Wqe Protect Our Land From War.. (1980)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Voroncov A.

Script writers: Gurkov G., Kochetkov A. S.

Operators: Baykov V., Voinov O., Goncharov A., Gorbatskiy V., Karpov A., Kochetkov A. S., Orlov U., Filatov I.

Anouncers: Kolychev U.


By request of the Gosteleradio [State Committee on Tele-and Radio Broadcasting]. The film is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Warsaw Treaty signing.

World War II | International military organizations

History | Defense and internal security

Reel №1

Watches with an angel sculpture with moving figures of the apostles in a European country - CU. (Removed from the left).

Watching a woman and a boy - CU.

Watching people - CU., MS.

Rides the bus advertising - CU.

People on the streets of European cities - MS., Different.

A soldier with a child walking in the park - MS. (Zoom).

Children sit on a tank - MS. , PNRM.

Children with a tank, a soldier - CU., MS.

First grader girl with flowers - CU.

Boy in helmet tanker - CU.

Military presented bread and salt - MS.

Sun - MS. , Departure to the aircraft stand at the airport - MS.

Revolves locator - CU.

Are the pilots helmets - MS. , PNRM.

Pilot buttoning helmet - CU.

PNRM. from branches of a blossoming apple tree on rotating locator - CU.

Flying airplanes - MS.

War on the computational point - MS.

The military is on the phone - CU.

The arrow on the radar screen - CU.

The rocket on the ground - MS.

Soldiers draw the routes on a glass map - MS.

Soldiers at the radar screen speaks into the microphone - CU.


Tanker breaks in the tank - CU.

Tanker in the tank - CU.

Pilot in the cockpit of a fighter (on the ground) - CU.

The rocket on the ground - CU.

Revolves locator - MS.

Newsreel 1945:

Soviet soldiers with the flag on the Reichstag, set the flag - MS.

Soldiers on the streets of Berlin, people of the area - MS., LS. , The people rejoice - LS.

Soviet soldier was presented with flowers, embrace it - CU., MS.

Soldiers with children - CU. , PNRM.

Newsreel 1945-1959 gg.:

The explosion of the atomic bomb - LS.

Moving the rocket launcher on the ship - MS., CU.

NATO generals are held - MS.

Rocket takes off from the water - MS.

NATO soldiers - MS.

NATO Treaty - CU. (Document).

NATO soldiers board the plane, the plane - LS.

The soldier looks out the window - CU.

Paratroopers jump out of an airplane (removed from the aircraft) - MS.

It should be the people on the street - MS.

PNRM. at the passing tanks.

NATO air bases (removed from the aircraft) - LS.

Plane lands - MS.

Waving soldiers - MS.

Map of the USSR aimed at NATO bases - CU.

Building in Warsaw - CU. , PNRM. the flags of countries of the Warsaw Pact - CU.

Turn the pages of the Warsaw Pact - CU.

General Moscow (filmed from a helicopter).

Flags of the countries of the Warsaw Pact - MS. , PNRM.

Meeting of the Political Consultative Committee, at the table, the meeting PAC - MS. , PNRM., Different.

Team lookout for exercises - MS. , PNRM.

On the river float tanks, go out of the water - LS., MS.

Flying airplanes - LS.

Spinning sky - CU. (Removed from the cockpit).

Observer Bulgarian Army - CU.

Hand turn the crank pickup guns - CU.

Gunner waving flag - CU.

Fires Gun - LS.

Jumping out of a helicopter Hungarian paratroopers - MS.

Soldiers jump off a cliff - LS.

Feet running on water soldiers - CU.

Sailing ships of the fleet of the GDR - MS.

Radioman - CU.

Revolves locator - CU.

Soldiers from the projectile - MS.

The explosion in the water - LS.

Polish Army paratroopers collect parachutes - MS.

Aircraft door opens - CU.

The aircraft fleeing soldiers - MS.

Paratroopers jump with parachutes, parachute down - MS.

Marines run across the field - LS. , PNRM.

In the mountains, fleeing soldiers Romanian Army (removed from the collisions) - MS.

Soldiers set mortar in the mountains (hitting), shoot a mortar - MS.

The soldier fires a machine gun - CU.

Explosion - MS.

A soldier runs out of the trench and shoot - CU., MS.

Obstacle course, fleeing soldiers - LS.

Flashing lights - CU.

Riding armored Soviet army - MS.

Are the tanks - LS.

Go on the field and are tanks - LS.

Enters the water tank - LS.

Command exercises at the table at the command post - MS.

Flying airplanes - LS. , PNRM.

Tank Fires - CU. , Shoot guns - LS.

Explosion - CU.

Lookout - LS. , PNRM.

Looks commander - CU. , PNRM. the speaker on the phone.

Commandos board the plane - LS.

The pilots in the cockpit - MS.

Soviet paratroopers in the plane - MS. , PNRM.

Troopers talk - CU.

Hand draws - CU. , Newspaper "Lightning» - CU.

Laughs paratrooper - CU.

The pilots in the cockpit - CU. , PNRM.

