A Report From the Caribbean Meridian. (1980)

Documentary №8444, 5 parts, duration: 0:46:38
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Vermisheva E.
Screenwriters:Legancev N.
Camera operators:Bgancev I.
Composers:Geviksman V.
Anouncers:Tatarskiy V.


On the example of Central America countries range, USA intervention into the national liberation struggle of these countries' people for their independence is shown.

Temporary description:

The film is about the socio-political and economic life of Central America and the national liberation movement of the peoples of these countries against American expansion. In the film, film-documents used by the Central Archive of Cinema and Photo Documents of the USSR and foreign newsreels. Republic of Nicaragua. Statement by the President of Nicaragua A. Samos (simultaneously in English). The fighting men of the National Guard Samos against the Nicaraguan people. Tomb of the Sandinistas, who died in the fight against the reactionary regime of Samos. Photos of the national hero of Nicaragua A. Sandino, who led the people's struggle against U.S. troops. Soldiers Sandinista National Liberation Front sing the anthem of Nicaragua. Coffee plantations, harvesting coffee. Boys and girls learn to read. Head frontier tells about trespassers - hired killer (synchronously). Interrogation of the killers of the local teacher (synchronously). Farmers Cooperative; interview with one of the members of the cooperative (synchronously). Construction of the plant. canteen for the workers. Production plans steel plant, plant director talks about the nationalization of industrial enterprises (synchronously). Tancujut children. Children in the park named after Luis Velasquez in Managua, among children - D. Velasquez. View of Managua. U.S. Congressmen visit Nicaragua. Republic of Panama. Panama Canal. U.S. military base and an American military school in Panama. Monument Panamanians killed by U.S. Marines in 1964 crackdown on the demonstration on the streets of Panama. Republic of El Salvador. Dispersal and shooting demonstration in San Salvador. Republic of Guatemala. Interviews with Guatemalan journalist on the rule of American monopolies in Guatemala (synchronously). Mexico. The Mexican Revolution of 1910-17, the city, firing guns; galloping cavalry columns of American soldiers. Monument to the participants of the revolution. Streets of Mexico City. Banks. American Embassy. Statue of Columbus. Mexicans welcome the President L. Cardenas. Oil fields; interview with the foreman of Petroleum (synchronously). The Republic of Cuba. American military base in Guantanamo. Check out Cuban refugees from the port of Mariel. Camp Cuban refugees in the United States, protected by police. Cuban exiles in the teachings of guerrilla warfare.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A hand is throwing corn into the earth.

A peasant is plowing, together with a boy, a panorama of a peasant with a plough.

A panorama from a girl to peasants, who plow with oxen.

A panorama from the face of the peasant to his hand.

Candles before the virgin Mary icon.

A young man is singing, addressing to Virgin Mary.

A panorama from the face of the woman to her hand.

A boy looks through the barrier grid.

A panorama of some poor man's nests.

People near their hovels.

Everyday scenes.

Women with children.

An old man is sitting.

A panorama from his hands to the face; the unemployed.

A shepherd and a boy are going.

Children among the dilapidated hovels.

American businessmen in their cars, at their villas.

They are playing golf at the site in front of the house.

A young man (native) serves the people playing golf.

Girls are driving across a lawn in an electromobile.

A panorama of people playing golf, tennis.

Children are playing tennis, children are riding a horse.

A panorama of a man with children in front of a villa.


Jobless men are sitting.

A panorama of wall-paintings showing the history of capture of the Latin America by Spanish conquistadors.

Wall-paintings fragments.

Documentary black-and-white shots:

Anastasio Samosa with his confidants.

Samosa is speaking.

A panorama from one soldier to another.

A car with soldiers.

Soldiers are shooting, they are firing a gun, roofs of buildings, a plane in the sky, people are taking away the casualties, the soldiers are burning a corpse.

A woman is crying, young women are crying.

Nicaragua – Managua, the graves of the deceased.

Children are standing near the grave.

A panorama of women near the grave; a young man is standing, a photo at the grave of deceased, a grandmother of a deceased Sandinista is speaking.

A picture at the grave.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A panorama of candles flaring at hanging on the wall portraits of children died for liberation of their people.

Celebratory demonstration, men with flags.

A panorama of women in weeds.

Opening of the monument to the fallen in battles with tyranny.


A panorama of portraits of the deceased children.

Documentary black-and-white shots:

A panorama of soldiers-children carrying weapon.

A panorama of street fightings.

The citizens are greeting the soldiers.

Soldiers are passing.

A panorama of Nicaragua soldiers.

Making the colors of the country.

Black-and-white photo – A panorama of Sandino flag.

Sandino and his brothers-in-arms.

A panorama of the portrait of Sandino.

Soldiers at the monument to Sandino’s comrade, fighter and poet – Karlos Fonsek Amador.

A panorama of the soldiers singing hymn of the country.

A girl near the flag of the country.

A panorama of the citizens of the town dismantling the destroyed building.

A panorama of destroyed coffee plantation; coffee tree.

A speaking foreman.

A panorama of men working at coffee plantation stricken with Roy disease.

Poster, calling to study.

Girls are passing by, a girl is reading, a panorama of a car driving along the street.

Men are talking.

A panorama of boys shoe-polishers at work.

A report about a town, young people are going, a panorama of teachers passing by.

A boy with a parrot is passing by.

The people are greeting the teachers.

A panorama of an old man singing a song.

The listeners.

