Soviet cinema (1943-1984)

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Scene №1 Soviet cinema

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Portraits of the writer Mukhtar Auezov and director George Tovstonogov.

Fragments of the movie "Kotovsky".

Filming with a camera mounted in a moving car.

The face of the film director Begalin M.S.

Part of the workflow at the film studio.

Panorama of the film studio "Kazakhfilm".

Actor Kozhamkulov S. speaks at a studio meeting of the studio, sitting next to S. Aymanov.

Newsreel, shot at the studio: meeting Kunaev DA and Brezhnev L.I. at the airport, Brezhnev presented with bread and salt.

Brezhnev and Kunayev with bouquets of flowers.

Film director M. Abuseitova in the viewing room.

Sound engineers at work.

Employees of the studio are considering a book of memoirs of one of the veterans of Kazakh cinema.

Fragment of a creative evening of one of the studio workers.




Aimanov speaks at a rally on the occasion of the opening at the Kazakhfilm studio of plaques in honor of S.M. Eisenstein and V.I. Pudovkina, here - L. Kulidzhanov.

View of the memorial plaque, the protesters applauded.

Speaker Kulidzhanov.

The working moment of shooting the movie "Ivan the Terrible" in Alma-Ata in 1943.

Cameramen are shooting, actor N.K. is standing next to the camera.


The face of Eisenstein.

Shooting one of the scenes of the film.

The face of Eisenstein.

Eisenstein with members of the film crew during a walk in the vicinity of Almaty, meeting with local residents.

Occupation in the dancing circle.

Infantry and tanks of the Red Army go on the attack during the offensive in 1944.

The building of the Central United Film Studio in Almaty during the Great Patriotic War, a sign on the building.

Studio staff go to work, the actors come out of the doors in historical costumes.

Eisenstein reflects, sitting at the table.

Workflows at the Kazakhfilm studio in the early 1980s.

Rewarding studio staff during one of the celebrations.

Working moments shooting one of the movies.

Young actors correct their makeup.


Begalin Mazhit Sapargalievich - Kazakh film director, actor, screenwriter Aimanov Shaken Kenzhetaevich - Kazakh actor, director of theater and cinema Kozhamkulov Seraly - Kazakh theater and film actor Kunaev Dinmukhamed Akhmedovich - Kazakh statesman and political figure Leonid Brezhnev - state and political figure Abuseitova Mayra Bekzhumanovna - Kazakh actress, film director Kulidzhanov Lev Aleksandrovich - film director, screenwriter public figure Cherkasov Nikolai Konstantinovich - theater and film actor Sergei Eisenstein - theater and film director, screenwriter, teacher

Calendar: 1943 1944 1980-1984

Locations: Alma ata Kazakhstan

Seasons: Summer

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