Europe: Steps of Lessening of Tension (1979)

Documentary №8245, 3 parts, duration: 0:23:49
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Soloveva N.
Camera operators:Buhovceva V., Kuzminskij S., Orlov Yu.


Story about the activity of the Soviet and the International Committee of the OSCE.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Drawing: Europe in the palms of a person.


Peter's Square in Rome.

Adults and children feed pigeons.

View of Notre-Dame Cathedral from the Seine.

Stalingrad Square in Paris.

The bridge in front of the hotel "Ukraine" in Moscow.

Panorama of the bend of the Moscow River.

Residents on the streets of various European cities.

City panoramas.


Historical and architectural monuments.

A fiacre on a street in Vienna.

Catholic Cathedral.

Chronicle of the Second World War:

Houses are collapsing.

Explosions are heard.

Soldiers in burning buildings.

Sculpture, traces of shelling on the wall.

A ruined church.

The soldier turns the lever of the explosive device.

The explosion destroys the house.

People are running through the streets.

People pull children out from under the rubble.

A wounded man on a stretcher.

A wounded child on the street.

A woman with a child in her arms.

The dead are lying on the ground.

On the road there is a woman in windings instead of shoes.

A man with small children.

Panorama of the front.

Monuments to war heroes.

Chronicle of 1945:

People welcome the news of the end of the war.

The soldiers are lifted and swung in their arms.

Arrival of the train.

On the platform, a crowd with bouquets.

Soldiers are given flowers, meetings with relatives.

Flowering trees.

A crowd of people in the garden on a festive day.

Ships on the river, the embankment is decorated with flowers.

Residents of European cities.

Chronicle of NATO military exercises:

Launch of long-range missiles.

The traffic controller gives signals.

Start of the fighter from the deck of the aircraft carrier.


An elderly man carries a woman in a wheelchair.

Historical and architectural monuments.

Streets of European cities.

People ride on rides in the park.

Traffic on the night street.


National flags of the world powers.

A crowd of people in the square.

The flag of Finland on the roof of the building.

Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe, general view of the hall.

Alternation: TV journalists and photojournalists take pictures, representatives of various states sign the Helsinki Final Act.

Chronicle of the Second World War:

Soldiers and civilians fight in the streets of Paris.

People carry a box of ammunition.

A man throws a grenade out of the window.

Truck explosion.

Meeting on Security and Cooperation in Europe, with representatives from Poland, Portugal and Romania.

Chronicle of the Second World War:

Military operations on the territory of Poland.

Smoke billows over the city.

Soldiers carry the wounded.


Soldiers are dragging a machine gun down the street.

Prisoners of concentration camps.


L. I. Brezhnev signs the act.

Chronicle of the Second World War:

Soviet soldiers wave the flag from the balcony.

Soldiers hug in the street.

The gunner covers the muzzle of the gun.

Soldiers with a banner on the roof of the Reichstag.

The names of the dead are on the obelisk, the Eternal Flame is burning.

Blooming tulips.

The artist draws.

A girl sits astride a cannon.

Adults with children on the streets.

Chronicle of popular unrest in different countries:

Participants in demonstrations protesting against the arms race.

Panorama of the city.

People run through the streets with banners and slogans.

Dispersal of demonstrators from a fire hose.

A fight with the police.

People break down barbed wire fences.

The victim is on a stretcher.

Military aircraft.

Rocket launches, explosions.

People at rallies.

Campaign posters.

People climb the stairs.

The meeting participants talk in the lobby.

Politicians speak in the stands.

View of the hall, the audience applauds the speakers.


V. Giscard d`Esten - French statesman and politician, the 20th President of France. Kekkonen WK - 8th President of Finland. G. Jablonski - Polish politician, historian, member of the Polish Academy of Sciences, foreign member of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Honorary Doctor of the Moscow State University, Minister of Higher Education PNRM., Chairman of the State Council PNRM. Wilson DG Baron Rivo - British statesman, 67th and 69th Prime Minister of Great Britain. LI Brezhnev - State and party leader, Marshal of the Soviet Union, Hero of the Soviet Union, Hero of Socialist Labor, the General Secretary of the CPSU. N. Ceausescu - Romanian statesman and political figure, chairman of the State Council of the CPP, CPP President. Eanish A.S.R. - Portuguese political and military leader, President of the Portuguese Republic. S. Demirel - Turkish statesman and politician, Prime Minister of Turkey.

Calendar: 1960s-1970s 1939-1945

Locations: Moscow [820] Western Europe [911]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Brussels monument "Atomium".

Old houses.

The headquarters of the Assembly of public forces.

Meeting of the International Committee for European Security and Cooperation.

Belgian social activist talks about the organization.

He describes the Czechoslovak academician.

Representatives of the Soviet Committee.

Head of the Committee A.P.Shitikov.

Committee Meeting.

The meeting of representatives of various committees.

Street in Brussels.

Striping: On the podium public figures, students in the audience.

The Secretary-General of the International Committee gives interviews.

Participants of the meeting in Brussels.

The building is the headquarters of NATO in the suburbs of Brussels.

NATO Chronicle:

Fragments of meetings of representatives of military-industrial complex.

Military aircraft on the ground.

The demonstrators in the streets of Brussels.

Alternation: stands head of the Soviet Committee A.P.Shitikov, face the audience, people shorthand speech.

Applause listeners.

A.P.Shitikov R.Goor and shake hands.

Window boxes translators.

Interpreters at work.

Festive demonstration on Red Square in Moscow.

Says R.Goor.

Journalists with a tape recorder.

The operator with the camera.

Cameramen and photographers outside the fence.

Solemn meeting of Leonid Brezhnev at the airport.

People welcome a government motorcade in the streets.

Leonid Brezhnev during the signing of government documents.

Participants of the meeting.

View of the Kremlin.

The streets of Moscow (shooting from the car).

Residents of the capital.

The rally in the port.

People's faces.

Working in the shop with banners.

Speech on the podium.

Those workers.

Types of bleachers from various sides.


LI Brezhnev - State and party leader, Marshal of the Soviet Union, Hero of the Soviet Union, Hero of Socialist Labor, the General Secretary of the CPSU. Shitikov AP - Soviet party and state leaders. Goor R. - Belgian social activist, clergyman, professor, member of the secretariat of the International Committee for European Security and Cooperation.

Calendar: 1960s-1970s

Locations: Western Europe [911]

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Says veteran worker.

Alternation: production processes in smelters and metallurgical plant conveyors ZIL.

Handling of new technology on the ship.

Performs general P.I.Batov.

Personnel chronicles the tragedy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings.

Sunrise (fast playback).

Mourning ceremony on the day of memory of the victims.

Woman beats the bell.

Frame Sequential chronicles and modern streets of Hiroshima.

Monument Sadako Sasaki in Hiroshima.

Posters calling for the struggle for peace.

Children in the maternity ward.

A child in a wheelchair.

Children swim in the pool.

A group of children in a kindergarten.

On the podium employee ZIL.

People throughout the earth signed the Stockholm Appeal for peace.

Flowers on the pavement.

Veteran disabled.

Eternal Fire, in the foreground of flower bouquets.

Alternating: the faces of people, war veterans with family and friends, eternal flame burns.

The child climbs up the ladder on the playground.



PI Baht - Soviet military leader, General of the Army, Hero of the Soviet Union.

Calendar: 1970s 1945

Locations: Moscow [820] Japan [112] Western Europe [911]

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