Preserve This Eternal Light.. (1981)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Koloshin A.

Operators: Galin I.


A film-reflection on the present, on the whole mankind's efforts to preserve the peace on the Earth.

Temporary description

Leonid Brezhnev's speech at the XXVI-th Congress of the CPSU (sinhr.). At the podium: AP Kirilenko, A. Ya Pel'she, Yuri Andropov, NA Tikhonov, DF Ustinov and other leaders of the country. The work of journalists, correspondents, cameramen. Publish the newspaper. People buy edition newsstands. Zones of military conflicts: the Middle East, Middle East, Vietnam. In the zone of Iraq-Iran conflict. Invasion. City of Warsaw. 1980. Heads of States members of the Warsaw Pact countries to the negotiating table at a conference on military detente and disarmament in Europe. City of Vienna. The signing of SALT-2 treaty on limiting strategic arms. Leonid Brezhnev and Jimmy Carter share documents. Speech by Andrei Gromyko (sync). Leonid Brezhnev's meetings with Federal Chancellor Helmut Schmidt in the Kremlin. City of Madrid. Meeting of representatives of States, members of the European Conference in Helsinki. Leonid Brezhnev's visit to India. Signing the agreement with Indira Gandhi. Address by the Secretary of the Communist Party of Great Britain M. Lennon (sync). Statement by Soviet and foreign public and politicians about the dangers of nuclear weapons, for peace, disarmament, including Professor Kaminsky (Germany), Academician EI Chazova writer Alexander Kazantsev, Lord Noel-Baker (England). The anti-war demonstrations - in England, Japan. Speech AI Zaitseva (sinhr.) from Bryansk, lost in the war of 3 sons of the five who went to the front. One of the sons of Paul was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union (posthumously).

Reel №1

Leonid Brezhnev speaks at the 26th Congress of the CPSU (interpretation of the struggle for peace - simultaneously).

In printing the printed newspaper.

Film and photo shoot, and the journalists write, talk on the phone.

Selling newspapers.


Starry sky.

Pictures - astronaut costume, the moon, the galaxy, Earth from Space, Sun.

Space station in space, astronaut inside the station.

Says astronomer from Germany Professor Kaminski (simultaneously in German).

Radio observatory in Bochum (Germany).

Speaks English academic Sir Bernard Lowell (simultaneously in English).

Observatory at Jodrell Bank, (England).

Writer - Alexander Kazantsev fiction tells of extraterrestrial civilizations (synchronously).

Japanese clay figurines.

Academician Chazov says the threat of nuclear war (synchronously).

People at the ruins.

Military action in the Middle East, the wounded, the shooting demonstration in Israel, flying helicopters, the Iran-Iraq conflict (all on the TV screen).

Cambodia - said polpotovets (synchronously).

Lie skulls and human bones.

Chinese attack on Vietnam, Vietnamese soldier walks past Chinese prisoners.

South Africa: working tractor; slums (from the TV screen.)

Black woman with a child.

Moving tank, the soldiers run, shoot (Nato) - removed from the TV screen.

Reel №2

Winner of the International Lenin Peace Prize, the head of the Lutheran Church of Germany, one of the leaders of the West of the peace movement Pastor M. Nimeller speaks at a rally, says (in sync).

Demonstrators carry a banner.

Pupils in the classroom social studies say about the struggle for peace (synchronously).

Composer Raimonds Pauls plays the piano, says (in sync).

Boys Choir of Riga School of Music sings R. Pauls, dedicated to the memory italyanogo composer Nino Rota (synchronously).

Close-ups of children.

Children ride the carousel, swimming in the sea, drawing on the asphalt, etc.

Military parade on Nov. 7 at the Red Square.

Leonid Brezhnev appears - says the struggle for peace (synchronously).

Flags of countries of the Warsaw Treaty.

Meeting of the Advisory Committee of the Warsaw Treaty.

Meeting of Leonid Brezhnev and French President Valery Giscard d'Estaing, with (Spring 1980).

In Warsaw.

Parisians in the streets.

Member of the French Communist Party Rosalie Dubois sings the song "Light" (synchronous) at Square Stalingrad, listening to applaud.

May Day demonstration in Paris.

Eiffel Tower.

Vienna - the overall plan.

UN Vienna Centre.

Vienna parliament.

Said Austrian President R. Kirhshleger (synchronously).

{Part 3]

Austrian President R. Kirhshleger opens Vienna Music Festival 1980 (synchronously).

Artists and bands of the Vienna Ballet.

Area, a monument in Vienna.

Playing a brass band on the street.

Participants dance festival pass, applaud.

Viewing audience.

The building of the Vienna Centre of the UN.

The signing of the SALT-2.

General Secretary of the CPSU, Leonid Brezhnev and U.S. President Jimmy Carter shaking hands, attending applauded.

Serves the Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko (synchronously).

Work operators and journalists.

NATO headquarters building, flags, emblems.

Meeting of the NATO headquarters.

Passes Secretary General NATO Headquarters II the Moon (from the TV screen).

Says the Chairman of the Communist Party of Germany G. Mills (synchronously).

Report on the streets of the city in Germany (the different plans and multrabota).

Stand with the anti-war protesters held placards.

Said Pastor M. Nimeller (synchronously).

