Sport For Each and Every One.. (1980)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Opryshko A., Shvetsov S.

Script writers: Orlov G.

Operators: Kuzminskiy S., Marfel E., Petrosov R.


About the development of physical training and sport in Soviet country. By request of the Council of Soviet Societies of Friendship and Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries.


Temporary description

Lessons physical education in kindergarten, in schools, sports students in vocational schools, students of the Institute of Physical Culture, inmates of children's sports school, young soccer players, skiers, swimmers. Kuban, p Krasnoarmejskij. Classes are members of the rural equestrian school. Speech at the competitions in dressage world champion E. Karachev. City of Tashkent. Sports complex society "Labor Reserves. Training archers, rowers. City of Moscow. Production processes in the shops of the Moscow plant of the Lenin Komsomol. Sports festival factory team at the factory stadium. Of Riga. Training athletes women's basketball team. Krasnoyarsk. Champion of Siberia and the Far East in ski jumping on skis A. Smolentsev on classroom Krasnoyarsk Polytechnic Institute and during jumping. The city of Sochi. Traditional annual cycle race. V. Salnikov participating in swimming competitions. Coaching swimmers. The parade of athletes at the opening of the Games of the Soviet peoples.

Reel №1

Smiling girl - CU. , Girls in kindergarten play with dolls - MS.

PNRM. Accompanying with the piano educator on children engaged in jogging - LS. , A competition of children - climb over the stairs - MS. , Fans applaud children - MS.

Secondary school building - MS. The children at the school - MS.

Employment of children in the class - LS. , A girl raises her hand, goes to the board - MS., CU.

Pupils perform floor exercises in gym class - different. , A teacher with children perform gymnastic exercises - LS.

Pupils at the chemistry lesson - different.

Pupils are trained in the hall on the bar - different.

Girl doing exercises with hoops - MS.

Boys train on exercise equipment - different.

Trained gymnasts, basketball players - different.

Smiling children - CU.

Boy jumping from the tower basin water - MS.

Children jumping into the pool - MS.

Employment of children skiing under coach Ludmila Agranovskaya (Far East) - Various.

Training of young players at the school in society "Spartacus" in Moscow under the leadership of coach zaslezhennogo RSFSR, master of sports Parshin - different.; Parshin - CU.

PNRM. From the street to the building Institute of Physical Education - MS.

Students at a lecture in the auditorium of the Institute - MS.

Students are trained in the gym Institute - different.

Students in the classroom, electronic devices in the laboratory of the Institute - CU.; Student in an electronic device - MS. , PNRM.; Students in training - MS., CU.

Training children in the children's equestrian school in the village on the Red Army Kuban girl sitting on a horse standing next to the coach - MS.; Coach - CU. , On horseback galloping children overcome obstacles - LS., MS.; Triple pony rides - MS.

Children riding on the top three horses - MS.

Training of children riding in the indoor arena - LS.

Pass across the field on horseback riders - MS., CU.

Grazing horse with foal - CU.

Herd of horses - PNRM., LS., MS.

Former student of children's sports school - now the world champion and the Soviet Union Irina Karachev riding a horse - MS., LS.

Coach I. Karachev - MS. , I. Karachev trains under the guidance of coach - MS.

Awards I. Karachev - MS. , PNRM.

I. Karachev working behind a desk - CU.

Gong - MS.

I. Karachev speaking at events - MS.

Watching her daughter E. Petushkova - MS.

See the spectators - MS.

E. and I. Petushkova Karachev prepared with his coach J. Kalita a competition - MS.

Training athletes, water skiing in the resort area of ​​the Black Sea coast - different.

Coaching volleyball, spear-throwers, football - LS., MS.

Football field - filmed from a helicopter - LS.

The streets of

Tashkent with new modern buildings - MS. , PNRM. the fountain.

Fountains along the street are Uzbeks - MS.

Group of athletes is the street of Tashkent, enters the building society labor reserve - MS.

Trained female archer - MS., CU. , The target - CU.

Athletes train kayak - MS.

Coach talks to kayaker - MS.

Vocational school students at a lecture in a classroom - different.

Locomotive - CU.

Students take to the vocational train locomotive - MS. , Locomotive passes - MS.

Reel №2

Forest Landscape with the train - MS. (Summer).

