Soldiers of the People. Soldiers of the World.. (1980)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kochetkov A. S.

Script writers: Gurkov G., Kochetkov A. S.

Operators: Baykov V., Gorbatskiy V., Kochetkov A. S., Lovkov V., Filatov I.

Anouncers: Kolychev U.


About the history of the Warsaw Agreement, goals and tasks of this military-political allience, which is supposed to protect conquests of the countries of the socialist allience.

World War II | International military organizations

History | Defense and internal security

Temporary description

1h. - Overflying aircraft, dropped paratroopers. Passes through the tank with soldiers. Chronicle: the ruined city, destroyed the gun sitting on a German soldier. Refugees are returning home, destroyed Budapest. Paris (withdrawn from the Eiffel Tower). Chronicle: returning residents of Czechoslovakia, the Potsdam Conference. Passes de Gaulle. 2h. - Chronicle: Meeting the soldiers at the station, the ruined factory, burned the village, the men plow the land with oxen, say, Winston Churchill, Truman, atomic bomb, the police dispersed the demonstration, an aircraft carrier at sea. Our people welcome volunteers virgin soil. Pass generals Layzenger, Speidel, soldiers of the Bundeswehr. Chronicle: NATO meeting, Marshal Konev. The building of the Dresden Gallery. 3h. - Maneuvers. Passing tanks, pontoon bridge across the river, the command post. Military ship in the sea. The soldiers on maneuvers. Chronicle: Soldiers from the Reichstag and the Red Square. Defense ministers of Bulgaria-Jura, GDR-Hoffmann, Poland, Jaruzelski, Romania - Coman, Czechoslovakia - Dzur. 4h. - Demonstration. Chronicle: children in a concentration camp, Eisenhower accompanying. Piskarevsky. Monument to Soviet soldiers in Berlin. 5h. - Dancing Soviet sailor. The young man plays the guitar. Cruise missile's getting. Representatives of the Warsaw Pact at a meeting of the Political Consultative Committee. Meeting of the NATO session. 6h. - Meeting. Racing on the platforms. Chronicle: Lenin looks, looks Zhukov. Moscow.

Reel №1

Leonid Brezhnev's words about peace policy and an inscription: “we devote our film to the 25-thanniversary of the organization of the Warsaw pact“.

Going down, parachuters are jumping out of the plane.

A plane is flying by.

A tank is descending on a parachute.

Soldiers are opening the hatch, speaking by a portable radio set; the tank with soldiers is passing.

A panorama of a tank passing at a field.

Newsreel of 1945:

A soldier is standing in the car at a window.

A destroyed city.

Chimneys of Khatyn.

In an European city Marshal Konev and other militaries are passing.

German soldiers are sitting; the tank is burning.

Refugees are coming back home (to different cities and countries).

Destructions after the Second World War.

A panorama of a document produced on the Nuremberg process.

People at corpses of inhabitants of Rostov-on-Don killed by Germans, crying at the bodies of their dead relatives; a killed boy with a pigeon in his hand.

Hitlerite military leaders I.Ribbentrop, G.Gering, V.Kejtel' are sitting.

The Soviet soldiers are distributing bread, eating with children.

Modern buildings and ones left from the war in Berlin; people are passing.

The square of Berlin with a television tower.


The soldier is writing "Budapest" on the tablet; inhabitants of Budapest are coming back; the destroyed Budapest; burning house are falling.


Arch of a house.

A panorama of building, a monument.

A man is carrying a child.

The reporting in the streets.



A panorama of inhabitants assorting destructions; soldiers are pulling the cable.


Military men are passing along the street.


Paris - taken from Tour d'Eiffel.

Cathedral Notre Dam de Paris, people in the square.

Newsreel of 1941-1945:


Protective boards are being removed from sculptures; transporting a sculpture of a horse.

Leningrad, St.

Isaac cathedral.

Sculptures, people in the street of the European city.


People are clearing a roadway away; transferring the wounded, the destroyed clock on a building.

Inhabitants of Czechoslovakia are coming back home.

The Soviet soldiers in Prague.


A clock with moving figures on a tower (Prague or Munich).

A panorama of tourists looking.

A man with a flag is riding a bicycle; the vehicle with bags is going; an inscription "France".

The Potsdam conference; G. Truman, I. Stalin and other Soviet representatives; a photo and film-documents at conference.

A panorama of the hall where the Potsdam conference was held, a table with tags, a photo on a wall.