Skydivers jumping from an airplane - MS.

The hand presses the button - CU.

Plane falls out of the hatch tank (removed from the plane and outside) - CU.

Tank landing - LS.

Paratroopers in the air - LS.

Pilot in the cockpit of a fighter in a mask - CU.

From the aircraft fly rockets - MS.

Tanks on the shoot (filmed from an airplane) - LS.

Flying airplanes - MS. , Separated from the aircraft missiles - CU.

Explosion - LS. (Zoom).

Reel №2

Submarine - LS. (Filmed from a helicopter).

Deck submarine - CU.

The men walking down the stairs - MS. , PNRM.

Through the window shot submarine crew - LS.

The commander at the periscope - CU., MS.

Sailor at work - MS. , LS.

Through the compartment open sky - MS.

Pilots run to the aircraft - LS. , PNRM.

Takeoff - MS. , PNRM.

Warship - MS.

Flying projectile - LS. , PNRM.

Sailor at the device - CU.

Amphibious assault - LS. , PNRM.

Tankers on the tank - CU.

Soldiers talking with the commander - LS. , PNRM.

Soldiers sit - CU. , PNRM.

Moscow - LS. , PNRM. the top point.

Newsreel 1978:

Meeting of the Political Consultative Committee of the Warsaw Treaty - LS., Different.

Meeting in Berlin - MS. , PNRM.

Communication with the population of soldiers - MS. , PNRM., CU.

Soldiers with flowers in the car - LS.

PNRM. girls with the slogan - CU.

Acts Brezhnev - LS. (Synchronous) (withdrawn from the collisions).

Newsreel 1937 - 1959's.:

Footage chronicle, telling about the Great Patriotic War, the fight against fascism International Brigades in Spain, the struggle for freedom fascists across Europe.

Are the soldiers in the ranks - LS.

Soldiers kiss banner - MS.

Oath on the banner - MS. , Departure.

Are men with a banner - LS.

Farewell to the army in the Bulgarian village of Gaya under Plovdiv - LS. , PNRM.

They sit at the banquet table - LS.

Old woman's face - CU.

People dance, pass through the village - CU., MS.

Future soldiers escorted to the train station - LS.

Landscape - LS. , PNRM. (From the train).

Looking fighter - CU.

Training soldiers in the class - LS., CU.

A soldier writes in a notebook - CU.

Classes tank - CU., MS. , PNRM.

Soldier driving a harvester - CU.

Strewed grain - CU. , PNRM.

The field is pervotselinnik L. Kartauzov with grandson - MS. , PNRM.

Newsreel 1941-1944.:

The Siege of Leningrad - different.

Leningrad after the war - LS. , PNRM.

Street Leningrad - CU. , PNRM.

The field is pervotselinnik L. Kartauzov with grandson - LS. , PNRM.

Reel №3

Talking soldiers from different countries - CU. , PNRM.

Smiling soldier - CU.

The officers exchanged badges - MS. , PNRM.

The sailors on the ship, talk - LS., MS., CU.


Historical footage depicting the polar pilot Viktor Perov, raised to the sky combat aircraft from airports in Alaska.

U.S. workers and Britain sent military equipment to the Soviet Union.

Flags - CU. , PNRM.


Go NATO members - LS. , PNRM.

The regular session of the NATO Council - LS. , Impact.

NATO building - hitting (shot through the gate) - MS.

Foreign newspapers - CU. , Impact.

Zoom the map - CU.

Demonstrations in Western Europe - MS., CU. , PNRM.

PNRM. layout with bombs at the demonstrators - CU.

Monument to Soviet soldiers in Norway - LS.

PNRM. from the flowers to the inscription on the monument "brave Soviet soldiers in memory of the liberation of the city of Kirkenes in 1944» - CU.

Norwegian soldiers - MS. , PNRM.

PNRM. a monument to the flag - MS.

Monuments with the names of the victims - MS. , Impact.

Monuments in Khatyn - CU., MS. , Impact.

The monument - an old man with a baby - MS. , PNRM.

Monument - CU.

PNRM. a woman's face in his hands.

Laying flowers at the monument - MS.

Monument to Soviet soldiers in Berlin - CU. , Impact.

Monuments - LS. , PNRM.

The graves of dead soldiers - MS. , PNRM.

Tombstone - CU.

Inscription in a foreign language - CU.

Monument to Soviet parlementaire Ilya Ostapenko in Budapest - CU. , The departure (he was killed by the Nazis on the outskirts of Budapest).


Outskirts of Budapest - LS.

Killed envoy - MS.

Budapest - MS. , PNRM.

Monument parlementaire Hungarian Miklos Steinmetz - CU. , Departure.

Watching people - CU.

Area of ​​the city - LS. , PNRM.

Street of the city - MS.

Raining Steel - LS. , PNRM., CU.

Steelworker - CU.

The street is a woman with a child - MS. , PNRM.

Pass the boy with the girl - MS. , PNRM.

Pilots - CU. , PNRM.

PNRM. girl with a pigeon - CU.

Landscape - LS. (With motion).