Movie night "With a camera in battles". (1978)

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Scene №1 Movie night "With a camera in battles"

Cameraman Y. Smirnov takes the stage of the cinema "Sary-ARKA" in Alma-ATA and greets with the leading theme nights "With a camera in fights."

Smirnov sitting on the stage behind the tables, the host tells the audience about the combat and career of cameraman.

Smirnov answers the questions leading.

Smirnov meeting with a colleague.

On stage the cameramen and Directors E. I. Fike, I. A. Cicloferon.

Cicloferon, Fike, Smirnov and other members of the evening sitting on the stage behind the table.

The representative of the operator of the shop speech.

The awarding veterans friendly cartoons, Fike, Cicloferon and Smirnov show cartoons to the audience.

Children handed flowers to the cameramen.

The audience applauded.

The participants of the meeting down from the stage.

Cicloferon enters the scene, greets the master.

Host of the evening is Chichevatov the audience, listening Cicloferon leading.

Meeting Chichevatov with the fellow appeared on the scene, both sit down at the table.

Cicloferon and his companion get up and leave the stage in the hall.

E. I. Fike takes the stage, greets the master.

Leading tells about combat and creative way Fica.

Fike gets up, shakes hands leading.

Exit the stage and the presentation of another participant of the evening.

Faces of the audience.

View of the cinema "Sary-ARKA".

The poster with the title of the movie night "With the camera in fights", Cicloferon, Smirnov, Fike and other participants in the evening standing at the entrance to the cinema and talk with the soldiers.

Faces of the soldiers and frontline cameramen during the conversation.

View of the front of the theater, the attendees stand at the entrance, Smirnov is interviewed.

Face Smirnova, Fica, Chichevatov conversing with the soldiers.

Logos movie nights on the curtain stage theater.

The presenter announces into the microphone of the early evening.

Panorama of the auditorium.


Cicloferon Ivan -- the cameraman, documentary filmmaker
Smirnov Yakov Konstantinovich-cinematographer, documentary filmmaker
Fike Emir Ibrahimovic-filmmaker







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