Post-war Western Europe: people in the street, standing with bicycles.

The military engineering, tanks are passing along the street.

U. Churchill among people, waving a hat.

Exulting on the occasion of the victory over fascism the French in streets and squares.

Cars are passing.

Charles de Goll and other military leaders are passing among exulting people.

Reel №2

Newsreel of 1945:

Meeting the soldiers in the USA: the steamship is approaching a mooring, women are welcoming, embracing a soldier.

Meeting Soviet soldiers at the Byelorussian station.

Rooks on a tree.

A panorama of an overgrown entrenchment, a helmet.

Burnt columns, trees; a destroyed factory.

Destroyed Dnieper hydroelectric power station; women at the reconstruction of the Dnieper hydroelectric power station, water rages.

A burned down village, the woman at the scorched furnace.

A broken weapon.

Manually sowing; ploughing with oxes.

A woman is carrying water in buckets; a man is carrying a violoncello; women are leaving the broken German plane, raking up the trophy weapon; men are repairing railway lines; a platform with scrap metal is passing.

In Fulton they are awarding and congratulating U. Churchill; U. Churchill is acting with speech.

Prisoners of a concentration camp behind a barbed wire.

The military ship.

Newsreel of 1949:

Ceremony of signing of the North Atlantic Pact (April, 4): militaries are standing, Sharle de Goll and others are passing; the pact in German; on behalf of USA the Pact is ratified by President Harry Trumen, G.Trumen is acting, showing the document.

Anti-war meeting, an orator is acting.

Policemen are dispersing demonstrators; some blood on the sidewalk.

The American tanks are standing and passing.

Soldiers are standing and passing; the American flag is fluttering.

Planes are flying, the pilot in the cabin.

Aircraft carrier in the sea; the plane is landing to the aircraft carrier, the traffic controller is waving.

Map of the world, images of military planes are being aimed to the territory of Soviet Union.

The “Pravda” ["Truth"] newspaper of 1954.

The virgin lands pioneers going in a train; the train is approaching the platform, people are meeting.

The hero of Socialist Work, virgin lands pioneer L.M.Kartauzov with the son is passing at a field.

A tractor is passing.

People are going with staff, virgin lands pioneers are unloading machines, heating themselves at a fire.

A panorama of the newspaper with the note of the Soviet government about an opportunity of participation of the USSR in the North Atlantic pact.

A photo of the virgin lands pioneers in the newspaper.

Work and life of virgin lands pioneers.

Photo of German General A.Hoizenger, who had destroyed the Soviet guerrilla, and other generals.

Documents “the memorandum about “preventive attack” in the East”.

Houses are burning, a woman with the child is running.

A. Hojzenger and other German military leaders are passing.

“Shtulpnagel code” about execution of 29 thousand French hostages.

A panorama of Tour d'Eiffel.

General G. Shpeidel' on East front is sitting in the car.

German soldiers are running; the railroad tracks are blowing up; the hardware is falling.

Participants of the Parisian agreements are standing.

Soldiers of the Bundeswehr are passing.

The flag of the NATO (North Atlantic Alliance) is fluttering.

The first chancellor of Germany Kadenauer.

Session of the NATO.

Soldiers are sitting in the plane; a parachuter is jumping out of the plane.

Map of military bases (with an inscription in foreign language).

The Warsaw Pact.

Newsreel of 1955:

Session of advisory Committee of the Warsaw Pact.

Building, flags of the countries of the Warsaw Pact flutter.

The commander-in-chief of the Incorporated Armed forces of the Pact the marshal of Soviet Union I.S.Konev is signing a document.

Trees and a tunnel in a place of Gross - Kotta where the pictures of the Dresden gallery were found.

A panorama of a picture of Rembrandt.

A Rafael’s picture “Sistine Madonna“.


A panorama of the building of the Dresden gallery.

A panorama of destroyed Dresden.


The Soviet soldiers coming to a building.,

Reel №3

The building of the Dresden Gallery, the people in front of - MS.

The inscription on the building: "The Museum is checked, no minutes, checking Hanutin» - CU.

Kinohronika1945 city:

Soviet soldiers enter the liberated city (Dresden?), Pass to the banner, the people welcomed.

The area of ​​the European city, the people in the area - MS., PNRM.

Woman and child feeding pigeons - CU.

The maneuvers of the Warsaw (the doctrine "Neman"?): Flying a helicopter, shoot guns - LS. (Helicopter).

