Near the Soldier.. (1979)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Geleyn I.


The film is about a documentary cameraman, past all the Great Patriotic War near the soldiers of the Red Army.

World War II

Reel №1

Newsreel, 1941 Lit .: village.

In the ambulance carried the wounded.

Rides a truck in the village, people in the back, goes to meet a herd of cows.

Lights farmhouse.

Nazi planes dropped bombs.

Go carts with people.

Smoke on the entire screen.

Plane into a dive.

Story of Red Army soldiers: in raincoats, forage caps.

Before the formation commander acts.

Volunteers issue rifle.

The soldiers are on the trench.

Cameraman with hand-held camera runs across the battlefield.

Blast from the projectile.

The cameraman lying on the ground, in the background plane takes off.

The cameraman is shooting lying in the snow.

In winter, the snow is commissioned cavalry.

The snowy Moscow are soldiers in white coats with skis on his shoulder.

Poster of the documentary "Moscow Strikes Back."

In the winter are the Soviet soldiers grandmother on the sidelines Cross and kisses with approaching soldiers.

On the ruins of the house crying woman.

Crying woman.

A soldier in the winter is a girl in a dress.

Nazi planes in the sky, fighting spread.

People on the streets of Leningrad run: air-raid alarm.

Woman with children running to the shelter.

Tram stands in the background: a bomb falls into the house.

Cameraman with a camera on the street during the bombing.

Carry the wounded on stretchers.

Lying on the ground dead girl next portfolio.


Newsreel 1943 .: PNRM. from the river to the burning Stalingrad.

With aircraft sypyatsya bomb.

Soldier sets armored rifle.

The ruins of the city fleeing soldiers.

The cameraman shoots battle.

Shooting from guns, explosions.

Soldiers in combat.

The cameraman shoots battle in the forest.

The cameraman gets on the tank takes up a camera.

Cameramen with the camera in different parts of hostilities: a submarine, in the woods near the guerrillas.

Planes in the air, the stricken plane with a swastika burning on the ground.

Explosions, fires.

Shooting anti-aircraft guns.

Soldiers emerge from the trenches.

There is a group of officers, including Colonel LI Brezhnev (zoom and freeze-frame).

Front-line photo with LI Brezhnev.

Moments of the battle at Little Earth: Marines and sailors are shooting.

Are soldiers after the battle.

Holidays around the campfire: warm hands, food is cooked.

Soldiers during the break.

Soldiers go naked water barrier, carried in the arms gun, right there in the water cameraman shoots.

Volleys "Katyusha".

Fight, fleeing soldiers, gunfire guns, explosions.

The soldiers in the trenches, get out and flee the attack.

Bandaging the wounded girl's hand in the background: a stretcher with wounded brought.

Fight in the city, limping wounded horses.

View of the street from the top of: a fighter falls shell.

The cameraman shoots at the house from which go smoke.

Wounded soldiers bandaged hand.

In battle, the soldiers shoot a machine gun, machine gun.

Projectile hit the bridge.

The cameraman shoots the border post.

The Red Army enters the liberated city, carry the banner of the tank.

Locals joyfully greeted liberators.

Soldiers on the armor of tanks waving to people on the sidelines.

Hug a girl in traditional dress with Soviet soldiers.

Flowers, bread and salt to the soldiers of the Red Army.

Wood belted barbed wire.

Gallows, women cry over dead.

Scantily clad corpses lie on the ground.

Large prisoner camp after liberation.

From a concentration camp, the track between the walls of barbed wire is withdrawn children.

Soldiers are on the snow in winter. 1945 .: The cameraman Roman Karmen takes on a street in Berlin.

View of the Brandenburg Gate in the smoke.

Storming the Reichstag, the soldiers carry the banner.

Joyful soldiers at the walls of the Reichstag waving their hands in honor of Victory.

Soldiers returning from the front, train fighters look out from doors and windows.

Meeting at the Belarusian railway station trains from the front.

Flowers, embracing, kissing.

In the city are soldiers winners surrounded by relatives, wives, children.


LI Brezhnev - The General Secretary of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the CPSU Carmen RL - The operator, film director, People's Artist of the USSR. Hero of Socialist Labor.




Moscow Leningrad Berlin Stalingrad