A panorama of a man singing and playing the guitar.

A panorama of poster with the alphabet.

A teacher is conducting a lesson.

In the classroom there are pupils of different ages.

A student is answering at the blackboard.

A boy student.

The aged student, who was playing the guitar before, is writing.

At the blackboard they are writing a word “revolution”.

In the sky there are flushed birds.

A panorama of the Head of the frontier zone is speaking.

A frontier guard.

A killer is lead to inquisition.

The killer is answering the questions.

The head of the inquisition.

The frontier guard is lighting a cigarette.

Another killer – Bairon Kortes – is answering the questions.

A panorama of the frontier landscape.

The frontiersmen are passing by.

A landscape with fog.

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The American Flag on shipboard.

A panorama of the Panama Canal.

Submarine is going along the canal, a panorama of ships.

Captains on shipboard.

The Monument to the fallen patriots, they were killed by sea-soldiers in January, 1964 – a panorama of the flag.

A panorama of the wall with inscription.

A wall of a house broken through with bullets.

Documentary black-and-white shots:

Breaking up of demonstration in Panama.

A panorama of casualties.

A peasant’s face.

Military installations of the USA in the territory of Panama.


A car is driving by the sign.

American military school in Forte Gulik.

A panel of the school “The School of Americas” and “Escuela de las Americas”.

The soldiers are training in the field.

Documentary black-and-white shots:

Instruction for parachute training school.

Parachutists are jumping; solders are training.

Salvador – casualties.

People are crying.

A panorama of people’s revolt.

A panorama of shooting and breaking up of demonstration in Salvador.

Casualties, breaking of demonstration in Guatemala.

Interview of the Guatemalan journalist.


A helicopter flies in the sky.

Frontier – the USA military installations in Guantanamo, Cuba.

Military trucks are going, frontiersmen.

An American flag.

Documentary black-and-white shots:

Air invasion.

Soldiers are going in train.

Soldiers are going at railroad station.

American admiral.

Military squadron in the sea.

Revolution in Mexico, a panorama of shooting guns.


The monument to children of revolution, a panorama of the earth.

Flag of Mexico.

Mexico city – a panorama from the monument to the streets of the city and zooming of the building of the American Embassy.

A panorama of the buildings of American banks in Mexico.

A panorama of the building the American Embassy.

The monument to Columbus, a panorama of the city.

Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Haiti Island – the monument to Columbus.

A panorama of the jobless.

The jobless, a panorama of the flag, of the unemployed.

A cargo is carried by hand buggy along the street; the unemployed are sitting; the monument; the city; grating, fencing the territory of the villa; the “White House”; a panorama of the security near the house.

The building with inscriptions.

A jobless man is looking.

A panorama of the advertisement.

Cargo unloading.

Corn is poured.

Unloading in the port.

Companies’ advertisement.

A panorama of tanks with oil in the port.

Oil production.

Oil derricks.

Oil tanks.

Documentary black-and-white shots:

People of Mexico.

Lázaro Cárdenas, the president of Mexico.

People, a panorama of the president Cárdenas.

Drilling rig.

Oil men.

Foremen oiler Juan del la Cruz is speaking.

Oil production.

Land of Nicaragua – a panorama of landscape.

A peasant is carrying oxen.

The peasant Juan Sarath Fernandez.



Construction of a plant.

Workers, the workers’ canteen at Metaz plant, the workers are having lunch.

Director of the plant – Hans Gutjers.

The plant.

Melter workers.

Building of houses in Nicaragua.

The people are building new houses.

Children are dancing.

A boy is laughing.

The boy David Velaskes is staging the scenes from revolutionary performances.

Children in the park in the name of Lewis Velaskes (in Managua) – David’s elder brother, who died in battles for liberation of their homeland.

Children performing the scenes in the park, David Velaskes.

Memorial plate.

A panorama of the city.

American senators have arrived in Nicaragua for negotiations.

A panorama of senators.

Congressman Right is speaking.

The listeners.

The Congressman.

A senator.

The listeners.


Reel №5

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

May, 1980.

Cuba, a panorama of the port of Mariel – American schooners and motor boats stand in the port.

A motor boat under American banner.

A motor boat with passengers.

A pirate captain, the former Batist adherent.

The port of Mariel, a panorama of the Cuban refugees.

Kindergarten, burned furniture.

A woman with a child.

Ophelia Fermuz, the day-care attendant is speaking.

A child.

A man is speaking deprecatingly about antisocial elements.

A girl is speaking.

A man is speaking.

An American banner on shipboard.

Motor boat with passengers.

The owners of motor boats and schooners are speaking.

A panorama of the Cuban refugees at landing place.


The refugees camp.

A car with horn is passing by.

The police safeguards the camp.

The Cuban refugees.

A woman with a child.

A car is burning.

The correspondent of the NBC Bremen is speaking.

Legs, the refugees are going.

The shots from the American documentary film: the Cuban emigrants at the exercises.

An instructor.

An American instructor.

A panorama of the Cuban emigrant speaking.

American instructor.

The Cuban emigrants at the exercises.

A panorama of demonstration for liberty in the Latin America.

Demonstrators are carrying transparencies, demonstration.

A panorama of demonstration for liberation in Salvador.

A panorama of rich Americans playing golf.

A boy, a man, a woman with a child.

A panorama of the demonstration.

A panorama of scanning demonstrators.

At the bank of the ocean (bay) there is a demonstration with transparencies.

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