Mstislav Keldysh. (1980)

Documentary №8447, 6 parts, duration: 1:00:25
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Raspopov G.
Screenwriters:Raspopov G., Krasilschikov A.
Camera operators:Myakishev G.
Composers:Botyarov E.
Anouncers:Konsovskiy A.


The film reconstructs the character of the greatest organizer of the Soviet science, conspicuous statesman, brilliant theorist Mstislav Keldysh. The figure of the scientist is created by reminiscences if the people who knew him and worked with him, newsreel scenes.

Temporary description:

The film tells the Academician, President of the USSR MV Keldysh. The film features cinematography, including: testing models of aircraft in the Central Aero-Hydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI), the presence of MV Keldysh of trials, MV Keldysh in the group of designers. Election of the President of the USSR Academy of Sciences in 1961, meeting of the Presidium of the USSR with the participation of the President of the Academy of Sciences MV Keldysh, Keldysh among the scholars of one of the institutions, the Keldysh with Academician Kapitsa. Training a dog Laika to fly into space, performance of the Keldysh at a press conference in connection with the flight of Yuri Gagarin into space on board the Vostok-1 "(synchronous) and Titov in the ship" East - 2, MV Keldysh congratulated the astronauts, MV Keldysh and Sergei Korolev in a spaceship in a science lab. Types of Kiev, the Dnieper. Stay MV Keldysh in the Magadan region in the basin of the Kolyma River valley Berelekh, visit mine "Pilot", Keldysh conversation with the workers at the mine, a visit to Kamchatka Keldysh, Keldysh at the launch site, at a press conference on the occasion of the landing to the moon automatic station "Luna-9", the statement Keldysh at 23 Congress, at the Symposium on Solar Terrestrial Physics (synchronously), awarding the MV Keldysh Gold Star of Hero of Socialist Labor, awarded the diploma of honorary Academician Keldysh, Keldysh meeting with Dr. . Jawaharlal Nehru, the signing of an agreement with the Cuban Academy of Sciences. His memories of the Keldysh divided his family, friends (in sync), academicians Yu.N.Parijskij, AM Petrosyants, GI Marchuk, AP Aleksandrov. Paton and his colleagues (all simultaneously).

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Photo: Portrait of MV Keldysh.

Chronicle of 1961:

Photo: Keldysh on Red Square.

Keldysh with a group of scientists, hit a Academician Petrov.

Said Academician GI Petrov (synchronously).

Chronicle: The traffic controller with a flag at the airport, the plane takes off, the pilot in the cockpit, pilots face in the mirror.

About Keldysh Gallay said.

Chronicle: Rise of the aircraft, aircraft parts.

Photo: Keldysh in his youth.

Moving lattice gate of the Central Aerodynamic Institute.

Working driven aircraft.

Parade on Red Square, fly airplanes.


Plane flips in the air, falling to the ground.

Plane crashes.

At the airport fire brigade works.

Books by Gallo.

Printed works MV Keldysh, LS Popov.

Says L. Popov, professor TsAGI (synchronously).

Photos: Portraits S.Chaplygina, academician, director of TsAGI. Keldysh chalkboard, on the waterfront.

Chronicle: Keldysh - freeze.

The test model of the tail plane in a wind tunnel.

The test model airplane.

Keldysh in the shop, on the observation platform.

Planes in the air.

Crashing airplane model.

Model airplane.

Testing of aircraft landing gear to eliminate vibration.

Proceedings of the Keldysh.

Photo: Scientific Council TsAGI Keldysh on the council.

Keldysh with the designers included in the workshop.

General designers: Ilyushin, Lavochkin, Polikarpov, Yakovlev. planes in the shop of the plant.

Chronicle 1943: awarded the Order of the Keldysh.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel: Images from the k / f "News" № 21, 1961 .: polling stations of the USSR Academy of Sciences, in the ballot box cast ballots.

Secret ballot elected president, academician M. Keldysh.

Cheering in the hall.

The presidium includes Keldysh, his congratulations.

Face Keldysh.

Says widow Keldysh (synchronously).

Photo: Keldysh at home.

