By The Weapon Of Satire.. (1981)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Mikrikov A.

Script writers: Nadein V.

Operators: Usanov V.


About amateur troupes deriding drawbacks of their enterprises with the help of satire.

Amateur performances

Culture and Arts | National culture

Temporary description

Satirical film about the programs and performances amateur ensemble farm "Michael" Yaroslavl region, the ensemble "Kohinoor" Moscow House of Architects, cartoon magazine "Sputnik" Crocodile "Perm production association" Motorostroitel. " Chief architect of Zelenograd (Moscow's satellite town), head of the ensemble "Kohinoor" IA Pokrovsky at work, at a rehearsal of the ensemble, gives an interview (synchronously). Construction of houses in the city of Zelenograd. New areas, the city of Zelenograd and Moscow. One of the authors of the magazine "Sputnik" Crocodile ", working Semenov gives interviews (synchronously). The meeting of the editorial board. Workers reading "Sputnik" Crocodile ".

Reel №1

People go to the country club.

Participants amateur singing ditties (synchronously), preparing for the show.

Milkers in the barn farm "Michael" (Yaroslavl region).

Smiling kolkhoz - CU.

Satirical posters.

Ensemble of Moscow Architects 'Kohinoor' takes a satirical song (synchronously).

The chief architect of Zelenograd IA Pokrovsky (State Prize) and his colleagues are working on layouts, discuss (synchronously).

IA Porovsky says satire (synchronously).

Houses in Zelenograd.

Construction of a house.

New areas of Moscow (helicopter).

Working in the shop Perm Production Association "Motorostroitel" Sverdlov.

GF Semenov, a member of the editorial board of the "Sputnik crocodile", talks about the satirical magazine factory (synchronously).

Magazine "Sputnik crocodile."

Print and view the log sheets in the printing factory.

Laboratory engine plant.

Reel №2

Devices, test wire in the shop of the plant, the workers give interview to the magazine factory (synchronously).

The meeting of the editorial board, said: Head Office Division Chief Metallurgist BA Ermolaev welder, a member of the editorial board of the Basque AA (synchronously).

AA Basque and other welders at work.

The workers in the shop are factory fresh issue of the journal, look, they say (synchronously), read in the dining room.

About "Sputnik crocodile" say party secretary association BI Pozharsky foreman VD Schmidt (synchronously).

Magazine cartoons in the magazine.

Meeting, rehearsal and studio performances of artistic expression from the Palace of the Sverdlov.

They laugh and smile at the audience.