Zionism-street.. (1980)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Uralov O.

Operators: Mikosha V., Frez I.


A film about racist matter of the Zionism ideology and the criminal activity of Israel on the occupied territories.

Temporary description

The building of the UN. The meeting in the hall. Parades, which mark the anniversary of the founding of Israel in America. 29 November 1947 the UN General Assembly resolution to partition Palestine into two states. The cars passing by with the Zionists. The people on the street. Palestinian refugees. First, Israeli Prime Minister Ben-Gurion among the soldiers. Arab-Israeli war. Arab commanders. Bedouins. 1952. Egyptian revolution. President Gamal Abdel Nasser on the podium. Soldiers, tanks, armored vehicles in the parade. The Israeli aggression in 1967 air battle, explosions on the ground. Destroyed bridge. Tent city for refugees. Says Meir (synchronously). Tank battle in the Sinai and the Golan Heights fragment from advertising film Pentagon. Says Begin. Film to farming FRG "Vohenshau", "Rendezvous with Israel: the streets of Jerusalem, are young men, Rabbi. The military settlement in the wilderness Nega. The soldiers on a tractor, planting potatoes. Demonstration of the Jews of their right to settle in the biblical lands. Boys with backpacks, carry boards, build houses. The destruction of houses and villages of the Arabs. Says the mayor of Ramallah K. Halef (synchronously). The city of Jerusalem: the time on the tower, tanks on the streets, refugees, the fire in the temple. Demonstration of the Palestinians. Police disperse demonstrators, beating the Arabs. Meeting room UN. Supports Arafat. A leader, the Jewish Defense League, Kahane, M. June 2, 1980 - the day of terror. He said the wounded man, M. Begin (synchronously). Hat kinofirmy film chronicles Fox Story magazine in 1966: the building of the Knesset, grand opening of the new building. Lyudam Rothschild cuts the ribbon. The meeting in the Knesset. Says Meir. Jewish neighborhoods: children playing, hanging clothes. Disperse traffic "black priest."

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The film is about the racist nature of Zionist ideology, about the criminal activities of Israel in the occupied territories.

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