The Man On His Right Place.. (1979)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Raspopov G.

Script writers: G. Raspopov

Operators: V. Usanov


The film is about a communist, pilot 1st class, long-range aviation regiment commander VD Panov, his party work.

Air force | CPSU activity

Reel №1

Military aviation aircraft is landing, sits down, releasing the brake parachute.

At the airport there are planes.

The pilot in the cockpit, a special lift from the cab down on an armchair pilot to exit the aircraft.

Pilots at the airport talking to a group.

Near the aircraft on the airfield are two pilots (VO hear the sound of their conversation about the scientific organization of labor), shake hands, diverge.

Military Pilot 1st Class, Colonel Vladimir D. Panov in the office talking with Lieutenant acceptance of the party.

Lieutenant Colonel goes to the military camp, meets a slave, say billboards diverge.

In the office of Vladimir Panov talking with the visitor.

Panov writes at the table, talking on the phone.

Lieutenant colonel in the air talking to women.

In the office of the table there is a meeting of the party committee.

Colonel Panov opens the meeting to mobilize the Communists in the qualitative performance of the upcoming exercises.

Speaker stands, talks about the difficulties of the upcoming exercises.

Present officers take notes.

Performers are gathered, talk about the upcoming exercises.

Colonel delivers a closing statement, a draft resolution offers party meeting.

The officers are group at the airport - there is a discussion.

Pilot helmet talks about his commander and party work in the military unit.


The regimental commander Vladimir D. Panov shall report the slave, inspects aircraft.

Major interview about VD Panova.

Reel №2

Lieutenant Colonel and Major are on a military town.

Major interview about their commander.



Vladimir D. Panov talking with different people.

Lieutenant Colonel conversation with his subordinates in the classroom, at the board, covered with writing formulas on the technique of piloting an airplane.

Interview about the regimental commander.

Night airfield, the plane begins to move.

Vladimir D. Panov in the room of a local museum tells the young officers of the regiment fighting way.

Stands museum illustrate the story of the commander.

Pictures on the wall 11 Heroes of the Soviet Union, the pupils of the regiment.

Vladimir D. Panov talking to young officers about their future.

Son of Vladimir Dmitrievich, cadet, is next to his father on the airfield.

The officer asks to tell the lieutenant colonel as he became a pilot.

Photos of Vladimir Dmitrievich from a young age.

Long-range aircraft ready to fly.

Mechanics inspect the aircraft outside, check the performance of assemblies and mechanisms.

Vladimir D. Panov discusses the mechanics condition of the aircraft.

Mission Control Center.

VD Panov in the form of pilot sits in a special chair that lifts it into the cockpit.

Negotiations with the dispatcher, the plane takes off.

The pilot in the cockpit.

Two aircraft flying near (removed from the third).

A group of officers of the regiment in the room, discussing past teachings.

Officers shake hands with his commander Vladimir D. Panov.

Still image: smiling face Panova.