To Know Yourself.. (1981)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Kraskov G.

Script writers: Kraskov G.

Operators: Golovnya V.

Anouncers: Kolychev U.


The film tells about the scientific and technical creativity of Soviet youth and thematic exhibition at ENEA.

Childhood and youth | Museums and exhibitions | Science

Social life | Education

Reel №1

ENEA, the exhibition "Scientific and Technical Creativity of Youth."

The exhibits made by students in vocational schools, technical schools and university students.

Children visitors.

Robot in the pavilion.

Music board: schoolboy extract audio from chalked stave.

The territory of ENEA, sculpture Worker and Collective Farm.

Paintings on the space theme.

Rocket launch.

Layouts spacecraft in the pavilion.

Bicycle, invented by Kharkov students.

Aircraft in the pavilion.

Man flying on a hang glider.

Men consider car-terrain vehicle.

Machine overcomes the pavilion stage.

Information Center Exhibition Center, specialists for computers.

Iron and Steel Works, steelworkers at the open-hearth furnace.

The operator at the control panel, molding tubes.

Young workers (portrait).

Exhibition Pavilion (top view).

Visitors to the exhibition chronicles the BAM watching on the screen.

Girl with the poster "Give BAM!", Laying the rails.

Drawbridge in Leningrad.

Children at the exhibition with a model of the dynamic bridge.

Device young technicians to test visual memory.

Automatic line for machining of the Chelyabinsk Mechanical College.

Tuning of the bicycle.

Children view the exhibits.

Leningrad vocational school №33, laboratory and technical creativity.

Students with teacher and inventor AM Ivanov.

Students with a model "walker" (machine to move cargo in remote areas).

TV-controlling complex "Photon-2."

Demonstration of the robot "Aquador" (Bauman).

Demonstration of the all-terrain vehicle layout hovercraft.

Young scientists of the Kiev Institute of Cybernetics show a new color display.

Demonstration of the system of fiber-optic television communications.

Stand with pictures of young innovators, winner of the Lenin Komsomol.

Miners and young inventors in the mine.

Layout Samotlor oil field with drilling rigs and pipeline.

Young visitors to the exhibition.

Layout turbodrill for oil drilling.

The young inventor.


Moscow [820]

Reel №2

Boys riding, bathe horses galloping along the river bank.

Stands with exhibits on the theme of environmental protection.

Children at the aquarium with a mini-sharks.

Bulgaria stands in the pavilion.

Teens considering exhibits.

Said the head of exposure Bulgaria N. Angelov (synchronously).

Adolescents and adults in the halls of the exhibition.

On the stand wave communications equipment.

Stand illustrating Komsomol patronage over the construction of transport.

Ship at sea.

Layout of the aircraft in the pavilion.

The plane flies.

Layouts technique for joining the rails in the pavilion.

BAM builders laid rails, welder.

Train rides, train driver.

Scientists at the exhibition is considered devices for rail steel deoxidation.

Steelmakers in the blast furnace.

In the shops Automobile Factory of the Lenin Komsomol (AZLK).

Young innovators engineers control the new technology of welding parts of the car with a laser.

Teenagers in the exhibition demonstrate the tools crafts, cut wood.

Carved wooden figures, pictures.

Visitors to the exhibition are considering spinning globe.

Head of Zaporizhzhya regional center of scientific and technical creativity of youth B. Kostychev talks about the center's work (synchronously).

Children under the guidance of the master engaged in modeling of aircraft, racing cars.

Racing through the forest on homemade cards.

Spectators at a large layout of the crane in the exhibition hall.

Says Secretary of Zaporizhzhya Regional Committee of Komsomol (synchronously).

Teens involved in the center with the designers.

Harvester working in a wheat field.

Adolescents with designers develop pneumatic pick grain.

Teens involved in the center with young scientists.

Children at the exhibition explore innovative technology, robots, sports car, globe.

A painting of Russian craftsmen Lefty.

Steelmakers in the shop and Steel Works.

Ears of wheat in the field.

Stand "Leninsky Komsomol to XXVI Congress of the CPSU."

Photos General Secretary LI Brezhnev.

Portrait of teenage boy, view the exhibits on display.


Moscow [820]