Artist Shilov's Land. (1981)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Razdorskiy S.

Operators: Zaycev A., Mikosha V.

Anouncers: Markov L.

Text writers: Tserkover E.


The story is about Alexander Shilov, a Honoured Artist of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, Laureate of Lenin's Komsomol Award. The work of Shilov at a portrait, landscapes is shot. The Exhibition of the artist's works in Moscow.

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Temporary description

City of Moscow. Spring 1981. Queue at the exhibition of the artist deserved RSFSR, Laureate of Lenin Komsomol prize Shilov. Visitors to the exhibition see the artist's paintings. Shilov at work in the studio.

Reel №1

Retiree, an inhabitant of the village of Bekhovo Ya.N. Prosalov tossing hay in his yard, feeding pigeons, sleeping in a haystack.

Prosalov’s yard.

The sun reflected in the brook, in the river.

A dog and a cat sleeping on the porch.

An old woman is sitting by the river.

Alexander Shilov is painting outdoors in Moscow near the Novodyevitchy Convent; a panorama of the Novodyevitchy Convent.

Drifting of ice on the Oka River .

Moscow – the Luzhniki District.

Komsomolsky Avenue with a church.

A line to the personal Shilov’s Art Exhibition in the Exhibition Hall of the RSFSR Artists’ Union; a panorama of the exhibition advertising.

Reel №2

The Hall of the painter Shilov’s Exhibition, visitors of the Exhibition; faces.

Shilov’s paintings: “Portret yunogo khudozhnika”, “Prizyvnik”, “Stariy portnoi”, “Zatsvel bagulnik”, “Sestry” [“Young Painter Portrait”, “Conscript”, “Old Tailor”, “Marsh Tea Blossom”, “Sisters”], portraits of artists Chuptomov, Suzdal’tsev, Voronin, critic Seleznev, painter’s mother, Likhanova, Yuri Gagarin.

Visitors of different ages are making notes in guest book.

Shilov is painting in his studio a portrait of a girl in a flower garland.

A hand is taking a pencil.

A panoroma of a country landscape with an obelisk.

Disk of the sun in the sky.

Portrait of Lenin by Shilov.

A panoroma of a spring brook.

Brooks flowing into the Oka River.

The painting “Zemlya nasha" [“Land of Ours”].