The Soviet-Arab Friendship Will Get Stronger.. (1981)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Pavlov A.

Script writers: Koryavin L.

Operators: Nikonov V.

Text writers: Volgin O.


About friendship and economic cooperation between Soviet and Arabic nations.

Foreign policy


Temporary description

The film is about the economic, scientific, cultural and political relations of the USSR and the Arab countries is made on the order of the Union of Soviet Societies for Friendship and Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries. Euphrates Dam hydroelectric station. Soviet tourists visiting the power plant. USSR. City of Moscow. Institute Hydroproject. Senior Design Engineer Institute NA Malyshev gives interviews (synchronously). Personnel chronicles on the construction of the Aswan hydroelectric power station in Egypt (ARE), present Gamal Abdel Nasser. Construction of irrigation canal tartar-Euphrates in Iraq. Work on the expansion of the port of Latakia in Syria. Cadets Odessa Marine College of the Republic of Yemen in the classroom. Students from Arab countries to attend the Moscow Medical Institute. The Rector of the Institute YM Lopukhin gives interviews (synchronously). The members of the Arab delegations visiting the sights of Georgia, Tbilisi, Mtskheta. Jordan. Meeting in society Jordanian-Soviet friendship. The building of the Senate of Jordan. The President of the Senate Bahjat Talhuni gives interviews in Arabic (synchronously). Uzbekistan. In September 1980. Islamic Conference in Tashkent. Speaker Mufti Ziyautdinhan and others. Chronicle: the territory of an Arab country, occupied by Israel. The fighting in the area of Mount Hermon. Mount Hermon. Destroyed city of Quneitra in Syria. Land of the state border between Syria and Israel. Palestine. The murdered villagers of Deir Yassin. Fighting Israel's armed forces. Collapse of the Soviet cultural center in Damascus. Photos of the deceased teacher of Russian language AP Kalinychevoy. A Literary Evening at the Soviet cultural center in Damascus. B. Lateef, poet reciting verses (synchronously in Arabic and behind the scenes). Squares and streets madrassas. Session of the UN. The Soviet delegation headed by Andrei Gromyko at the meeting. Israel. The city of Jerusalem. Armed soldiers on the streets. Landscape. Israeli-occupied territories of Jordan. Armed soldiers on the bridge. The refugee camps of Palestine after the Israeli air attacks: destruction, the dead. Dancing girls and boys with guns. Days of the Soviet-Palestinian friendship in the Soviet Union. Present Abbas and ZM Kruglov. The exhibition of Palestinian artists in Moscow. Give Palestinian children toys. Soviet-Arab meetings in the Kremlin, March 3, 1978. There is Leonid Brezhnev. The signing of the Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation between the USSR and Syria. Present: Leonid Brezhnev, Hafez Assad, AA Gromyko, Konstantin Chernenko, and others.

Reel №1

Speech Soviet ensemble on the beach in the Arab Republic; watch and applaud the Arabs.

Euphrates dam.

Soviet tourists visiting the Euphrates HPP.

Moscow (near Kremlin).

Gagarin Square.

High-rise building.

Employees of the Institute "Hydroproject" develop plans of technical assistance to the liberated countries.

The chief engineer of the Institute NA Malyshev is considering a project with the staff of the Institute; project.

Newsreel: NA Kid with a group of scientists are designing a dam to Egypt and Syria.

Says NA Malyshev.

Newsreel: The construction of the Aswan Dam in Egypt with the help of the Soviet Union; operate bulldozers, excavators.

GA Nasser for building; people are rejoicing.

GA Nasser throws the first stone.

Overlapping p.

Aswan; Egyptians smile.

Construction of the dam (voice overs NA Malyshev).

Construction of the USSR via irrigation canal Tartar-Euphrates in Iraq; operate bulldozers, excavators; working in the cab of the excavator.

Construction of a canal.

Torch burning gas, oil fields Arab Republic.

Neftevyshku and workers.

Powered rig.

Persons working.


Appearance Metallurgical Plant; production of rolled steel in the factory shop; Worker at the controls.

Soviet specialists in the Syrian port of Latakia talk with Syrian experts on the expansion port.

Diver jumping into the sea.

Ships in port.

Operate cranes; moving crane with a load.


Cadets of the PDR Yemen in the classroom at the Higher Engineering Naval School in Odessa.

Laboratory of the Moscow Institute of Civil Engineering; among students in the laboratory - Arab boys and girls.

Operating Moscow Medical Institute; going operation.

Said the rector of the Institute Academician Yu Lopuhin; Institute students in a lecture; among students - Arab boys and girls (YM Lopuchin voice-over).

Monument of the ancient culture of Syria - an ancient Palmyra; ruins.

City of Petra, carved into the rock; tourists visiting the monument of culture.

The ancient capital of Georgia - Mtskheta.


Tourists visiting the cathedral; icons.


Square Tbilisi; reporting on the streets.

Girl working on a weaving mill; shop weaving mill; Arab guests in the shop plant; Girl gives them flowers.

Friendship Meeting weaving mill workers with Arab guests; Poster of the Soviet-Arab friendship; says a guest of the Arab Republic; applauding workers; the workers ensemble performs SAR; applauding workers.

Reel №2

The streets of Amman with traffic and pedestrians.

A sign with the words "Lada" on the building representative.

Jordanian in the car "Lada".

