The USSR-Campuchea: a Visit of Friendship.. (1980)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Bobrov G.


About the first visit of the Governmental Delegation of the United Front of the National Salvation and People's-RevolutionaryCouncil of the Kampuchea Republic led by Heng Samrin to the USSR.

Foreign policy


Temporary description

Stay in the Soviet government delegation Kampuchea: a meeting at the airport, reception at the Kremlin, Leonid Brezhnev, the laying of wreaths at the Lenin Mausoleum and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, a visit to the Lenin Komsomol Automobile Plant. The stay of the delegation in Leningrad: visit Smolny, the cruiser "Aurora", a meeting with veterans of the revolution lay a wreath at Piskarevsky, visit the Hermitage. Stay of the delegation in Tbilisi: a meeting with the leaders of the republic of Georgia, visit an agricultural exhibition, the Palace of Pioneers. Stay of the delegation in Baku: city tour, meeting with leaders of Azerbaijan, visit the memorial 26 Baku commissars. Meeting in the House of Friendship with the Peoples of foreign countries in Moscow. Speech Heng Samrin (synchronously). Signing in the Kremlin, the Soviet-Cambodian instruments.

Reel №1

In Moscow in February 1980 at the invitation of the CPSU Central Committee, the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet and the USSR Council of Ministers on an official goodwill visit delegation United Front for National Salvation and the People's Revolutionary Council of the People's Republic of Kampuchea, led by Heng Samrin.

The Kremlin, Moscow.

The members of the Soviet government at the airport.

Plane taxis.

Out of the plane, the delegation of Kampuchea, greeted with LI Brezhnev.

The delegation also met with Foreign Minister AA Gromyko, First Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR NA Tikhonov, Soviet Defense Minister, Marshal of the Soviet Union DF Ustinov.

Children presented flowers to members of the Soviet government and the visitors from Kampuchea.

Guests are greeted with flowers and.

Soldiers are standing with the banner.

LI Brezhnev and Heng Samrin salute (sound hymns).

Soldiers stand guard of honor.

Flags of the Soviet Union and Cambodia.

Troops are stationed a guard of honor.

Military band played the national anthem.

LI Brezhnev and Heng Samrin troops bypass the guard of honor.

People waving flags.

Heng Samrin welcomes people.

The Moscow street rides honorary escort.

The Kremlin, Moscow.

LI Brezhnev welcomed Heng Samrin and other members of the delegation of Kampuchea in the Kremlin.

The negotiators sit down at the table.

On the Soviet side in the negotiations involved LI Brezhnev, AA Gromyko, NA Tikhonov, DF Ustinov, and other officials.

On the Cambodian side in the negotiations involved the Chairman of the Central United Front for National Salvation, Chairman of the People's Revolutionary Council of Heng Samrin, Vice-President, Minister of National Defence, Chief of the People's Revolutionary Army Pen Sovan, Minister Hun Sen, Keo Chanda and others, Ambassador to the USSR Prasat Keo.

The Kremlin, Moscow.

Bolshoi Theatre.

Gorky Street.

Kalinin Prospekt.

Arc de Triomphe.

Red Square.

People go to the Mausoleum of VI Lenin.

The Kremlin wall, Lenin's Mausoleum.

Guests of Kampuchea lay a wreath at the Lenin Mausoleum.

The eternal flame at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Cambodian delegation lays a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

The Eternal Fire.

The museum building VI Lenin.

Guests from Cambodia enter the hall of the museum.

Sculpture VI Lenin.


Look away.

Stands museum with pictures and documents.

The museum gives guests a bust of VI Lenin.

Guests of Kampuchea go on shop AZLK and applauding workers.

On the conveyor moves the car.

Cars on the conveyor.

Working girl working working.

Factory workers at the meeting welcomed the Cambodian guests.

Guests of Kampuchea applauding on the podium.

A speech at a rally in favor t.

Pen Sovan.

Listening workers.

Transparency, welcomed the guests.

Camera & kinokorrespondenty.

The workers applaud.

Guests of Kampuchea presented souvenirs.


Wing aircraft.


Monument to Peter the Great.

Nevsky Prospect.

Arch of the Winter Palace.

The building of the Smolny.

Monument VI Lenin in front of the Smolny.

Hall of Smolny, the delegation of Kampuchea.

Portrait VI Lenin on the wall of the hall.

