The Manege.. (1980)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Kryakvin E.

Script writers: Kryakvin E.

Operators: Gorbatskiy V., Kryakvin E., Rusanov A.


The circus performance comprising the best Soviet circus shows is represented in the film.

Historical background

The film presents a circus performance, which included the best rooms of the Soviet circus with animal trainers Zapashny, clowns A. Marchevsky, VS Shchukin, VA Serebryakov, J. Poldi juggler, jugglers on horseback S. Begbudi, akkrobatov group led by V. Dovejko etc.


Culture and Arts

Reel №1

Circensian cavalcade in the park “Sokolniki”.

A dog is running, a camel, an elephant are led out.

Balloons are in the sky.

The clowns on the ring.


Corps de ballet with drums on the ring.

A dance-juggler in the ring.

Floodlights over the ring.

Clown Marchevsky is performing the reprise “Skakalka” [“Skip rope”].

The sisters Avdeevs balance-mistresses are in the ring (they are performing a scene on the giant semaphore).

The clown is applauding.

Reel №2

In the ring there are the clowns-acrobats.

Under the big top are working the aerial performers under the guidance of Kurdo.

The audience is applauding.

In the ring there is the clown Vladimir Kremin with his reprise “Tyazheloatlet” [“Weight-lifter”].

The audience is laughing, applauding.

In the ring is performing the group of dzhigits under the guidance of Nukzarov.

Horseman with torch.

Head and legs of a running horse.

Various elements of stunts on horseback.

The audience is applauding.

Under the big top is performing the equilibrist Malets.

In the ring is performing the illusionist Pisarenko.

The audience is watching the performance of Pisarenko.

Closeup pictures of the audience, applauding hands.

Reel №3

In the ring there is the clown Vladimir Kremin with his scene “Holahup” [“Hula hoop”].

The circus performer Irina Deshko is acting the scene “Holahup”.

The audience is applauding.

Acrobats’ performance on longshanks.

An acrobat under the big top.

Acrobats’ performance at the teeter boards.

The audience is applauding.

The musical eccentrics the Shakhnins are performing in the ring.

Equilibrists with poles under the guidance of Kostyuk are performing in the ring.

The audience is applauding.

The clowns S. Schukin and V. Serebryakov are perform in the ring the reprise “Boks” [“Boxing”].

A woman is laughing.

Applauding hands.

Reel №4

In the ring are performing acrobats the Rasshivkins.

The floodlights under the big top.

A monkey has skates put on.

A circus performer and the monkey are skating.

In the ice the circus performers Mikhailenko and Voronova are showing equilibre on hands with balalaikas, equilibre on skates.

A performance of juggler on the motorcycle Ya.


In the ring is performing juggler on horse S.Begbudi.

A performance of the air gymnasts under the big top under the guidance of Rakcheev.

The actors take a call.

Reel №5

A panorama of the clown’s leg.

In the ring the clown V.Serebryakov with a fishing rod.

Face of the “sleeping” clown.

Dolphinarium water reservoir.

In the reservoir swim dolphins.

The dolphin is being fed with fish.

A trainer in the reservoir with dolphins.

The public in Dolphinarium.

The dolphin with a ring swims up to the trainer, the dolphin throws a ball.

The dolphin’s jump over the crossbar.

A panorama of the sea.

Fanner of a steamer.

The circus performers rest on deck.

A little bear with the trainer on deck, a monkey on deck.

An albatross in the sky.

The clown on deck looks through the long glass.

Under the big top of the circus on the air rope is performing the rope-dancer Marina Osinkaya.

The circus performers are looking.

A panorama of a leg of the rope dancer.


The audience is looking.

In ring of the circus performs a group of trained horses under the guidance of Sokolov.

A boy is looking.

The audience is applauding.

Reel №6

In the ring is performing a juggler Belyauer.

The trainers Dolores and Mstislav Zapashy are performing with their attraction “Slony i Tigry” [“Elephants and Tigers”].

Trainers, elephants and tigers.

Various moments of the attraction.

The audience is applauding.

The fountains in front of the circus building.

In the circus hall there are sitting the juggler Begbudi and his assistant, air gymnasts, the juggler Ya.

Poldy, the clowns, the juggler Belyauer, the trainers Zapashny, Sokolov, the equilibrists Avdeev’s and other circus performers.

The circus performers are at the show of a new scene.