Pilots in the cockpit - MS., PNRM.

On the bridge passing tanks - MS., PNRM.

Framing plans: fly a jet plane, a command post, passing tanks, rocket launcher, soldier's face (the Warsaw Pact).

Tanks pass on a pontoon bridge - LS. (Helicopter).

Command post - different.

Standing and smiling soldiers from different countries - CU., PNRM.

Bulgarian village of Gaya in the Rhodope Mountains under the Plovdiv - LS.

Seeing the army recruits, people dancing - MS., CU.

Mother of conscripts - MS.

Old men and women - CU.

The soldier's face - CU., PNRM.

Passing tanks - MS.; Regulator at work - CU.

The plane was taxiing on the airfield - MS.

The pilot in the mask - CU.

Framing plans: soldiers in the optical sight, a warship in the sea, the soldier down the rope, locator, the soldiers of the card, the soldier puts projectile pass pilots.

Said the officer - CU.

The headquarters building of the United Armed Forces bloc.

The meeting at the headquarters, sitting war ministers - LS., MS.

Soldiers on maneuvers, they explain the problem - MS., PNRM., In training - spinning in a centrifuge, jump - MS., CU.

Soldiers (foreigners) collect parachute - MS.

The tanks on the train platform - LS.

Running and resting soldiers of different ages - different.

Talk allied commander Warsaw Pact Marshal VG Kulikov and Chief of Staff of the Joint Armed Forces, Army General AI Gribkov - CU.

("Shield-79", Hungary?)


Flying birds, the poster "The Motherland Calls", are soldiers, and the airplane is flying, shooting, destruction, explosions, Leonid Brezhnev at the front, soldiers sit, listen, in the trenches, gun, destroyed the Reichstag building and the other buildings, the white flags windows, dancing Russian soldier, soldiers at the Reichstag.

Soldiers on Red Square throw German flags.

The pilot in the cockpit - CU., PNRM.

During the maneuver the plane fly over the land and the water - LS. (The plane).

Tanks on pontoons - LS., PNRM.

Minister of Defense, Marshal Dmitri Ustinov in exercises (Hungary?).


Shop factory, production of tanks, train rides with tanks.

Elated after winning the people of Bulgaria, D. Djurov among the people.

Men pulling the rope.

Ruined Budapest (the top point).

Newsreel 30's.:


Fleeing soldiers, the flag, the soldiers swear stand with rifles.

Passing car on the street with a gun.

Soldiers talk to local residents.

Czech soldiers in the train.

Ministers: the People's Defense of Bulgaria - the good, Djourou, Hungarian Defence - Lajos Tsinige, National Defense GDR - Heinz Hoffmann, National Defence of Poland - Wojciech Jaruzelski, the National Defense of Romania - Ion Coman, National Defense Czechoslovakia - Martin Dzur.

The soldiers set the pontoon bridge, follow the machine; disclosed pontoon bridge ("Shield-79») - MS., CU.

Framing plans: the tanks pass through the fire, the soldiers shoot, shooting guns, planes in the sky, a ship at sea, the sailors on the ship, the soldiers, the rocket takes off.

Reel №4

Command post at the maneuvers.

Helicopters are flying.

An officer is shooting from flare pistol.

Soldiers are running.

A panorama of helicopters, jet planes are flying.

The Earth from the overturned plane.

Soldiers at calculations.

A panorama of a locator.

A pilot is going at an air station.

A panorama of neon advertising.

The man with the weapon.

Posters of films.

Anti-war demonstrations.

A panorama of a tank floating on water, passing on the bridge.

Soldiers are going in an armored troop-carrier, in the machine, running.

A woman is talking to the murderer.

Planes are taking off from an aircraft carrier.

Nuclear explosion.

The retired general of the Air Forces of the USA Tibbets, who performed the bombardment of Hiroshima, is speaking.

Japanese women are beating in a bell, praying, crying, and putting candles.

The eternal fire.

Relatives are meeting after the war.

The document with a photo of the boy.

Children in a concentration camp are showing hands with tattoos.

Training of participants of sports club in Bavaria: a soldier is going on soldiers lying on the ground.

German newspaper "National Zaitung".

Soldiers are bringing a boundary column down, the column is laying.

A woman is scattering flowers, people welcomes Hitler, passing in the machine.

The building are falling, ruins.

General Duajt Ejzenhauer and persons accompanying him are passing on the ruins.

Destroyed Warsaw.

