Time, Ahead. (1979)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Egorova I.


The film is about the first Five-Year Plans.

The first years of Soviet power

Reel №1

Boy playing trumpet.

Mass labor on Subbotniki: people digging, scavenge.

Newsreel of 1920-1930 .: Moscow near the Kremlin, the tram at the Bolshoi Theater.

Weaver at the bench.

Steelworkers at work.

Miner Alexei Stakhanov cuts coal in the mine, standing with flowers after the change.

Brass band plays on the move, carrying a poster about the construction of Magnitogorsk.

The cars, home builders of Magnitogorsk.

A sign on the wall of the car, "Magnitogorsk".

Of the wagon train unload things, suitcases.

Earthworks: people with shovels earth being moved stepwise up.

Excavator ship land on the platform of the car.

Construction of blast furnaces, high altitude work.

The inscription "Komsomolskaya-2" on the wall of the blast furnace.

Construction of the Dnieper: work excavator loads driven trolley, ready-mixed concrete, people stepping together, knead clay boots.

Construction Dniproges.

The crowd welcomed the first tractor, off the assembly line of the new plant.

Carry loads at the walls of the Kremlin.

The crowd welcomed the first tractor in the field.

Wheat field.

Traktoristka harvest.

Farming in the field.

Women hand knit bundles.

Central Asia: the musicians with long trumpets.

Construction of the Fergana Canal: a sea of ​​people with shovels and hoes cultivate the land.

Holiday start channel in action: the orchestra of local musicians in traditional dress dancing girls, people applauded.

Construction Turksib: people manually drag tracks.

Camels near the railroad.

Rides locomotive him trying to keep up with the locals on camels.

Landscapes of the Crimean coast.

Patients resorts relax on the sun loungers in the air, standing in a row.

On vacation: woman knitting, elderly men read newspapers.

Literacy elderly.

Of individual letters spread the word: "farm", "work".

Woman writing on the blackboard: "In the women farm easier to live."

At school desks resident Asian folk costumes, with small children.

The guy at the desk, PNRM. Down: Man sandals on his feet.

Studying in college: write the formula on the blackboard, the students at their desks.

A sign on the house, "Physico-Technical Institute" in the physics laboratory Akademik Ioffe AF, PL Kapitsa, Kurchatov IV Goes to work in his institute physiologist IP Pavlov.

The sign "Experimental genetics of higher nervous activity." IP Pavlov talking with colleagues.

IV Mitchurin in the garden.

KE Tsiolkovsky with colleagues in the workshop at the layout of the airship.

Ready to Fly stratospheric balloon, the cabin in the form of a ball rises.

Arctic ice, the plane ski slides on the ice.

Unloading from the aircraft bags, boxes.

OJ Schmidt during the Northern Expedition.

Sign "of the USSR. Drifting NSRA expedition."

Four papanintsev raises the flag of the USSR. Pilots Chkalov, Bajdukov, Belyakov came to America, solemn meeting, come with a garland of flowers.

Meeting pilots in Moscow, travel by countless flyers in the air.

Construction of the city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur: trolley to the ground, working with shovels, excavator operator in the cab.

Happy faces builders.

The first congress of the Writers' Union, acts Collective Farm.

Members of the Congress of Writers: Alexei Tolstoy, Fyodor Gladkov, Maxim Gorky, Sergei Mikhalkov, Leo Kassil.

Maxim Gorky hugs, kisses farmers, members of the Congress applauded.

KS Stanislavsky and VI Katchalov in the theater.

The audience applauded.

On stage at the table of the Presidium of the People's Commissar AV stands Lunacharsky.

Column Hall of the House of Unions full of spectators.

Man, amateur participants, playing the accordion in front of the audience.

Woman playing the harmonica.

Sculptor Vera Mukhina at work.

In the hands of a model of the monument "Worker and Collective Farm Girl".

Monument "Worker and Collective Farm Girl" on a pedestal.

Construction of the Moscow metro, work sinker.

The first subway trains.

First passengers travel on the subway escalator.

The air plays a military brass band.

General view of the dam hydroelectric power station.

Boiling water.

Hand on the device translates the arrow with the inscription "Done" on the word "is".

First light in the village: screwed, burning, happy faces and applause.

Industrial enterprises.

Meeting of workers at a metallurgical plant, applauding.

Working in the hot shop, pouring molten steel.

Funny faces of the workers.

Key words

Enthusiasm A review film


Stakhanov AG - Founder of the Stakhanovite movement, Hero of Socialist Labor. AF Ioffe - Russia and the Soviet physicist, academician. PL Kapitsa - Soviet physicist, academician, Nobel Prize winner. IV Kurchatov - Soviet physicist, academician. Pavlov IP - Physiologist, academician, Nobel Prize winner. IV Mitchurin - breeder Academician. KE Tsiolkovsky - Russian and Soviet scientist, the founder of theoretical astronautics. OJ Schmidt - geographer, explorer of the North, academician, Hero of the Soviet Union. VP Chkalov - Test pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union. AK Tolstoy - Writer. FV Gladkov - Writer. Gorky AM - Writer. Mikhalkov SV - Poet, writer. Kassil LA - Writer. KS Stanislavsky - Theater director, actor and educator. Katchalov VI - Actor, People's Artist of the USSR. AV Lunacharsky - The first People's Commissar of Education of the RSFSR. VI Mukhina - Sculptor, People's Artist of the USSR.




Moscow Magnitogorsk Turkmenistan Crimea USA Komsomolsk-on-Amur Arctic Fergana Dnepropetrovsk

Social life; Science; Industry; Agriculture; Heroes of Space; Persons of arts; Education