Serve my Homeland 16.12.2007 (2007)

Telecast №82472, 1 part, duration: 0:26:05
Production: VID
On request: Pervij kanal
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Vladimir Shteryanov
Anchor:Boris Galkin
Screenwriters:Andrej Kirisenko

Reel №1

Video news: Topol rocket launchers are moving to combat positions.

The combat crew of the installation launches the rocket.

Launch of the Topol-M rocket.

The principle of operation of the rocket (animation).

The guest in the studio-the commander of the Strategic Missile Forces (RVSN), Colonel General Nikolai Solovtsov, congratulates the servicemen of the RVSN on the 48th anniversary of the creation of the missile forces, talks about the role of the RVSN in ensuring the security of the country, about the staffing of the troops and the level of training of officers, about the scientific ranks of officers, solving housing and household problems of military personnel, building housing for rocket officers.

The plot is about Arthur Arnautov, who joined the army from the second year of the institute.

Video chronicle: soldiers from the young replenishment get off the bus.

The faces of Arnautov and other soldiers.

Landing of soldiers on a plane at the Chkalovsky airfield.

Deputy Commander of the Baltic Fleet Vasily Apanovich speaks about the prospects of combat training of the arrived replenishment.

Carrying out the banner of the Marine Guards Brigade in Kaliningrad, the parade of personnel.

Passing the obstacle course.

The commander of the marine brigade Oleg Darzhapov speaks about the order of meeting the young replenishment.

Exercises with disembarkation.

Sailor Pyotr Shevchuk talks about the beginning of service in the Marine Corps, the daily routine, the daily routine of a Marine.

Parachute training class.

Recruits during lunch.

Arnautov during lunch talks about his first impressions after arriving at the unit.

The brigade commander gives a tour of the weapons exhibition held at the sailors ' club.

Deputy commander for educational work Vadim Bekshenev speaks about the beginning of his service, about the fulfillment of military duty.

The plot of the service of the rear.

Video news: demonstration of the products of the new menu for military personnel at the exhibition "Russian manufacturers and supply of the Armed Forces".

Samples of new products for dry rations.

Exhibition stands, a panorama of the hall.

Demonstration of new samples of equipment for cooking.

A mannequin in a new Cossack uniform.

Elena Predtechenko, a participant of the exhibition, demonstrates elements of the new Cossack uniform.

Fragment of the x / film "Peter the Great".

Panorama of the exhibition hall, the faces of the exhibition participants.

Types of new models of military equipment and equipment.

Sergey Shkian, a participant of the exhibition, demonstrates a set of medical equipment for special forces.

Providing medical care to the wounded during the exercise.

Doctor of Technical Sciences Yuri Andreev speaks about a radio wave generator designed for non-contact surgical operations.

Deployment of a mobile field hospital.

The head of the rear of the Russian Armed Forces, Vladimir Isakov, speaks of the need to create a supply system for the Armed Forces with the help of bona fide suppliers.

The plot of the new means of protection of mine-search dogs of sapper units of the Leningrad Military District.

Video chronicle: departure of sappers for the search and disposal of ammunition during the Great Patriotic War.

Sapper Andrey Avilov talks about the work on mine clearance and the destruction of unexploded shells.

Search for shells with the help of a mine-search dog.

Assistant District Commander Yuri Klenov talks about the timing of the training of service dogs, the effectiveness of their work, the advantages of bulletproof vests for dogs.

Actions of the mine clearance group.

Search for conditional mines at the training ground, a soldier with a dog wearing a bulletproof vest is walking in front.

Company commander Alexey Klyauzov talks about the peculiarities of the work of a mine-search dog in a bulletproof vest, its habituation to the vest.

Labrador Oscar and his guide during class.

Dog handler Dmitry Alabushev talks about the dog's attitude to the bulletproof vest, Oscar's participation in competitions and his success, the purpose of the dog's bulletproof vest.

The curator of the project "Bulletproof Vest" Elena Arutyunova talks about the material from which the bulletproof vest is made, demonstrates the protective elements of the vest and identification marks.

Exercises at the training ground for mine clearance in a combat situation.

A dog handler with a dog wearing a bulletproof vest.

Calendar: 16.12.2007

Locations: Moscow [820]

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