Moscow factory shop small cars on the conveyor belt moving passenger cars - LS. , Vocational school graduates are having a mentor in the shop of the plant - LS. , A young working-build cars - MS. , Master of the guys at the car - MS. , PNRM., CU. , Garbage Anatoly Grigoryev gets in the car "Moskvich» - MS. , Hands on the steering wheel car - CU.; Automobile plant in the shop - MS.

Hope Bahromeeva works for building their own machines - CU., MS. And her girlfriend Irina Kokovkina also collects car - MS., CU.

Moscow Street - PNRM. for building the sports complex AZLK - MS. , Workers pass through the lobby of automobile sports complex - different. , Swimming pool - LS.; Athletes automobile Exercise - MS., LS. Among them Irina Kokovkina - MS.

Automobile athletes to warm up on the treadmill at the sports complex - MS., LS. , Athletes outside the sports complex - LS., MS. , PNRM.

The parade of athletes at the stadium AZLK athletes are with banners, including champions differently. , PNRM.; Athletes in column IV is Kokovkina - MS. , Passing a group of athletes on roller skis - LS. , Are athletes with bicycles - MS.

The spectators in the stands - MS.

It takes a column of athletes, are young hockey players - LS., MS.

Riga - LS. with the departure, street Riga with traffic and pedestrians - MS. , Down the street is the deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the Latvian SSR Skaidrite Vitola, enters the building of the Supreme Council of Latvia - MS.

PNRM. the inscription "Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Latvian SSR» - CU.

The woman on reception at the S. Vitola - LS., MS.

Bridge on the River Daugava - LS.

Street Riga - MS. (With a passing tram.)

Vitol SA is a tram - CU.

The street tram rides with the inscription "TTT» - MS. (Tram and trolleybus trust, name the basketball team).


Time of a basketball game - LS., MS. And in basket ball flies - CU.; Responsive and cheering fans - MS. , Rewarding basketball - CU. ; The award coach Raymond Karnitis - CU.; Boy receives flowers basketball players - MS.

PNRM. with the tops of the trees on the participants of the basketball team, running through the woods - LS., MS.

Basketball training in the gym - LS.; Their coaches Raymond Karnitis - MS., CU.; R. Karnitis - CU.

Athletes trains S. Vitola - MS.; S. Vitola throws the ball in the basket - MS.

Yenisei River - LS. , PNRM.

Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station dam - LS. , PNRM.

Street Krasnoyarsk - LS. , PNRM.

With ski jumping ramp A. Smolentsev - MS., LS. , A. Smolentsev with his coach - MS. , Jumping ski jumping students voluntary sports society "Thunderbird" - different.

PNRM. judge with hands-starter for skaters - the competitors among student groups - MS., LS. , Skaters on the course - LS.

Sochi, the yacht at sea - LS., MS. , York Street, PNRM. your hotel - MS. ; Embankment in Sochi departure.

Lawn with tulips - CU.

Woman - MS.

PNRM. on participants cycling - MS.; start cycling - LS. , Riders on the course racing - MS., CU.

Reel №3

Group of riders on the track - LS., MS. , Passing a member of the USSR team Sergei Morozov - MS. , Traveling group of young riders - LS., MS. , Wins young rider, representative of "Puffin", a student from Minsk Leon Dezhits - MS.

Spectators at the race distance - LS., MS.

Awarding of the winners of races - LS.

Swimming competition in the pool - LS. , Takes the cameraman - CU. , Swimmers start - MS. , Finishes student from Leningrad Vladimir Salnikov - CU.

Cheering and responsive audience - MS. , Awarding Vladimir Salnikov - CU.

On the course, a schoolgirl from Vilnius, world record Ling Kachyushite - MS., CU. , L. Kachyushite on the podium - CU.

Coach of the USSR national swimming Sergei Wojciechowski - CU.

PNRM. from a camera to the pool and the stands, says S. Wojciechowski (synchronous) - CU.

Training athletes in the gym - different. (Background voice coach).

Moscow - LS. (Removed from the hotel "Ukraine").

Pedestrians on Kalinin Avenue - Various. (Summer).

LS. Stadium Lenin filled audience during the opening of the USSR Olympics, Olympics parade participants, are athletes - sport society representatives from all the Union Republics - Various.

Soviet athletes are carrying arms, banners - CU. , Are athletes in their national costumes - different. , Marching athlete - CU.

Girl performs gymnastic exercises - CU.

Applauds girl - CU. , Applauded the young man - CU.

The field stadium children are running with balloons - LS. The children released balloons into the sky - LS.

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