Children Are Accusing. (1979)

Documentary №8283, 2 parts, duration: 0:16:13, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Tuzova Z.
Anouncers:Vdovina T.
Text authors:Prok I.


About difficult status of children in the world.

Temporary description:

Newsreel. Refugees with children during the war in Spain (1936). Wounded, the dead children. Bombing cities. Children in a concentration camp (1939-1945 years). American aggression in Vietnam (1960). Victims. Destruction. The tactics of "scorched earth" in Africa. Fighting in the Middle East. The shooting of civilians in the refugee camp Gel-Zaatar. Palestinian refugees. Children in reserve in Namibia. Exhausted children. The fighting in Nicaragua. Hungry children. Kampuchea. Children - victims of genocide. Kampuchean return to their homes. Mothers feed children.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Women with their children.

Smiling girl - CU.


Exhausted, crying, wounded children - PNRM., MS., CU.

Explosion, a plane taking off, running, women and men with children.

Carry a wounded child.

Drop a bomb.

Children are running.

Wing aircraft in the air.

Women cover the children.

Newsreel 1936:


Newsreel 1941-1945.:

The Soviet Union.

Nazis pass by burning houses.

The aircraft dropped bombs, crumbling house.

Of children out of the destroyed house.


Running girl.

Dead children.

Crying woman - different.


Majdanek concentration camp.

Women's and children's shoes, taken from the dead - CU.

Auschwitz concentration camp.

Children show numbers on hand.

Soviet soldiers with small children.

Children removed from the camp - different.

Monuments - Soviet soldier, mother Krasuhe, Monument in Khatyn other - different., PNRM.



Burning jungle, children are running.

Shoots a machine gun, aircraft dropped bombs.


Family at the table.

Leaves the tank - LS., MS.

Napalm burning village.

Burnt face and hands of the girl.

Bombs fall.


No land sits a child.


Woman next to their dead children.

A wounded child.

Child among the ruins.

The girl shakes her doll - different.

Photo: A child with a doll.

A person crying girl - CU.


Chile - the city (with the top point).

Burning house.

Flying airplanes.


Soldiers from the tank.

Rows of soldiers with guns - LS., CU.

Students run down the street.

Soldiers with guns in their hands - different.

Photo: family.

Children sit at the table to eat - MS., CU.



Portrait of a fisherman - CU.

People living on the reservation.

Poverty and ruin.

Rachitic children eat malnourished children, the child sleeps on the ground - are different.

Child near dead mother.

Dying children on the ground.

Dead child.

Dead child.

Sits helicopter.

Marines run - different.

Frustrated home.


Murdered woman with a baby.

Planes drop bombs.

Among those killed is a girl.

The planes dropped bombs destroyed home, kids.

Killed - different.


Middle East - burning houses.

Woman running with a child.

Gun shoots - Various.


Barrel of the machine.

Child killed near his mother.

Soldiers break into a window, shoot.

Crying wounded child.

Wounded children.


On a stretcher carried injured children.

Woman crying.

Dead children.

Child near killed mother - MS.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame


Quarter of the poor.

A boy carries a child on his shoulders.

Women and children.

Camp for refugees.

Baby with his mother.

A girl with a baby in her arms.

The girl at the portrait of his father - different.



People are running.


Children rummage through garbage.

Boy eats.

Crying woman - different.

Photo - crying girl - MS.

Woman with children - MS.


Barbed wire of the concentration camps.

Photo: dead children.


Woman doctor.

Wounded children.

Torn books, thrown in a heap - CU., PNRM.

See the man and the child.

Baby lying on the ground.

The child sits in the wrecked car.

The girl is a baby's arm.

Crippled woman with a baby.

Children watch.

In a broken family back home.

Children driven truck - different.

The woman shakes her bassinet with the baby - MS.

Girl - CU.

Faces weeping women - MS., CU.

A protest demonstration.

Portraits of women.


Are women.

The aircraft dropped bombs - MS., CU.

Said Freda Brown, President of the International Democratic Federation of Women.

A protest demonstration.


Portraits of children - the motion picture.

Portraits of children - PNRM., Hitting, different.

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