The USSR-Finland: Pages of Friendship. (1979)

Documentary №8254, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:09
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Tikhonov V.
Screenwriters:Samoylov E., Tikhonov V.
Camera operators:Maksimov L.


About the history and present time of the Soviet-Finnish friendship.

Temporary description:

1h. - Landscape. Helsinki. The signing of an agreement between the USSR and Finland. Border guards the boundaries. The head of the Finnish Government Paasikivi talks with the Minister of Justice Kekkonenom. Demo on the streets of Helsinki. Pass and Molotov, Prime Minister Pekkala. The signing of the contract. It is Stalin. The Cabinet of Lenin, the Lenin Museum building in Helsinki. Shipyard "Vyartuelya." Installation of the vessel. Says chairman Olavi Mattila. 2h. - Soldiers are border guards. Brezhnev in Finland, it welcomes people. Brezhnev talks with the workers. Director General of the firm "Conel" FF Yarotsky. Say: Managing Director K. Kayramo, Chairman of the Finnish part of the Finnish-Soviet Commission for Economic Cooperation Karjalainen. The opening of a nuclear power plant in Loviisa. Kosygin and Kekkonen. Factory "Valmet". Kremlin. Kekkonen and Brezhnev shared folders. TPP "Christine." Kekkonen skiing.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Finland's postwar foreign policy - "Paasikivi-Kekkonen line" - is aimed at the development of Soviet-Finnish friendship, political and economic relations between the USSR and Finland.

Landscapes Finland motion machine (several landscapes with lakes); bridge with movement of the machine; water (summer).

Newsreel 40-ies .: Helsinki with the aircraft; burning ruins of the houses; broken and burning appliances.

The city with the aircraft; map with changes in the boundaries (by convention 1944 Armistice); hand with a paperweight gets wet signature; Soviet and Finnish border guards greet, consider the map, specify the border.

Soviet-Finnish border.

The agreement (in January 1945, the Soviet government signed an agreement on the supply of Finnish food in exchange for Finnish goods).


JK Paasikivi and WK Kekkonen sit, talk; out of the building.

Helsinki from above; street of the city; demonstrators with placards and flags (for the establishment of good neighborly relations with the Soviet Union); people welcomed the demonstrators.

Moscow; Soviet and Finnish flags; at the airport taxis aircraft; Go down the ladder Prime Minister of Finland M. Pekkala; guard of honor; pass VM Molotov, M. Pekkala and their attendants.

Street Helsinki with traffic and pedestrians, passengers sit in the tram; adjuster on the square; passing trams; street with pedestrians and vehicles.

The signing of the Soviet-Finnish agreement in 1948 on Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance; Contract signed by VM Hammers; Representative of Finland to sign a contract; in the hall of signing - IV Stalin, WK Kekkonen, et al., Finnish representatives.

Landscapes Finland motion.

Bas VI Lenin.

Study VI Lenin; desk, museum exhibits; on the wall - a decree recognizing the independence of Finland signed VI Lenin.

Bas VI Lenin on the building of the museum VI Lenin in Helsinki.

Report on the streets of Helsinki; traffic.

Shipyard "Vyarttselya" (works mainly on execution of orders for the Soviet Union, is building ice breakers); working worker; working welder; loading platform;  moves the crane; Installation of the vessel; working at the shipyard welders; vessel built in Finland to the Soviet Union (the upper part of the vessel with the emblem of the USSR).


Chairperson of the Board of the company "Valmet" O. Mattila (spoke about economic cooperation).

On the territory of the shipyard are Soviet and Finnish experts; crane.

Shipyard (winter).

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Peninsula Porkkala Udd (USSR prematurely abandoned lease transferred Finland in 1956) WK Kekkonen, etc .; building; Soviet soldiers were transferred to the border post;  Soviet soldier puts things out of the building, closing the door and hangs the key; Soviet soldiers are with things (leaving the naval base); Soviet soldiers escorted to the station platform; soldiers from the windows of the train greet mourners; train departs.

Flags of the USSR and Finland.

People in the area; in the foreground of the poster "Friendship - peace."

Descend the stairs of the building LI Brezhnev, WK Kekkonen and persons accompanying them; Finnish workers welcome LI Brezhnev, WK Kekkonen; LI Brezhnev among children in kindergarten.

Pass LI Brezhnev and WK Kekkonen; welcoming.

LI Brezhnev talks with workers on the street.

Winter landscape with the movement of the machine.

Traffic on the streets of Helsinki (winter plans).

Truck "KAMAZ" driven by two tiers of cars manufactured in the Soviet Union to Finland.

Brand cars "Lada".

The meeting was co-operating with the USSR firm "Connelles"; CEO says company FF Yarotskiy.

For passenger cars, manufactured by "Connelles."

Port; pouring metal (shot through the back of the worker); hand on the remote control; hands at work (soldering wires); hands of workers at the sewing machine, the person; new clothes on hangers; women at work; man sews boots; Stand with boots; information room; rotate the cartridge; girl at work; men conversing; typewriter.

Says managing director of the company "Nokia" Mr. K. Kairamo; taking notes in a notebook.

Photo of signing an agreement on economic cooperation.

Says Chairman of the Finnish part of the Soviet-Finnish commission on economic cooperation, Mr.

Karjalainen (against the background of photos of Leonid Brezhnev and WK Kekkonen).

High-voltage power line (winter).

Square before the ceremonial start of the 1st stage in the Loviisa nuclear power plant, built with Soviet assistance; AN pass Kosygin, WK Kekkonen and their accompanying persons: acquainted with the nuclear power plant; Turbine Hall NPP; shield the control panel.

On the Soviet-Finnish border helicopter flies; border crossing point; standing border guard; border; AN Kosygin and WK Kekkonen greet each other at the border, shake hands.


LI Brezhnev and WK Kekkonen share folders after the signing in May 1977, long-term program of economic and scientific-technical cooperation, which runs until 1990 .; present applauded.

Landscape Finland motion machine (summer); circuit diagrams of people at work: Manager at the controls; persons employed; pouring steel.

Photos: Meeting Room in Helsinki during the signing of the agreement.

Winter landscape with the movement of the machine; WK Kekkonen skiing; Lake; port in the foreground stands the youth.

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