signature.

The police dispersed the demonstrators and arrested.

Tank comes out of the water; travels disguised tank; tank rides on the bridge; flying airplane, helicopter; run by the military.

Passing military equipment.

Warship in the sea; takes off a bomb; drive up the rocket equipment; bomb.

US: people put in symbolic coffins of the note with the names of Americans who died in Vietnam; drummers beat their drums.

Are wounded, killed; lying wounded.

Preparing American recruits: sheared soldier dress; soldiers are; hand holding a gun.

Soldier goes through the reeds.

Fly military aircraft; land the plane; planes dropped bombs, bombs explode (the plane).

France, Normandy: US President James Carter and French President Valery Giscard d'Estaing lay wreaths at the cemetery World War II soldiers.

Newsreel, 1945: Soldiers form the river, go with flags; talk and drink water Russian and American soldiers; inscription "Elba" (in German).

The soldiers are on the streets of European cities.

German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer signed the document.

Flag waving.

Participants of the meeting.

Marines board the plane, jump down from the plane.


Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Training participants "sports club" in Bavaria: the soldiers in camouflage suits; run with bayonets, on the backs of others, lying on the ground.

Anti-war demonstration.

A police officer on the street.

People at the window with advertising, films about Hitler.

Collection of neo-Nazis, he spoke.

The old man applauds.

Play boys drummers.

Men with the Nazi flag.

United States - held a man with a swastika on his sleeve.

Handing out leaflets.

Greece (coup "colonels") - the tanks in the streets.

People protest - shouting, carry placards.

American newspaper "New York Times" article on the coup in Greece.

Tested and consulted representatives of NATO.

Great Britain, Ulster: shooting on the street, walking machine knocks standing.

Destruction in the streets.

Speaks English major.

A group of military in the street; Ulster residents fight with the English military.

Shooting, people run, smoke on the street; passing cars.

Carry the wounded.

Airport, landing and aircraft are (military); military (NATO countries) with things.

Newsreel 1958 US aggression in Lebanon: Crying Arab woman.

Military landings.

Aircraft carrier aircraft on the ship.

Planes drop bombs; explosions.

Pass the US military paratroopers.

Newsreel 1956 Anglo-French invasion of Egypt: the scuttled ships in the Suez Canal (the plane).

The street passing tank.

Destruction in the city of Port Said.

Crying woman.

Newsreel 1950 American aggression in Korea.

Pass the Korean women.

Carry the injured children.

American soldier with a puppy.

Newsreel 60: US aggression in Vietnam: fly planes.

Woman hides the child.


Vietnamese prisoner blindfolded.

Vietnamese are winners; throw the American flag.

Newsreel 1966 .: France's withdrawal from NATO flags to NATO fold and carry the flag; flagpoles without flags.

Aircraft at the airport (the plane).

Military equipment.

Moving the NATO Headquarters in Brussels are cars, chair; The car enters the aircraft; down flag.

Newsreel: Military Street.

The fall of the dictatorship in Portugal: a rally in the square, he said through a megaphone. (25 April 1974) is worth a warship, the crew which refused to participate in NATO maneuvers; sailors descend from the ship; meeting sailors.

British warships in the sea (the plane).

Demonstration of the inhabitants of Iceland against NATO: go with posters.

Floats submarine.

Anti-war demonstrations in the different countries of Western Europe.

Performance of Turkish people against the presence of US Sixth Fleet.

It should be a police officer.

The meeting of the NATO Council.

The anti-war statement residents of Denmark.

USA: Pass people with placards by the White House.

The inscription on the banner "Stop the neutron bomb, Jimmy Carter!" US President James Carter, who arrived at the session of the NATO Council, down the ramp.

James Carter and others at the meeting of the NATO Council.

Flies aircraft - AWACS radar.

Off from the aircraft and rocket down.

On British air base, the Chinese delegation met with the fighter-bomber vertical takeoff of the "Harrier".

Shooting from guns.

Passes General Alexander Haig.

Various NATO military equipment: tanks, etc.

Haig says, smiling.

Kinohronika1945 g .: Soviet soldier at the window of the train.

Destruction - the train and the plane.

Monuments in Katyn.

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