Cycling - a Highway. The Olympics of 1980.. (1981)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Konovalov V.

Script writers: Kumchiy V.

Operators: Istomin A., Lovkov V., Maev V., Makarov V., Marfel E.

Composers: Goldshteyn A.

Anouncers: Zazulin V.


Opening of the Olympic Games. The Olympic Bicycle Race along the highway.

Olympics 80


Reel №1

"The Priestess" lights the torch Olympic 80 - middle distance, his face "Priestess" - close-up view of the hand holding the torch - the average plan.

Feet running athlete - close-up, the athlete runs with the torch Olympic torch - the average plan.

Spasskaya Tower of the Kremlin - the average plan.

On the streets of Moscow, the athlete runs the Olympic flame, accompanied by other athletes - middle distance.

Gorky Street with motion machine in the foreground - the emblem of the Olympic Games - Olympic Bear (poster).

The athlete runs with the torch around the stadium, passed the torch to another athlete who lights the Olympic flame bowl - A panorama of the fire - close-up.

Athletes are carrying the logo of Olympic games (five rings) - the average plan.

Pigeon - close-up.

Athletes releasing doves - panorama of the stadium - the general plan.

Olympic Bear (made figures of athletes) - departure.


VI Lenin - an outline of the helicopter.

Moscow - medium shot from a helicopter.

Bowl with the Olympic flame - close-up.

Electric scoreboard - close-up.

Athletes preparing for cycling, bike check - different plans.

Athlete bicycle tire pumps - the average plan.

Masseur massaging foot athlete - close-up, woman sews number of the races - the average plan.

Panorama of the launch party team race - the average plan.

Start racers from Ethiopia - the average plan.

Photojournalists - panorama.

Start command from Italy - the average plan.

Panorama of racer Soviet team (Yuri Kashirin, Oleg Loginov, Sergei Shelpakova, Anatolia Vanya) - the average plan.

Start the Soviet team - the average, the overall plan.

Start of the Polish team - the average, the overall plan.

View of the spectators.

A team of East Germany before the start - the average plan.

Photojournalists - A panorama.

Start command GDR (Falk Boden, Bernd Drogan, Olaf Ludwig, Hans-Joachim Hartik) - an outline.

Racer on the track - different plans.

The machine is accompanied by breakdown racers - the average, the overall plan.

The judge in the radio - close-up.

Cyclists on the road - the general plan (shot from the top point).

Four Soviet catches Swedish athletes - the general plan.

A judge with the flags indicate a turn cyclist - panorama on riders - the overall plan.

Spectators at the distance races - the overall plan.

A man holding a child on his shoulders - close-up.

Racers zig - the general plan.

Drove team of Italy, then the Soviet Union - the average, the overall plan.

Team leader of the USSR - the average plan.

Spectators at the distance races (filmed from behind) - the overall plan.

A team of East Germany comes second, the team of Italy - the third.

Riders on the second half of the road, passing the team of the USSR, GDR.

Passing car with spare bikes - close-up.

The audience applauded at the distance races - close-up.

Finish the weaker teams that started the first - a team of Malta, Italy, etc.

Finish the Soviet team - panorama.

Board with the results of competitions teams - close-up.

Team finishes the GDR, who took second place - the general plan (shot from a helicopter

Reel №2

Start Group highway cycling - the average, the overall plan.

On the track cyclists - different plans.

Layout road cycling race at Krylatskoye - close-up.

Cyclists on the road - the general plans for the helicopter.

Passing car with spare bikes - close-up.

Riders on a steep incline - different plans.

Riders descend from the mountains - different plans (removed rocking).

Rider pedaling feet - close-ups.

Hands rider on the brake - the average plan.

On the route passing cars with bicycles and emergency - the average plan.

Coaches on the go give drink drivers - the average plan (removed rocking).

Drove top three riders - Sergey Sukhoruchenkov, Yuri Barinov (from the national team of the USSR) and the Pole Czeslaw Lang - the average plan.

Electrical panel with race results - close-up.

The three leaders on the road - medium, large plans (removed rocking).

Fallen on the road racer from Yugoslavia Bojan Ropret - the average plan.

Transplanted to another racer bicycle trainer pushing a bike with rider - the average plan.

We track sits descended racer - the average plan.

Drop-racer - the average plan.

Sit trainers - the average plan.

Bell - a close-up.

Passing Sergei Sukhoruchenkov - the general plan.

Applauding spectators - panorama.

Passing Yu Barinov and Czeslaw Lang - the average plan.

Fans - the average plan.

Reel №3

Czeslaw Lang on the track, followed by Yuri Barinov - close-up (removed rocking).

Passing Sergei Sukhoruchenkov - close-up (removed rocking).

Looks fan - close-up.

S. Sukhoruchenkov finish - a common, average plans.

Friends congratulate coach Victor S. Suhoruchenkova Kapitonova - medium, large plans.

Black-and-white newsreel 1960.:

Kapitonov at the track cycling Olympic Games in Rome, finishing in Kapitonov, V. Kapitonov fans are on hand - the average plan.

Reporters shoot S. Suhoruchenkova - different plans.

Coaches watered weary head S. Suhoruchenkova - close-up.

Finish Charles Lang and Yu Barinov - an outline (removed rocking).

The head of the Polish delegation congratulates Charles Lang, who took second place - close-up.

Friends congratulate Yuri Barinov - close-up.

Sitting on the bench smiling and S. Yu Barinov Sukhoruchenkov - medium, large plans.

Cycling winners on the podium - the average plan.

Awarding of the winners of group cycling: S. Suhoruchenkova, C. Lang and Yu Barinova - the average plan.

Fans smiling and applauding - the average plan.

Burning bowl with the Olympic flame - close-up.

Rostrum Stadium.

VI Lenin, filled the audience at the close of the Olympic Games - the overall plan.

Olympic Bear - the average plan.

The Olympic flame and the Olympic emblem (five rings) - the average plan.

Extinguished the Olympic flame bowl - the average plan.

Colorful balloons - the average plan.

Bears head - close-up.

In the sky rises Olympic bear with balloons - the general plan.

Fireworks - big plans.

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