MoscowIs Waiting the Olympic Games 80. (1979)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Kiselev S.

Script writers: Dolgopolov M., Snegirev V.

Operators: Averbukh M., Bochkov F., Levitan A., Tsitron V.

Text writers: Braslavskiy L.


The film tells about the process of preparing for the XXII Olympic Games in the various cities of the Soviet Union: Moscow, Kiev, Minsk, Leningrad and Tallinn, about the sights of these cities.

Olympics 80


Reel №1

Moscow (with a / t).

The Kremlin - Society.

Monument to Yuri Dolgoruky, Gorky Street - commonly.

On the street running athletes with a torch - commonly., Wed.

Central Stadium.

VI Lenin podium.

Sportsman lights the Olympic flame in the sky fly colored balls (final Spartakiad peoples of the USSR) - commonly.

Ostankino Tower - Society.

TV screens - commonly.

On television a passage of participants as games, going overseas athletes - Society., Wed.

On the track runners, swimmers in the distance, rowing, gymnasts perform exercises, jumping area, archer, cycle track - commonly., Wed.

Minsk: Victory Square, hotels, movie theater, the streets, the stands - commonly., Wed.

Football - commonly., Wed

Photo Album - kr.

Leningrad: Palace Square, the monument to Peter I, Peter and Paul Fortress - the Society.


Isaac's Cathedral.

In the Peter and Paul Fortress firing gun - Wed

Canals, bridges and embankments - cf.

An old mansion, sculpture - Society., Wed.

Grand Cascade of fountains in Peterhof - commonly., Wed, cr.

Hermitage - pictures - Society., Wed, cr.

Hotel "Astoria" - Society.

Hotel: room, banquet hall, halls - commonly., Wed.

A fountain in the hall, bronze figurines - commonly., Wed.

Pavlovsky Tapestry Hall.

Reel №2

Performed dance "Quadrille" - different.

Ice Ballet - a piece of dance - different.


Bogdan Khmelnitsky Square - commonly.

Blooming chestnuts.

Streets: people are - different.

Stadium - commonly.

Olympic souvenirs - Society., Wed.

Reserve, where collected old peasant buildings - Society.

Restaurant: visitors, musicians dressed in national costumes - Wed, cr.

Dance performed by an ensemble of them.

Paul Virsky - commonly., Wed

The audience applauded - cf.

Tallinn, the NDP on the roofs of houses, streets, people pass on streets, tower, modern hotel.

Restaurants - different.

Lanterns, evening city - Wed, cr.

Variety - Society., Wed, cr.

Glass ware - kr.

Photo: Holiday songs.

Souvenirs - kr.

Sailing Center, the yacht at sea - commonly., Wed, cr.

Reel №3

Moscow - Society.

Library of them.

Lenin - Society.

Travel around the city center - commonly.

Kutuzov monument near the building of Borodino panorama.

Arc de Triomphe.

Kremlin Cathedrals - Society.

Tretyakov Gallery - Society.

Exposition: paintings, fragments - Wed, cr.

The building of the Bolshoi Theater - Society.

On the stage performers of the Bolshoi Theater of the USSR Pavlova and V. Gordeev (fragment Ballet) - commonly.

Concert Hall Hotels Russia - Society.

Russian Dance - commonly., Wed

Performers perform on stage - Wed, cr.

Trained bears - Wed, cr.

Sport Complex of Moscow - commonly., Wed.

The Olympic Village - Society.

The interiors of houses of the Olympic village, furnished accommodation for athletes - commonly., Wed.

Room for commentators - Wed

Press-center - Wed

Negotiating point - Wed, cr.

Swimmers, gymnasts, cyclists, archer, jockeys - cf.

Luzhniki: rostrum.

The drawn image of the Olympic podium bears, logos Spartakiad - Society.

Girl with Misha - Society.