Meeting of Soviet citizens with the Jordanians in the Company Jordanian-Soviet Friendship talk, view photos.

The building of the Jordanian Senate.

The meeting between Soviet citizens and President of the Senate of Jordan Bahjat Talhouni.

Says Bahjat Talhouni (to visit the USSR in 1969).

Tashkent; fountain.

Report on the streets of Tashkent; passing vehicles, pedestrians; woman-policeman regulates traffic on the streets of the city; street of the city.

The new building of the hotel.

From the hotel building overlook the participants of the Tashkent Islamic Conference.

Participants of the Islamic Conference in the hall.

Chairman of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Central Asia and Kazakhstan Mufti ibn Ishan Ziyautdinhan Babakhan opens the conference.

Listen to the conference participants.

Expressed by representatives of Muslims from around the world.

Guests visit the Miri-Arab (school, preparing the clergy) in Bukhara; Students greet guests.

Says the Supreme Sharia Judge Jordan Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Kattan; listen to students.

Boys rewrite the Koran (the voice of Sheikh-over).

Muslims pray.

Muedin prays.

Says Grand Mufti of the Arab Republic of Yemen Ahmed Mohammed Zabarra.

Fountain (voice-over Ahmad Muhammad).

The conference participants read ancient Arabic manuscripts in the USSR. The paintings in the hall of the Tretyakov Gallery; picture of the life of the Arab East; Visitors examine the paintings, painting Polenov "View of Mount Hermon."

Newsreel 60: Mount Hermon; passing Israeli tanks; planes drop bombs; explosions; passing cars with soldiers; are killed civilians; destroyed homes; run through the smoke soldiers.

Destroyed Syrian city of Quneitra.

Looking through binoculars border guard.

Golan Heights.

Brest Fortress.

Monument to Soviet soldiers; A man lays flowers at the monument.

Khatyn Bell.

Eternal flame and monument in the square in Minsk.

Minsk residents lay flowers at the monument.


Talking to a group of veterans; graves.

Among those killed Arabs held the child.

Newspaper a statement of protest against the aggression of the Soviet government of Israel; turns the newspaper.

Rally at one of the plants against the Israeli aggression; posters calling to "stop the aggression"; performs work; listen, stern faces of workers; The demonstrators applauded.

Damascus; the streets of Damascus; bird cages, pedestrians on the street.

Newsreel: Israeli aircraft in the sky, burning buildings.

Demonstration against Israeli aggression on the streets of the city; Police dispersed the demonstrators; lead a young man; residents are looking at flying plane; Drop a wounded Israeli aircraft; the building endure killed; wounded in the hospital.

Reel №3

Newsreel destroyed building of the Soviet cultural center; broken car.

Photos in the album; photos Syrian Mohammed Amin and the Soviet teacher AP Kalinicheva who died under the rubble of the Soviet cultural center.

The streets of Damascus, the building newly rebuilt Soviet cultural center.

Group Syrians on Russian lessons in the language laboratory at the cultural center; teacher.

Poetry evening at the cultural center; reads his poems poet working locomotive engineer Barakat Latif; listen to the Syrian boys and girls; a collection of poems of the poet.

The streets of Damascus (removed from the car window).

Barakat Latif is driving (VO poems of the poet).

The area of Damascus.

Report on the streets of Damascus.


Newsreel: UN House in the foreground flags.

UN emblem.

The meeting of representatives of different countries in the UN (on the Israeli issue); kinoreportery removed.

Voting members of the UN Security Council (condemned the proclamation of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, abstained from voting only representative of the United States).

Jerusalem; praying soldiers with machine guns on the streets.

Israeli flag over the occupied West Bank.


Israeli soldiers at the bridge.

On the bridge rides the bus with Palestinian refugees.

Street poor neighborhood in one of the sheltered refugees countries; women and children on the street; man working on the streets of the city (hammer nails).

Newsreel: burning building in a Palestinian refugee camp; fleeing Palestinians, ruins, destroyed building; murdered child; woman crying; boys from shell fragments; man tells about the crimes of the Israeli aggressors.

Dance Palestinian children - the girl with the Palestinian flag and a boy with a rifle; dancing young men with guns; go with the songs boys and girls.

Chairman of the Presidium of the Union of Soviet Societies for Friendship and Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries ZM Kruglov takes Palestinian guests headed Chairman of the Society of the Palestinian-Soviet friendship, Mahmoud Abbas, who arrived in the days of the Soviet-Palestinian friendship; hello, sit down and discuss a plan to expand cooperation between the Soviet and the Palestinian public.

A meeting of solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian people in the House of Friendship; presidium and the hall applauded; Serve Soviet and Palestinian speakers; hall and presidium stand, applaud, shouting.

Muscovites at the exhibition poster of Palestinian artists and visiting the exhibits; picture; play the piano, the girls sing the song "May There Always Be Sunshine".

Palestinian children presented with toys, dolls.

Red Square.

Newsreel: Meeting LI Brezhnev with Arafat in the Kremlin; removes cameraman.

Guests of the Syrian Arab Republic to the reception at the LI Brezhnev; sitting at the table, talking; shoot photographers.

The signing of the Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation between the USSR and the Syrian Arab Republic; Exchange folders.

Moscow (near Kremlin).

Member of the Soviet dance ensemble and Arab youth on the beach in the Arab Republic.

Watching and applauding spectators and members of the ensemble.