Moscow, Leninsky Prospect, travel on the territory of the USSR Academy of Sciences, removed from the motion.

The building of the Academy of Sciences, staircase, chandelier, room, pendulum clocks.

Chronicle: the stairs rise academics.

Academics talk.

the Presidium of the Conference Room.

Academics talk, smile, Academician Lavrentiev.

Photo: Academics at the meeting, Keldysh.

Academics at the meeting, Keldysh at the meeting.

Photo: Various photo Keldysh at the meetings of the Academy.

Transcripts of the meetings.

Passes with scientists Keldysh, Keldysh, and a group of scientists from the device, PNRM. on the shop floor.

The building of the Institute of Scientific Information on Social Sciences (INION) in Moscow on Profsoyuznaya face of PDP "USSR Academy of Sciences."

Work in the shop, assembly, welding, construction, work in the laboratory.

Zelenchugskaya Observatory, evening plan.

Photo: Keldysh, Parijskij.


RATAN - 600, which helped detect the radio emission of Jupiter's moons, galilleevyh satellites.

Sunset in the sky.

Construction of radio telescope.

Animation: The universe, through nodules changing views of the universe.

Says Yu Parijskij - Corresponding Member of the USSR Academy of Sciences, research supervisor Zelenchugskoy Observatory, astro-physicist (synchronously).

Newsreel: Keldysh at the construction site.

Animation: split screen - industrial theme.

Speaking at the site director of the observatory building Yakunin (synchronously).

Newsreel: Keldysh.

Photo: Keldysh at the construction site, Keldysh's father - Vsevolod Mikhailovich.

Photos grandfather Keldysh.

They say brother and sister Keldysh.

Photos of other grandfather Keldysh, Keldysh's father with a group of people, family photos Keldysh.

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Photo siblings M. Keldysh.

Photos of different years, M. Keldysh.


printed Keldysh 30s.

News: the plane lands on the water.

River is rocket hydrofoil.

Photo Keldysh Kurchatov Queen.

Chairman of the State Committee for Atomic Energy of the USSR AM Petrosyants.

Petrosyants says (synchronously).

Photo Keldysh.

The explosion of the atomic bomb.

Computers, hand printed, the machine does the line screen computer vichislitelny device.

Book Academician Marchuk.

Marchuk says (synchronously).

Photo Keldysh, AP Alexandrov.

Alexander says (synchronously).

Photo Keldysh with Korolev.

Said a member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, DE Okhotsimsky.

Printed works of VA Yegorov said Egorov (synchronously).

Says T. Eneev, corresponding member.

USSR Academy of Sciences, a mathematician.

PNRM. with Sarychev to Yegorov.

Photo: different photos Keldysh printed work Yegorov.


Keldysh and PL Kapitsa at the meeting on the satellite at the Institute of Applied Mathematics in the middle.

February 1954 Present Korolev.

Photo Keldysh at the table, smiling Keldysh.

Model of the first artificial satellite.

Communication control center office.

Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Photo Keldysh.

Okhotsimsky says (synchronously).

Satellite in space.

Said Petrov GI

Chronicle 50s.:

Husky dog ​​in the cockpit of a spaceship.

Photo Keldysh home.

Chronicle of 1961:

Keldysh, speaks at a press conference (synchronous).

Correspondents in the hall.

said cosmonaut Titov (synchronously).


Korolev and Keldysh congratulates astronauts.

Keldysh, speaks at a press conference (synchronous).


Tereshkova and Nikolayev dance at the wedding, Keldysh congratulates Tereshkova and gives her a reward.

Correspondents in the audience at the press conference.


Installation of the spacecraft.

Work in the shop.

The launch.

The stairs in the shop goes Korolev.

Eneev says (synchronously).

House at the cosmodrome in which lived Keldysh and Korolev.

Chronicle: pass Keldysh and Korolev, the spacecraft.

Photo Keldysh Paton, Academician, President of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

Paton says (synchronously).

Chronicle: People at work, Keldysh in the laboratory, looking through a magnifying glass, star field layout.

Photo Keldysh.

Keldysh in Kiev for celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, he is presented with bread and salt, Keldysh smiling.