The tombstone, the officer is laying flowers on a tomb.

Cosmonaut P. Klichuk at a tomb of his father.

Piskarevskoe cemetery in Leningrad, people at the cemetery.

Tombstones, photo of a scout A.V. Borisov on a tree.

A panorama of the Soviet officers laying flowers on the tombstones.

Newsreel of 1941-1945:

A grain field is on fire; people are tying up the wounded; soldiers in an entrenchment, a woman near killed, a dead woman is being carried with a child.

Planes are flying; a plane is falling; a ship is sinking; antiaircraft guns are shooting; people are boarding onto a ship.

Soldiers on a halt, having a rest; building a ferry.

A panorama of the former pilot, the gentleman of the supreme award of British Empire, the Hero of Soviet Union Zakhar Sorokin on square with a little grandson.

Young Z.Sorokin's photo.

Monument to the Soviet soldier in Treptov-park in Berlin.

Other monuments to the Soviet soldiers in Europe.

Reel №5


The opening of the monument to Soviet soldiers in Vienna and are laying wreaths and says the mayor.

Correspondent interviews the young people (simultaneously in English) - CU.

Carousel, and ride people - MS.

The Eiffel Tower in Paris - MS., PNRM.

Stand and dance Soviet sailors - MS., CU., PNRM.

People applauding - MS., PNRM.

Report on the streets of European cities passers of flowers - different.

Cologne Cathedral, the statue - LS.

Bridges, dome - LS.

Street musicians playing guitars - CU., LS.

Party and Komsomol tickets Soviet soldiers punched and covered with blood - CU.


Children riding on a military spotlight.

Ration coupons siege of Leningrad by 5 g butter, 10 g sugar, 50 g of bread.

Airplane is flying the plane and down the rocket separated.

Dress foreign soldiers, soldiers with guns.

Woman crying.

Framing plans: radar, plane flies, face pilot, the aircraft was taxiing.

Meeting of the Political Consultative Committee of the Warsaw Pact (in Moscow).

Brezhnev, A. Kalinin, from Bulgaria, Hungary, East Germany, Poland, Romania, Czechoslovakia.

Night anti-war demonstration (in France), is a woman, people screaming, women go with a sign on his chest, the former inmates of concentration camps, people with children.

Earth (filmed from space) - MS.

A meeting of Soviet and American astronauts in orbit after docking - CU.

Newsreel 1945:

A meeting of Soviet and American troops on the Elbe.

Emblem of "Apollo-Soyuz» - CU.

Earth from a helicopter - LS.

Smiling woman holding a child - CU., PNRM.

The girl feeds the birds in hand - MS., PNRM.

The streets of Vienna, the traders - MS., CU.

Leonid Brezhnev and J. Carter signed an agreement on strategic arms limitation.

On the streets of Brussels are police - MS., PNRM. the building.

The decoration in honor of Christmas streets and buildings - MS., LS., PNRM.

NATO building, waving flags - CU., MS.

NATO forces: rising flag on a ship, aircraft are at the airport, fly, drive up the rocket device, rocket takes off, the plane lands on an aircraft carrier.

Meeting of the NATO Council session (December 1979).

Foreign newspapers are - different.

Soviet paratroopers in the plane - different.

Pilots in the cockpit - MS., PNRM.

Legs of soldiers running to the aircraft - CU., PNRM.

Reel №6

Commandoes are jumping out of a plane, in air.

The plane is flying, a tank is descending on parachutes.

Tanks go on the induced ferry.

Command post.

Officers are watching the ferry.

Soldiers are standing, passing, listening.

Marshal V.G. Kulikov (maneuvers "Board - 79").

Meeting on the occasion of a conclusion of the Soviet armies and military engineering from territory of GDR: the orchestra is playing, people with tags.

A panorama of the Soviet soldiers standing with ties tied by German children.

Flags of the USSR and GDR are fluttering.

Soldiers are fixing tanks on platforms.

The general is saying goodbye to soldiers.

A panorama of a train with tanks that are driving off a platform, moving.


The decree of the Council of National Commissioners.

Workers are reading the document.

A tank is passing.

Soldiers of Red army are standing, passing on the Red square.

Vladimir Lenin is looking.

A brass band is playing.

The poster: “Ty zapisalsya dobrovol’tsem?” [“Have you registered as a volunteer?”].

A broken gun.

A panorama of tankmen standing.

The sky with clouds.

Birch forest.

A panorama of Moscow, the Kremlin.