Boris Stomonyakov from the town of Stomonetsi (1981)

Documentary №8552, 2 parts, duration: 0:16:10
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Kristi L.
Screenwriters:Iordanov L., Kristi L., Latishev A.
Camera operators:Katerov D., Tsitron V.
Anouncers:Kolichev Yu., Gogov G.



The film is dedicated to a prominent state and public figure in Bulgaria and Russia, revolutionary and diplomat B.S.Stomonyakovu. The film draws the State Archives of film photographic materials of the USSR and the Bulgarian National Film Library. The 2nd part of the film in Bulgarian.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame


Gabrovo, blacksmith monument on the banks of the river.

House of humor and satire.

The emblem of the museum.

Nasreddin Hodja Sculpture at the entrance to the museum.

Advertising poster with a greeting on the wall.

The streets of Gabrovo.

Panorama of the city.

The sign at the bus stop.

Stomonetsi village, on the road are older people.

Blooming tulips, chickens over the fence.

Bundles corncobs under the roof of the house.

Ruse (Ruse).

Statues of lions.

The fountain in the square.

Old buildings.

View of the Danube, ships carrying cargo.

Street Ruse.

Journalists talk to the people's judge G.Stomonyakovym, grandson of revolutionary B.S.Stomonyakova.

Monument to the heroes of the liberation movement from the Ottoman yoke.

The photo.

The book historian I.Samuilova.

Tells I.Samuilov.


Panorama Svishtov.

The streets of Svishtov.

Memorial plaque.

Private houses.

Photographs and postcards.

Tells I.Samuilov.


Recalls N.R.Avramova, the daughter of a revolutionary R.Avramova.

Alternating photographs, tells I.Samuilov.

Chronicle of 1920:

Waves lapping on the shore.

The soldiers on the streets, motorcade.

The movement of urban transport (cars, trams and horse-drawn carriages).

People hurrying through the streets.


Telephone message.

Chronicle 1920: Moscow, people are moving bridge.

Trams are deployed on the roads.

The building of the Bolshoi Theater.

Traffic on the Theater Square.

Pages of newspapers.

The line of photographers.

Facilities Kashira GRES. Engine room.

Working in the engine room, station equipment.

Photo: B.S.Stomonyakov and Lenin at the opening of the Kashira GRES.

Facilities station.

On the balcony stands a man.

Top view of the crowd.

Those workers.

Calendar: 1981 1920s

Locations: Moscow [820] Moscow region [788] Bulgaria [34]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Chronicle of 1923: Crowd with banners in the square.

Carrying the coffin with the body V.V.Vorovskogo.

The movement of the funeral procession; B.S.Stomonyakov involved in the process and MM Litvinov.

B.S.Stomonyakov MM Litvinov and at the session of the People's Commissariat.

Alternation: tells A.M.Dribinsky, photos in newspapers.

Chronicle of 1920:

Farmers plowed field on a bull.

A woman with a spinning wheel, in the field of grazing sheep.

Woman spinning wool.

On the way to go train.


Tells I.Samuilov.

The photo.

Panorama of the Moscow Kremlin (frames chronicles the beginning of XX century).

View of the Kremlin today.

The Cabinet of Lenin in the Kremlin (office furnishings, museum exhibits, photographs, documents).

B.S.Stomonyakov smokes (frames chronicles the meeting of the board of the Commissariat).

Trees on the slopes.

Road sign.

Stomonetsi village, on the road are older people.

Blooming garden trees.


Stomonyakov BS - Revolutionary, diplomat, statesman and public figure. MM Litvinov (Wallach M.-G.M.) - revolutionary, diplomat, statesman, Commissar for Foreign Affairs of the USSR. Drybin AM - Scholar, diplomat, statesman and political figure.

Calendar: 1981 1920s

Locations: Moscow [820] Bulgaria [34]

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