Moscow zoo (materials on the film "them and us") (1986)

Footage №85121, 3 footages, duration: 0:14:08

Scene №1

Calendar: 1986

Scene №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Python crawling on the grass.

The Python basks in the sun.

Two of the zoo workers put the Python in a special box for carrying.

Python release again to the grass.

Operator R. KOMM behind the camera.

Touch Python with a stick.

Young crocodile in the grass.

Crocodile take up, carry, and produce on the other lawn.

Crocodiles swim in the aquarium.

Cheetah sleeps.

Cheetahs with cubs.

Young cheetahs playing.

Przewalski's horse foal.

Foal play, sports.

Colt sucks mother's milk.

Camel lying on the sand.

The camel walks around the cage.

Camel tries to reach the leaves on the tree.

Visitors feed the camel.

ROE deer with a baby.

Deer eat grass.

Cub ROE deer scratching his ear.

The goat and the kid.

Goats butt.

Visitors to the zoo have cages with goats.

Kangaroo in a cage.

Wolf runs around the cage.

Tiger chewing on a plant.

Toucan on a branch.

Key words

Scientific work in zoos.

Calendar: 1986

Locations: Moscow [820]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Scene №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The veterinarian is the Avenue of the zoo.

The vet calls walrus.

Inspection walrus.

The doctor walks past the cells.

Girl-zoo worker gets from the cells of two baby monkeys.

Feeding monkeys with a spoon of baby food.

The doctor examines monkeys, listening with a stethoscope, checks the teeth.

Girl with a baby Cougar on the hands.

The vet makes kitty a shot.

Operator S. Kondakov takes a girl lactating from the nipples of the kangaroo.

Sucks kangaroo milk.

Veterinarian examines a kangaroo.

Examination of a baby Cheetah.

The vet goes to the zoo.

The doctor gives a treat to the elephants, examines their mouths.

A vet trying to pull a Zebra.

Zebra sprinkled with water from the hose, the operator removes the R. Comm.

Veterinarian at the cage with a tiger.

Children under umbrellas, the rain.

Walrus in the water in the rain.

Visitors with umbrellas near the walrus enclosure.

Rain, flows of water on the pavement.

Tiger in a cage.

Zebra in the rain.

The gate of the zoo at night.

Polar bears do not sleep.

The cubs lick each other.

Cheetahs in the grass.

Lion snoozing in a cage.

Eagles guarding the nest.

Key words

Veterinary science.
Scientific work in zoos.

Calendar: 1986

Locations: Moscow [820]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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