Rowing and Canoeing. The Olympic Games-80. (1981)

Documentary №8490, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:52
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Zhukovskaya I.
Screenwriters:Prok I.
Camera operators:Bochkov F., Voinov O., Epifanov G., Shatrov G.
Composers:Savelev G.
Anouncers:Kolychev U.


The opening of the Olympic Games. Rowing and Canoeing on an artificial row channel in the Moscow district of Krylatskoe.

Historical background:

The story of the channel, the use of the printing chronometer Swiss company, Swiss Timing "for video and photo finish. Farewell athletes after the competition: the exchange of badges, jackets.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

LS.y plan of Moscow from the top point.

Luzhniki Stadium - LS.y plan (shot through the flag).

Grand Sports Arena Luzhniki Olympic opening day - LS.y plan, departure.

Olympic flame lighting ceremony at the stadium passes Greek Chariot - MS.edny, CU.upny plans, lit the Olympic flame - MS.edny, CU.upny panorama.

Olympic Bear (made figures of athletes at the stadium) - CU.upny plan, departure.

Moscow - LS.y plan from a helicopter (with area Luzhniki Olympic facilities).

Rowing canal in CU.ylatskom - LS.y plan, departure.

Along the shore of the channel are athletes - plans.

Rowing regatta participants prepare for the competition, check out the boat, by car wheeling paddle - Panorama.

The channel train: Greek rower - CU.upny plan, British sportsmen and women - MS.ednie plans.

Watch coaches passing on bicycles - MS.edny plan.

Training heats eight athletes Romanian athletes USSR and other countries - different plans.

Panorama of sports flags - MS.edny plan.

Spectators gather for rowing competitions in CU.ylatskom - LS.y plan, removed from the top point.

The stands filled with spectators - LS.y plan.

Preliminary swim male swing deuces - LS.y plan.

Coach with stopwatch looks television screen - CU.upny plan.

Picture of the TV screen - drifting boat - CU.upny plan.

Preliminary swim male fours - LS.y plan.

Tribune Newspapers - MS.edny panorama.

Preliminary swim female pairs - MS.edny plan.

Start Women odinochnits, fours, eights (preliminary heat) - LS.y plan.

Referee cabin - LS.y plan; judges at work - CU.upny plan.

Swiss video and photo finish equipment t print timepiece - CU.upny plan.

Referee stands - MS.edny plan.

Start female pairs - LS.y, MS.edny plans, return boat back (false start) - MS.edny plan.

LS.y plan starting female pairs.

A man looks through binoculars - CU.upny plan.

Panorama spectators watching the races - CU.upny plan.

Eight men returned back (false start).

Bell - CU.upny plan.

Repairing boats of Cuban athletes - MS.edny, CU.upny plans.

Coach looking through binoculars - CU.upny plan.

Start male eights - LS.y plan.

The spectators applauded, chanting - panorama MS.edny plan.

Finish eights - LS.y plan; boat athletes from Cuba - CU.upny plan.

Journalist - CU.upny plan.

Tribune Newspapers - MS.edny plan.

Work in the press center of the channel - MS.edny panorama, television screens showing the competition; typing - MS.edny panorama.

Interview with the president of the International Federation of rowing T. Keller (simultaneously in English) - CU.upny plan.

T. Keller and others bear paddle boarding, sail - MS.edny, CU.upny plans.

Weathervane - CU.upny plan.

Coast rowing canal - LS.y plan, athletes are boarding - MS.edny, CU.upny plans.

Storm clouds in the sky - CU.upny plan.

Against the background of the rain weathervanes - LS.y plan.

Rostrum rowing canal in the rain - LS.y plan.

The spectators in the stands with umbrellas - LS.y plan.

Start of final arrival pairs, women's pairs - MS.edny, LS.y plans (removed rocking).

On the second track - Soviet athletes Elena Hloptseva and Larisa Popova (in CU.asnoy form) - MS.edny plan.

Finish Soviet athletes - LS.y plan.

The audience applauded, kiss winners - MS.edny, CU.upny plans

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Cameraman at the camera in the rain - CU.upny panorama.

Starts female singles skater - LS.y plan (removed rocking).

The spectators in the rain - different plans.

The boat Romanian athlete Tom Sand - MS.edny plan (removed rocking).

At a distance of female singles skater - LS.y plan.

Sanda Tom and Muscovite Antonina Machina at a distance - MS.edny plan.

Romanian athlete finishes Sand Thomas - MS.edny plan.

Starting device - MS.edny plan.

At a distance - four female pairs with coxswain - LS.y panorama, MS.edny plan.

Finish athletes from East Germany, led by Olympic champion Montreal Roswitha Tsobelt - LS.y plan.

Start Women's eights - CU.upny plan (removed rocking).

Read the cameramen - MS.edny plan.

Float Soviet athletes - MS.edny plan.

Swims eight athletes from East Germany, ahead of the Soviet crew - MS.edny plan.

Finish athletes from East Germany - MS.edny plan.

Their fans are welcome, embrace and kiss - MS.edny, CU.upny plans; coach thrown into the water - MS.edny plan.

LS.y panorama competitions CU.ylatskom.

Men's singles competition, at a distance - the athlete from Finland Perth Karppinen - MS.edny, LS.y plans (removed rocking).

Finish P. Karppinen -; pump P. Karppinen - MS.edny plan.

Spectators in the stands applauded - LS.y plan.

IOC President Lord Michael Killanin awards gold medal Finnish athlete - MS.edny plan.

The government platform WC Kekkonen and AN Kosygin - MS.edny plan.

Rewarding Soviet athlete Vasily Yakushev, runner - MS.edny plan.

The audience - MS.edny plan.

The award of the GDR athlete Peter Kersten, who took third place - MS.edny plan.

Orchestra performs anthem of Finland - different panorama, WC Kekkonen and AN Kosygin stand - MS.edny plan.

Raise the flag of Finland, the Soviet Union and the GDR - MS.edny plan.

Spectators - removed from the departure.

The judge waves his flag - MS.edny plan.

At a distance - Four men oar without a rudder - MS.edny plan.

Finish four from the GDR - CU.upny plan (removed rocking) LS.y plan.

Finishes second crew of the Soviet Union, the third - England - MS.edny, LS.y plans.

Scoreboard - CU.upny plan.

Four of the men's doubles at the distance (USSR) - MS.edny plan (removed rocking).

Four of the men's doubles of the GDR - different plans.

Finish fours in front of the boat from the GDR - LS.y plan.

The judge looks through binoculars - CU.upny plan.

Responsive audience - CU.upny panorama.

Eight men's at a distance - LS.y, MS.edny plans (removed rocking).

Eight of the GDR - MS.edny plan.

Cameraman shoots - MS.edny plan (shot with CU.yshi moving car).

Fan waving flag - CU.upny plan.

Finish male eights - LS.y plan ahead of athletes from the German Democratic Republic - LS.y plan.

CU.upny plan athletes winners of the GDR.

Smiling WC Kekkonen, AN Kosygin, M. Killanin - MS.edny plan.

New IOC President Juan Antonio Samaranch awards gold medals to athletes of the GDR - MS.edny plan.

The audience smiling and applauding - MS.edny panorama.

Athletes are the winners of the GDR. Britain and the Soviet Union at the time of the flag-raising - LS.y panorama.

Athletes packed boats - MS.edny, CU.upny plans.

Athletes share icons - MS.edny plan; smiling athletes - MS.edny, CU.upny plans.

Scoreboard with Olympic bear - MS.edny plan.

Rowing channel Helicopter - LS.y plan.

Movie №0

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