The Kremlin, Moscow.

Meeting of Leonid Brezhnev and Federal Chancellor Helmut Schmidt.

G. Schmidt speaks at a press conference (synchronously).

LI Brezhnev, speaking at the 26th Party Congress (synchronously).

Press Center, are working journalists.

Meeting Chancellor Helmut Schmidt with Foreign Minister Genscher, West Germany.

Reel №3

Austrian President R.Kirhshleger opens Vienna Music Festival 1980 (synchronously).

Playing artists of the Vienna Ballet.

Square, a monument in Vienna.

Playing a brass band on the street.

Participants dance festival pass, applaud.

Viewing audience.

The building is the center of Vienna of the UN.

The signing of the SALT-2.

CPSU General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev and U.S. President Jimmy Carter shake hands; present applauded.

Performs Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko (synchronously).

Work operators and journalists.

Building the NATO Headquarters, flags, emblems.

The meeting of the NATO Headquarters.

Passes Secretary General of NATO headquarters I.Lune (from the TV screen).

Says Chairman of the Communist Party of Germany G.Mils (synchronously).

Report on the streets of the city in Germany (various plans and Multrabota).

Stand with the anti-war protesters held placards.

Says Pastor M.Nimeller (synchronously).

The Kremlin, Moscow.

Leonid Brezhnev meeting with Federal Chancellor of Germany G.Shmidtom.

G.Shmidt speaks at a press conference (synchronous).

Leonid Brezhnev speaks at the 26th Congress of the CPSU (synchronously).

Press Center, journalists work.

Meeting with Chancellor Helmut Schmidt of Germany Foreign Minister Genscher.

Reel №4

Meeting in Madrid.

Popular Spanish singer Miguel Mitchell sings on the street in Madrid (synchronously), speaks at a factory (synchronously).

Worker at work on an assembly line listening.

U.S. military equipment (from the TV).

American soldiers.

The visit of General Secretary of the CPSU Leonid Brezhnev to India: advocates, at the reception.

Leonid Brezhnev and Indira Gandhi signed the document.

Flying aircraft.

Churchill monument, sculpture and dr.obekty in London.

British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (from the monitor screen).

Secretary-General says Britain McLennon and other speakers.

Reporting in London.

Says the scientist and social activist, a member of the committee Togoushskogo "Scientists for Peace, Philip Noel-Baker (synchronously).

Anti-war rally in Trafalgar Square and delivers McLennon and other speakers.

Singer on the stage; dancing youth.

Crackdown in Ulster; explosion, fire (from the TV screen).

Tavern on the waterfront, people dancing, singing male.

Screensaver British television.

British Defense Secretary Pym in China (from the TV screen).

Training soldiers chemical troops in Texas (from the TV screen).

Anti-war demonstration in London.

Acts cardiologist Joseph Rotbat (synchronously).

Reporting in London.

Reel №5

Newsreels 1945: An explosion of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima.

Japanese victims in hospital.

Japan - flying airplanes, food, tanks, missiles and other military equipment (from the TV screen).

Pray for Japanese women.

Flying pigeons.

Anti-war demonstration.

She cries and says the woman (synchronously).

French war veterans.

Lighting of the eternal flame.

A plaque on the house where he lived Captain Aviation Regiment Normandie - Niemen.

Converse Soviet and French pilots.

A fragment from the Soviet-French film "Normandie-Niemen.

Said Alexander Zaitsev, who lost in the Great Patriotic War, three sons (synchronously).

Photos of Ivan, Fyodor Zaitsev, and Paul.

Monument to the Hero of the Soviet Union, Sergeant Paul Zaitsev.

School named after Pavel Zaitsev.

Children come home from school.

Says Nikolay Zaitsev (brother of Pavel Zaitsev) - synchronously.

Zaitsev at the Eternal Flame.

Faces of veterans and disabled veterans.

Pioneer salutes war veterans.

Leonid Brezhnev and other members of the government in the honor guard at the Eternal Flame.

Eternal Flame.

Laying a wreath at the Eternal Flame.

Generals in the honor guard.

Reel №6

Maneuvers of NATO troops and the U.S. Gulf (from the TV screen).

G. Schmidt on maneuvers (from the TV screen).

Waving American flags.

Congress building in Washington.

Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter and their wives go out of the car and shake hands (from the TV screen).

The White House.

Says academician Chazov (synchronously).

Sleeping girl.

Vietnamese women.

Black children.

Sunset over the sea.

USA, New York.

New U.S. President Ronald Reagan takes the oath of office (synchronously).

Reagan congratulated.

26th Party Congress, the press center of the congress.

Lit displays the Transfer.

Microphone is on. "

Ostankino TV tower.


LI Brezhnev, speaking at the 26th Party Congress (synchronously).

Telecenter Congress.

May Day demonstration in Red Square.

Spassky tower.

Blast-off, the Earth from space.

Astronaut looks out the window.

The spacecraft in space.

Stars - photo.

Freeway (with traffic during the day, at night).

Carousel, luminous advertising, Arc de Triomphe (night plans).

Moscow at night.

Dawn in Moscow.

The sculpture "Worker and Collective Farm Girl" from the Soviet Era.

Boy and girl go to the monument.