Soviet films Abroad.. (1979)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Konovalov V.

Script writers: Gurevich L.

Operators: Makarov V., Petrosov R.


A advertising film about the rewards of Soviet filmmakers and participation of our films in international Film Festivals.

Temporary description

Training, performances of gymnasts - masters of rhythmic gymnastics: I. Deriugina, I. Gabashvili, E. Thomas. Exercises with the ball, ribbon. At sporting equipment stand gymnasts: E. Azarian, B. Makuts, B. Bindler, N. Kuchinsky, N. Shaposhnikov, S. Zakharova. Olympic champion in gymnastics, coach E. Saadi conducts classes with her students. Coach V. Rastorotsky in training with the Olympic gymnast N. Shaposhnikova.

Reel №1

Members of the USSR national team.

Irina Deriugina perform the exercise with the ball - LS., MS.

Irina Deriugina - CU.

Mother (she and coach) Deriugina - CU.

Exercise ball and perform Helen Thomas Irina Gabashvili - MS.

Pianist - CU.

London street.

Soviet gymnasts give autographs, visiting the city - MS.

I. Deryugina perform the exercise with ribbon, coach Deryugina - LS., CU.

The audience, hugs coach athlete - CU.

Congratulate Bohdan Makuts from Lviv, awarding winner - CU.

Congratulate Edward Azarian - MS.

Eduard Azarian - CU.

A. Azarian and B. Makuts a walk in the woods - MS.

B. Makuts in the hall - CU.

E. Azarian from Yerevan.

Exercises performed on the bar Makuts - MS.

Coach Azarian - CU.

Exercises on the rings executes Azarian - MS.

Azarian and coach at the bars - MS.

Makuts and trainer in "horse» - MS.

Makuts doing exercise - MS.

Azarian looks - CU.

Azarian doing exercise - MS.

Makuts looks - CU.

Coach Azarian - CU.

Makuts with coach - MS.

Athlete bandage hand - MS.

Exercises on the bar does Makuts - MS.

Looks Stella Zakharova - MS.

Acrobat falls - MS.

Crying Aganova, PNRM. on foot - CU.

Natalia Kuchinsky - CU.

Massage - CU.

Makuts doing exercise on horseback.

Acrobat falls.

Shaposhnikov falls from the boards, PNRM. on the coach - MS.

Coach Vladislav Rastorotsky - CU.

Reel №2

PNRM. with sitting on the floor of the coach N. Shaposhnikova Rastorotskogo - MS.

Training N. Shaposhnikova in the hall with a coach - MS., CU.

Key speakers are preparing Stella Zakharova and N. Shaposhnikov.

Combat Stella Zakharova and H. Shaposhnikova - MS., CU.

Victory Stella Zakharova, scoreboards, congratulations S. Zakharova - MS.

N. Shaposhnikov about logs, PNRM. feet - MS.

Jumping acrobats - LS., MS.

Vadim Bindler, PNRM. on coaches - CU.

"Jump Bindlera» - MS. (Rapid), LS.

Synchronization between the 3-acrobats - LS.

Coach with athletes in the classroom - MS., CU.

Coach Kapuler, PNRM. for an athlete - CU.

Girls in training - CU. (Rapid).

Reel №3

Children's sports group.

Occupation is the Olympic champion Elvira Saadi.

Girls perform exercises on different shells - different.

Gymnast performs exercises on uneven bars - CU. (Rapid).

Makuts performs an exercise on horseback - CU.; Parallel bars - CU., MS. (Rapid).

Gymnasts perform acrobatics - MS., CU.

N. Shaposhnikov perform exercises on a log - CU. (Rapid).

Irina Dergogeniya perform exercises on the balance beam, the uneven bars - MS.

Irina Gabashvili perform exercises with the ball - MS. (Rapid).

Eduard Azarian performs "cross" on the rings - MS. (Rapid).