Scheme, and documents on the wall in the apartment-museum VI Lenin in Smolny.

Members of the delegation of the apartment-museum.

The museum exhibits: armchairs, sofa, table.

Desk VI Lenin.

Look away.

The cruiser "Aurora".

Guests enter on the cruiser.

Cannon and flag on the "Aurora".

Plaque with the inscription on the gun cruiser.

Looks Heng Samrin, commander of the cruiser.


Meeting members of the delegation with the veterans of the revolution.

Sit veterans of the revolution.

Chairperson of the Board of Veterans t.


Acts Pen Sovan listening.

The meeting participants applauded.


Isaac's Cathedral.

Rides honorary escort.

Cambodia receives a delegation member of the Politburo, the first secretary of the Leningrad party GV Novels; lead the conversation.

Cambodian delegation on a tour of the country was accompanied by PG Gilashvili, Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR PG Gilashvili.

Reel №2



Nevsky Prospect.

On the bridge there are people, St.

Isaac's Cathedral.

The eternal flame at Piskarevsky.

Wall with an inscription in Piskarevsky.

The bas-reliefs on the wall.

Along the line of soldiers sneaked wreath.

Sculpture of a woman at Piskarevsky.

Vozlogayut wreath.

Heng Samrin and Pen Sovan salute.


Trees, Neva Embankment.

Atlantis sculpture at the entrance to the Hermitage.

The members of the Cambodian delegation includes the Hermitage.

Paintings on the walls in the hall of the Hermitage.

Guests in the hall.


Monument - on horseback.

Ancient tower in Tbilisi.

Modern Tbilisi.

Modern building.



Cambodia receives delegation, First Secretary of the Communist Party of Georgia Eduard Shevardnadze and other leaders of the republic.

Camera & kinokorrespondenty.

The meeting participants are talking at the table.

Boys and girls in traditional costumes teaches guests flowers.

Guests of Kampuchea at the exhibits agricultural exhibition in Tbilisi.


Exhibits on the table.

Mechanism works.

Says the man.

Look away.

The delegation from Cambodia in Tbilisi Palace of Pioneers.

Persons girls.

Children's ensemble performs Georgian dance in the hall of the Palace of Pioneers.

Dancing boy.

Children dance.

The guests applauded.

Flags at the airport in Baku.

By plane down members of the Cambodian delegation.

Heng Samrin greeted by the First Secretary of the Communist Party of Azerbaijan, GA Aliyev.

GA Aliyev greeted with Pen popping.

Children teaches guests the flowers.

Guests pass by cheering their people.


The port city.

The city, the bay.

Guests at the observation deck in Baku.

Looks Heng Samrin.

Poster, greeting guests on the building.

The members of the Cambodian delegation at a reception at the GA Aliyev, lead the conversation.

GA Aliyev sends Cambodian guests carpet depicting VI Lenin.

Memorial 26 Baku commissars.

Soldiers carry wreaths and garlands at the monument and lay them.

Memorial 26 Baku commissars and the Eternal Flame.

Stand Heng Samrin and Pen Sovan.

Members of the delegation included in the room of the museum.

Photogazette in the museum.

Card, the front picture LI Brezhnev.

Newsreel 1941-1945: LI Brezhnev during the war.

Guests of Kampuchea in the port of Baku.

There is a ship.

General view of the Kremlin.

House of Friendship in Moscow.

Meeting Cambodian Guests society activists "USSR-Kampuchea."

Pioneer presents guests flowers.

Woman gives guests souvenirs - Misha.

Acts Heng Samrin.

People in the audience listening and applauding.

Press conference for Soviet and foreign journalists at the Foreign Ministry.

Listening journalists.

Hun Sen said.

The journalist writes, hands, face.


The ceremony of signing of the Soviet-Cambodian documents in the Kremlin.

Documents signed by LI Brezhnev and Heng Samrin; exchange documents.

Documents signed by AA Gromyko and Pen Sovan.

The document signed by NA Tikhonov.

Stand LI Brezhnev, AA Gromyko, MA Suslov, Heng Samrin and others.

Seeing the delegation of Kampuchea at the airport.

People waving flags.

Children presented flowers to members of the delegation.

LI Brezhnev and AA Gromyko say goodbye to the Cambodian friends.

Guests waving off the plane.

Moving aircraft.