Achievements of Soviet Kazakhstan. (1939 - 1940)

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Scene №1 Achievements of Soviet Kazakhstan

Kazakh riding a camel.

The delegates of one of the congresses of the CPSU (b) in the meeting room.

Removal of copper ore from the mine by rail.

Female dispatcher at the control of trolleys.

Inside view of the part of the factory shop, the production process of flotation.

The foreman, the foremost Tampiev, passes by the working units, checks their work.

Master shop Mukushev at work.

Internal view of the workshop and working machines (above).

Types of industrial enterprise for the enrichment of copper ore.








Scene №2

Steppe landscape.

Milking cows, milk pours into the hearth.

Harvesting wheat harvesters.

Harvesting of various crops, vegetables and fruits on the collective farms of the Kazakh SSR.

The face of the girl.

Panorama of the national toya in honor of the high rates of harvest in one of the collective farms of the Merkensky region of Kazakhstan.

Horse races during the collective farm holiday, people applaud the winners.

Cooking treats for a festive toya on the collective farm.

The Kazakh folk instruments orchestra performs in front of the collective farmers.

Girls carry trays with treats and samovars during the national toya.

Музыканты во время тоя играют на домбрах.

The performance of the orchestra before the collective farmers.

Speech dancer, the faces of the audience.

The singer performs Kazakh folk songs accompanied by an orchestra of string instruments, the audience applauded.

Leaves a rider with a dombra in his hands, begins to play and sing, people listen to his performance.

View of one of the squares of Almaty.

Saleswoman of flowers in a street kiosk.

A man buys a bunch of flowers, sniffs it and gives the girl playing at the fountain a kind of fountain.

Pass the participants of the festive procession, the faces of the audience.

The doors of the school are opening, children with briefcases run out onto the street.

View of the school building.

Those students of the Kazakh State University.


A sign with the name at the entrance to the building of the university.

Type of university building.

The streets of Alma-Ata in the evening, passing cars.

People go to the theater.

Car traffic on one of the city streets in the evening.

Construction of an irrigation canal.

Collective farmers harvest.

Молотьба зерна на колхозном току.

Agronomists and the chairman of the collective farm check the quality of the grain of the new crop.

Harvesting with a combine.

The face of the combine.

Grain poured from the sleeves of the combine.

Combine at the helm.

Type of field during harvest.

Зерно в бункере комбайна.

Collective farmers are working on grain.

Types of streets and squares of Almaty.

A bus is going along the street.

passengers in the cabin of the bus.




Alma ata



Towns and countries; Agriculture; Culture and Arts