Keldysh with flowers, Paton, with the miners, at a table in an airplane, looking through a microscope.

Satellite in flight.

Center for Deep Space Network.

Reel №5

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame


Blooming pink chestnut.

Planted in 1964, Keldysh and Paton.

Park. area Khmelnytsky, the janitor in the street, at the dawn of the Dnieper, Dnipro - shot from the top point.

Photo: Keldysh during rounds institutions in Kiev.

Paton says (synchronously).

Photo: Keldysh at the car, in the woods, reading in the forest, swim, and his son, with children at home, with papers.


Keldysh said.

A living cell.

Photo: earth, earth from space, Keldysh in the Far East, a group of people Keldysh, NA Shilo.

N.Shilo says,

landscape of the Far East.


Keldysh in Magadan down the ramp, greets dating.

Keldysh, at a meeting with a group of people talking.

Speaker, the hand writes in a notebook.

Keldysh part of the aircraft cabin.

Keldysh on the work of alluvial deposits of the Northeast Valley area Susumansky Berelekh.

Keldysh passes over the bridge, talking.

landscape with mineral placers in the permafrost, icicles, PNRM. Mineral.

Mine "Pilot" Susumenskogo WPC. Tray for washing rocks.

Keldysh in the tray on the work, talking with the workers.

Keldysh escort, waving his hands.

Plane flies.



Keldysh in Kamchatka, is a group of people to climb, with an active volcano.

Greenhouses - filmed from above. inside a greenhouse, a helicopter from the smoking mountain.

Photo: volcanic eruption.


PNRM. a geyser on bystanders, among them Keldysh.

Work at the device, Keldysh talks with employees.

Photo: volcano Tolbachik.

Says NA Shiloh, Academician, President of the Far Eastern Scientific Center, USSR, new building of the Institute.

Winter - city, building by the sea.

Photo: Keldysh in the laboratory.

Said Petrov GI (Synchronous).

Photo: Korolev and Keldysh at the table at the meeting.


Group of astronauts in the shop.

Open doors missiles.

Work in the shop. pass Keldysh in spaceport with a group of people.

Said Yegor, MCC.

Photo: the Moon, Keldysh and a group of people with glasses.


Keldysh at the press conference (synchronous) in the audience laughed and applauded.

Model satellite.

Photo: the moon.

Reel №6

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame


Keldysh said at a press conference (synchronous).

A man listens and takes notes.

Photo: the moon.

Laser, the work unit.


Keldysh stands at 23 Congress of the CPSU. Keldysh in the stands, on the sidelines.

Keldysh presents Lenin and State prizes.

Keldysh said.

Photo: Keldysh at the podium among scientists.

Work with the device.


Satellite in flight.

Model satellite.

Laboratory technician at work unit.



Photo: PNRM. with the device on the Keldysh to the scientists.


President says Kasparov (synchronously).

On the podium Keldysh.

Keldysh, speaks at the 13th session of the International Committee on Space Research and the Symposium on Solar Terrestrial Physics in the hall of the Tauride Palace (synchronously).

Listen to the Hall.

The building of the Tauride Palace, the bus drives by.

Leningrad - a monument to Peter 1 on St.

Isaac's Square.

Hermitage Rooms, paintings. art books from his personal library Keldysh.

Said his wife Keldysh.

Awards Keldysh.


Brezhnev Keldysh Gold Star award.

Photo - the same.

Keldysh out of the car and runs into the mantle.

Keldysh awarded an Honorary Academician.

Photo: Keldysh in the cylinder with a group of people.

Nehru's visit to the USSR. Nehru in the USSR, Nehru and Keldysh in the laboratory.

Photo: Keldysh and Nehru.

Signing of an agreement with the Academy of Sciences of Cuba.

Photo: Keldysh with the Academy of Sciences of Cuba, with U.S. scientists.

Keldysh with scientists at the device.

Keldysh by Academician I. Vinogradov.

NE Zhukovsky.

Various portraits of Keldysh.

The launch.

Photos of astronauts.

The surface of the earth.

Cabinet M. Keldysh, books, portraits, clocks, desk.

Keldysh, journals, and letters.

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