World War II in the Balkans (1941-1944)

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Scene №1 World War II in the Balkans

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A solemn procession in Sofia in September 1944, after the victory of the revolution in Bulgaria.

Those who came to the city of partisans and servicemen who went over to the side of the people.

Guerrilla unit on the march.

Removal of the wounded partisan from the battlefield.

Soldier of the Bulgarian government army in the ranks on the streets of the city.

Guerrilla columns during a march through the mountains.

Light tank slides off the road.

The fall of the armored vehicle into the height of the mountain river.

Transportation of the wounded partisans on mules, carts and on foot, guerrillas are on the street along the smoking buildings.

The funeral of the dead partisans, relatives cry at the tombs.

Guerrilla units on the march in the mountains.

Those partisans.

Sofia residents welcome deputies.

Tsar Boris III welcomes German diplomats.

Bulgarian Prime Minister B. Filov signs an agreement with Germany on joining the Anti-Comintern Pact on March 1, 1941.


Boris III of Saxe-Coburg-Gothic - Bulgarian Tsar Filov Bogdan Dimitrov - Bulgarian statesman and political figure, archeologist, art historian

Calendar: 1941-1944

Locations: Sofia Bulgaria Yugoslavia

Seasons: Summer Autumn

Scene №2

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International partisan detachment on the march.

Tsar Boris III rides around the troops.

Tsar Boris III and A. Hitler leave the building after the end of the negotiations.

Partisans during a political conversation at the hut.

Partisans in a camp in the mountains.

Tsar Boris III greets the officers standing in the ranks.

Views of the streets of Sofia, a German tank at the building of "Radio Sofia".

Photos of the executions of Bulgarian communist underground workers.

People enter the building of a real school in one of the cities of Bulgaria.

Partisans before the start of the next transition in the mountains.

Partisans drop an artillery piece from a cliff before retreating into the mountains.

Ludina on the streets of Sofia in September 1944.

Voting at the polling station.

Voting in a military unit.

A holiday in a Bulgarian village.

The face of a veteran of the Bulgarian army-a participant in the First World War.

People come out of the building, above the entrance hangs a portrait of G. M. Dimitrov.

Holiday feast in a Bulgarian village, people dance, drink raki.

Residents of Sofia meet the Red Army.

A partisan unit before retreating to the mountains.

Partisans on the march.

Partisan cemetery.

Mountain landscapes.

The general speaks at a rally during a meeting of veterans.

Veterans at the battlefields in the mountains.

View of the mountain valley, Balkan landscapes.

The partisans are fighting.

Explosion of a railway bridge with a military train.

Balkan landscapes, panorama of a mountain village.

A tractor with a trailer loaded with hay drives past a memorial in honor of Soviet soldiers in the first half of the 1970s.

Partisans before the start of the march.

Monument to Soviet soldiers in Bulgaria.


Boris III of Saxe-Coburg-Gothic - Bulgarian Tsar Adolf Hitler - German statesman and political figure

Calendar: 1941 1944 1973

Locations: Sofia Bulgaria Yugoslavia

Seasons: Summer Autumn

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