Organization Of Trade Service During the 22th Olympic Games.. (1980)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Rybakova A.

Script writers: Rybakova A.

Operators: Egorov YU., Istomin A., Maev V.

Text writers: Kapitanovskiy V.


On request of the Ministry of Commerce of the USSR. A story about the work of shops ov various profiles, public catering establishments during the days of the Olympic games in Moscow.

Olympics 80 | Trade

Sport | Sectors of the economy | Construction

Reel №1

The emblem of the Olympic Games 80, the mascot Misha.

Luzhniki Stadium.

Go pedestrians, traffic travels.

A shop window, clothes on mannequins.

Olympic symbols in a shop window.

Misha doll.

Shop, design of retail space.

In the inner room shop manual feed dresses.

PNRM. the room store, selling clothing.

Shelves with crystal vases, saleswoman inspect goods.

The waiters in the restaurant tables prepared to receive visitors.

Kitchen workers laid food on a tray.

View of the hall of the restaurant without visitors.

Standing in a row stalls for the sale of ice cream.

The new store "Deli".

Visitors in the hall "Grocery".

PNRM. for sausages in a self-service department.

Buyers select the goods.

PNRM. the hall grocery store.

Specialty shop "Jack Frost", buyers choose frozen and canned fruits and vegetables.

PNRM. sign on deli "Novoarbatsky" on the Kalinin Prospekt.

PNRM. by department "Gifts" dolls in national costumes, dogs and other toys, stacks of chocolates.

Saleswoman wrap a package in the paper.

PNRM. to separate the "Fruits", a saleswoman behind the counter with weights.

Close-up: Hanging loop oranges.

PNRM. Fruit: apples, pears, bananas.

Division for food orders.

Machine for cutting sausage.

Batons halt sausage, wrapped.

On the conveyor travel products in plastic bags painted with Misha.

China department store, shopping laying in cardboard boxes.

Salesroom in the shop "House of tissue."

Sellers advise buyers.

Division sales of dresses, women view samples.

PNRM. shoe department.

Women's Shoes put up for sale.

The customer trying on shoes.

PNRM .: sports bags with Olympic symbols.

Girl-saleswoman offers the buyer a sweater.

Stand with tennis rackets.

Area sports shop, where there is assembled tourist tent.


Moscow [820]

Reel №2

PNRM. on hangers with shirts, T-shirts.

Boxing gloves.

The buyer tries blazer.

Seller helps the buyer to choose running shoes.

View of the shop kinofototovarov "Jupiter" on the Kalinin Prospekt.

Buyers on the trading floor.

Items on display with Olympic symbols.

Department of equipment for printing photos.

Children choose to purchase the toy department, looking toy railway.

Shop sign "Gifts".

Souvenir department, selling Olympic Bruins, badges, watches and other goods with symbols Olimpidy-80. Store "Moscow" on Leninsky Prospekt.

Departments trade souvenirs.

Shop in the Olympic Village, souvenirs, foreign buyers.

Competitions runners in the stadium.

Factory culinary products, pastry cook the dough for baking.

Automatic ovens.

Processing of vegetables with special arrangements.

Storage and transport of various types of vegetables and culinary products.

Processing vegetables in the kitchen dining area of the Olympic Village.

Dishes put on the shelves for self-service.


Moscow [820]

Reel №3

Dining Olympic Village, visitors' services.

Cafe at the mall the Olympic Village.

Visitors at the tables, drinking coffee.

In the factory, food products packaged sets of fruits and vegetables.

Arena "Luzhniki" during the competition athletes.

Trade in coffee shops at the stadium.

Street stalls retail sale of souvenirs.

Selling ice cream on the streets of Moscow.

Sale of soft drinks to spectators in the stands during the event.

Bar in the "Luzhniki" for journalists.

Waiters take orders and bring.

Bartenders behind the bar preparing drinks.

Tea with various cakes.

Stadium at Olympic Avenue.

Guest Services at the bar of the stadium.


Moscow [820]

Reel №4

Bar of the main press center of the Olympics-80. The waiter takes the order dishes.

Dishes on the shelves for self-service.

Visitors gain food on trays.

Brigadier method of service in the dining room.

Meeting first guests dining with bread and salt.

Visitors take trays & breakfast, eat at the tables.

Workers dining posing for a group photograph.

Foreign tourists thank the staff canteen for good service.

Book reviews the records of visitors.

Foreign athletes thank (synchronous) for the excellent service.

Moments of staff and catering trade: bartenders, waiters, salesmen.

Stadium "Luzhniki", viewers are going to compete.


Moscow [820]