Kazakhstan in the 1920s-1930s. (1925 - 1935)

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Scene №1 Kazakhstan in the 1920s-1930s

The men sit at the entrance to the yurt, one of them takes off his shoes before entering.

A hunter with a falcon on the river.

He speaks at a rally.

Sheet of the newspaper, published in 1925 in Kazakhstan.

Herds of camel horses in the steppe.

Taming a young stallion taken from a herd.

Women at the yurt spin wool and weave carpets.

Manufacture of woolen fabrics by hand.

Herders listen to the collective farm agitator, the faces of people, a cow in a pasture.







Agriculture; Policy

Scene №2

View of the village, the horse stands at the yurt, a collective farmer leads a cow to a public herd in 1930.

The text of the act of surrender surplus livestock.

Collective farmers on horseback drive through the ford of flocks of sheep and cows to the point of surplus livestock.

Collective farmers lead cattle for delivery points.

The farmers go astride the fair.

Collective farmers inspect the new plow.

Taming and dressing a young stallion from the herd.

Flock of sheep on grazing.

A sign procurement point for acceptance of small and large livestock.

Cattle on the procurement point.

Weighing cattle on scales.

Loading meat carcasses on the cart.

Flocks of sheep in the pasture.

Map of Kazakhstan on the background of the water flow.

Herds of cows and sheep in the pasture.

A woman spins wool while sitting by a yurt.

Collective farmers, herders during the holiday.

Meeting cars with local management.

The faces of women.

Presentation of the State Act collective farmers in the eternal use of land.

Start horse racing.

View of the treadmill racetrack.

Red Army Cavalier brushing his teeth.

Red Army caring for horses.

Machine gun crew during exercises.

Cavalry unit enters a conditionally contaminated area.

Cavalrymen wear gas masks on themselves and horses.

Collective farm flock of sheep driven into the steppe.

Sheep drink from the brook.

A truck with people in the back rides on the deep sand.

Loading barrels of fuel in trucks at the railroad tracks.

Unloading scaffolding from railway platforms.

The camel caravan moves across the steppe.

Loading barrels of fuel in trucks.

Log unloading.







Agriculture; Policy; Army; Holidays

Scene №3

Views of the Irtysh River.

Coastal landscape.

Mountain landscapes in Irtysh.

Swaying feather grass in the steppe.

Shepherds on horseback drive herds of sheep.

Type of water flow.

View of the arch of the General Staff in Leningrad.

Mullah makes namaz.

View of the dome of the Orthodox church.

Runs water stream.

Fishermen on the Irtysh pull network.

Spikes bend in the wind.







Geography and Nature; Agriculture

Scene №4

Steppe landscape, a camel grazes in the distance.

Decoration in the form of a double-headed eagle on the font of the building.

Steppe landscape.

A man rides a donkey.

Women around the campfire in the steppe.

He speaks at a rally.

Collective farmers are going on a holiday, riding horses and camels.







Geography and Nature; Holidays